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4.2.12 classwork   monday
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4.2.12 classwork monday


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. April 2 is International Childrens Book Day. Pretend that you are achildrens book that has been sitting on a library shelf for weekswithout being checked out. What would you say to convincesomeone to check you out? Monday April 2, 2012 Linder Johnny Ryan Andres Angel Ramon David Natalie Carlos Adolfo Gia Emma Cameron Matthew Cincere Joshua Brianna Alan G Alan R Elizabeth Ricardo Max Brian Mitzy Jose Nyashia Sualee Christopher Roxana Christian Joey Massire
  • 2. Morning WritingNickelodeon, the cable TVchannel for kids, debutedon this date in 1979.Imagine that you havebeen asked to create thenext new television show forthe network. Describe whatyour show would be aboutand what would make itsuccessful. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  • 3. Reading ­ Hurricanes (p. 465)GenreInformationalNonfiction Presentsfacts about realpeople, things,places, or events.Read to Find OutHow does a tropical storm become a category 5hurricane?
  • 4. Reading ­ Hurricanes (p. 465)Comprehension CheckSummarizeUse your Description Chart to help yousummarize Hurricanes. Be sure to includedescriptive facts, characteristics, andimportant details in your summary.
  • 5. Reading ­ Hurricanes (p. 465)Comprehension CheckThink and CompareAnswer questions 1 ­ 5. Make sure you writethe questions and answer using fullsentences.
  • 6. Reading ­ Suspense (p. 479) Reading Homework Practice book, page 137 Study for quiz
  • 7. Math ­ Explore Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators (p. 260)How to Subtrac Fractions with UnlikeDenominators:Step 1Find the Least CommonDenominator (LCD) of thefractions.Step 2Rename the fractions withthe LCDStep 3Subtract the numerators.Step 4Simplify.
  • 8. Math ­ Explore Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators (p. 258)PracticeSubtract.Exercise 5 ­ 12 on page 261
  • 9. Math ­ Explore Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators (p. 258) Math Homework Practice book, page 56
  • 10. Spelling ­ Test
  • 11. Spelling ­ Pretest1. distance 11. assistance2. importance 12. ignorance3. balance 13. brilliance4. attendance 14. ambulance5. absence 15. residence6. performance 16. radiance7. dependence 17. resistance8. substance 18. reluctance9. disturbance 19. persistence10. appearance 20. hesitance
  • 12. Spelling ­ Pretest Spelling Homework Spelling words five times each
  • 13. Language Arts ­ Quiz
  • 14. Science ­ How Are Electricity and Magnetism Related? (p. 512)Class Work• Read pages 514­518• Vocabulary Words definition• Questions 1­6 on page 519HomeworkMain Idea & Details questions:• page 515• page 517• page 518Write questions in your notebook
  • 15. Book of the Month ­ Henrys Freedom BoxEssayWrite a one pagesummary essay andsupporting details.Write neatly and inscript. Use loose­leafpaper. Skip a line.
  • 16. Homework Summary ­ Monday, April 2, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 1372. Study for quizMath1. Practice book, page 56Spelling1. Spelling words five times eachScience1. Main Idea & Details questions on page 515, 517, 518
  • 17. Range: Mode:7 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Class Work 2­3 Silent Snack 1 No Snack
  • 18. Attachments imgres 948869