5.21.13 classwork tuesday


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5.21.13 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. ChristySamiraLeonKareenaPhiliciaAyannaLilahRemyDonovanMichaelYamileeJessicaLeslieCarlosBryanRicardoAlexisDavidJordanAlejandraKathyDianaIxza EmilyJaileenJeffreyTuesdayMay 21, 2013May 17 was National Bike to Work Day. Not all peoplecan safely ride a bike to work or school. Explain whatyou would do to make riding to work or school safer.EdwardAdrianette
  2. 2. DO NOW:Write the x4Times Table tentimes.Morning Work
  3. 3. ReadingAim: BalloonFlight (p. 710)Talk About ItNowadayspeople cantravel quicklyby plane toalmost any part of the world. Why do youthink people still like to go up in hot­airballoons?
  4. 4. Something that is launched is started inmotion or sent off.Particles are small bits or pieces of anelement.Things that are dense are thick or packedclosely together.Inflate means to cause to swell by fillingwith air or gas.
  5. 5. Anchored means held firmly in place.Hydrogen is a light gas that burns easily.Scientific means having to do with or usedin science.A companion is a person or animal whokeeps somebody company.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: The Science of Hot­Air Balloons (p. 712)Word PartsGreek Roots help youunderstand entire wordfamilies. The hydrogenhas the Greek root hydr­.This root means "water."Most words beginning with hydr­ havesomething to do with water.
  7. 7. hydraulics
  8. 8. ReadingMonitor ComprehensionMake GeneralizationsA Generalizations Chart helpsyou make broad statementsthat describe ideas or events.This will help you monitor yourcomprehension orunderstanding of what you read. To makegeneralizations, combine key facts from thetext and your prior knowledge.Informationfrom TextPrior KnowledgeGeneralization
  9. 9. Informationfrom TextPriorKnowledgeGeneralization
  10. 10. Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 208
  11. 11. MathAim: Add LikeFractions (p. 619)Lesson:Complete pages619­622Homework:"My Homework" pages 623­624
  12. 12. Spelling1. clothes 11. cycle2. January 12. cyclone3. cereal 13. gigantic4. mortal 14. Olympics5. lunar 15. territory6. atlas 16. terrace7. ocean 17. parasol8. salute 18. fortune9. fury 19. furious10. echo 20. gracious
  13. 13. Spelling1. tripod 11. triangle2. triplet 12. bisect3. unicorn 13. trio4. uniform 14. unify5. unison 15. centipede6. biweekly 16. centimeter7. triple 17. century8. bicycle 18. binoculars9. tricycle 19. universe10. unicycle 20. university
  14. 14. SpellingAim: Mythology WordsLesson:• Pages 174­175Homework:• Spelling words ABC order ten times each.
  15. 15. Social StudiesAim: Exploring theWest (p. 354)Lesson:• Define Vocabularywords• Read pages 354­360• Write TEN (10) facts about the lessonHomework:Imagine that you are farmers in the western US in1803. Write a letter to a friend in the East telling themhow the new Louisiana Purchase might affectfarmers in the West.
  16. 16. Social StudiesDirections: Answer the questions on loose leafpaper.1. Why was the Wilderness Road important?2. What was an effect of more settlersmoving west?3. Why did France agree to sell Louisiana tothe United States?4. What was the goal of the Corps ofDiscovery?5. What were the results of Pikes expedition?
  17. 17. Homework Summary for Tuesday May 21, 2013ReadingPractice book, page 208Math"My Homework" pages 623­624Social StudiesImagine that you are farmers in the western US in 1803.Write a letter to a friend in the East telling them how thenew Louisiana Purchase might affect farmers in theWest.
  18. 18. Attachments1314158Analogies TTT.notebook