4.8.13 classwork monday

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  • 1. Describe the funniest thing youve seen or heard thismonth. Monday April 8, 2013 Edward Emily Bryan Donovan Leslie Ayanna Alexis Christy Samira Yamilee Philicia Ixza Jaileen Jessica Ricardo Jordan Kareena Kathy Remy Lilah Adrianette DianaCarlos Alejandra Michael David Leon Jeffrey
  • 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x12Times Table tentimes.
  • 3. ReadingAim: Talking in Codes(p. 578)Talk About ItName some different kindsof codes. What are somesituations in which youmight want to talk incode?Picture PromptLook at the picture and respond in writing.
  • 4. A corridor is a long, narrow hallway.A reservation is land set aside by thegovernment for a specific purpose.Someone who has enlisted has volunteeredto join the military.Invasion refers to armed forces entering aregion to conquer it.
  • 5. A shield is a person or thing that protectsagainst danger.A location is an exact place.Sagged refers to things that drooped downin the middle from weight.Something that is creased is lined, folded,or wrinkled.
  • 6. Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 170
  • 7. MathAim: Expressions andPatterns (p. 471)Lesson:• Am I Ready? (p. 473)• Lesson (pg. 481)
  • 8. Math Homework"My Homework" page 485­486
  • 9. Spelling 1. sadness 11. bottomless 2. gladness 12. foolishness 3. needless 13. fondness 4. harmless 14. effortless 5. darkness 15. meaningless 6. fullness 16. emptiness 7. stillness 17. forgiveness 8. hopeless 18. motionless 9. fearless 19. ceaseless 10. weakness 20. fierceness
  • 10. SpellingAim: PretestLesson:• Practice book, pages 147­148Homework:• Spelling words 10x each.
  • 11. Language ArtsAim: Main Verbs andHelping verbs (p. 182)Lesson:• Copy the RULES• Complete 1­20• Complete Writing ActivityHomework:• Extra Practice 1­20, page 248
  • 12. Patty is writing a bookabout space shuttle. helping verb (main) verb
  • 13. helping verbs
  • 14. Homework Summary for Monday April 8, 2013ReadingPractice Book, page 170Math"My Homework" pages 485­486SpellingSpelling words ten times eachLanguage ArtsExtra Practice, page 248 1­20
  • 15. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook