4.19.12 classwork thursday

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  • 1. National Library Week is celebrated in April. Write a noteto your best friend explaining why you should meet at thelibrary instead of the playground today. Carlos Thursday Linder April 19, 2012 Max Jose Ryan Ramon Joey David Adolfo Cameron Gia Andres Brianna Alan G Alan R Emma Matthew Natalie Elizabeth Christopher Cincere Roxana Angel Nyashia Johnny Christian Joshua Brian Sualee Mitzy Massire Ricardo
  • 2. Morning WritingNational TV­Turnoff is held inApril. Pretend that you arecelebrating it by not turningyour TV on all week. When youturn the TV back on again,what is the first thing youdwant to watch? Explain. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  • 3. Reading ­ The Fox and the Crow (p. 506)Language ArtsFables are stories that aremeant to teach a lesson, oftenthrough the actions of animalsthat act like people.Literary ElementsThe Moral of a fable is the lesson itillustrates, which the reader canapply to his or her life.Metaphor is a type of figurativelanguage that compares twodifferent things or actions to show alikeness between them without using"like" or "as."
  • 4. Reading ­ The Fox and the Crow (p. 506)Connect and Compare1. Give an example of the useof metaphor in the fable. Explainyour choice.2. What does the fox knowabout the crow that allows himto trick her?3. Think about "The Fox and theCrow" and The Catch of theDay. How are the fable and theplay similar? How are theydifferent?
  • 5. Reading ­ The Fox and the Crow (p. 506) The Metaphor Family by Lill Pluta My brother is a dragon. My mom’s a teddy bear. I am a shaggy sheepdog with a ton of tangled hair. My father is a monkey. He likes to make us laugh, especially my sister, who is a tall giraffe. We are a busy family with many things to do. Our home is always happy, but sometimes it’s a zoo.
  • 6. Reading ­ The Fox and the Crow (p. 506)Mom said my bedroom is a pig pen. What does she mean?My friend Joey is a clown. What does this mean?Everyone calls me a little angel. What do they probablymean?Write a metaphor about someone who is very smart.Write a metaphor about someone who is a fast runner.Write a metaphor about someone who is not well­behaved.Write a metaphor about a tree.Write a nice metaphor about one of your friends.
  • 7. Your mom means it is really dirty.It means that Joey is funny.It means that you are really nice.My brother is a robot.My friend Johnny is a road runner.My friend Ryan is a bad nut.The tree is a green giant.My best friend Mariah is a beautiful flower.
  • 8. Reading ­ The Fox and the Crow (p. 506) Reading Homework Write a sentence using the eight Vocabulary Words.
  • 9. Math ­ Subtract Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators (p. 278)Step 1Write equivalent fractionsusing the LCD.Step 2Rename is necessary.Step 3Subtract.Step 4Simplify.
  • 10. Math ­ Subtract Mixed Numbers with Unlike Denominators (p. 278) Math Homework Textbook page 289, 1­12
  • 11. Spelling ­ Pretest1. distance 11. assistance2. importance 12. ignorance3. balance 13. brilliance4. attendance 14. ambulance5. absence 15. residence6. performance 16. radiance7. dependence 17. resistance8. substance 18. reluctance9. disturbance 19. persistence10. appearance 20. hesitance
  • 12. Spelling ­ Review and Proofread     The Basketmaker ran a distence of four miles to get to the village. Once she was there, she went straight to the residance of her friend, and Lumberjack. She told him of what the Fisher had done, and of the importence of teaching him a lesson. Finally, she asked for his assistince. The Lumberjacks appearence was stern at first, but he soon agreed to help. They would teach the Fisher their own lesson about balence!
  • 13. Spelling ­ Review and ProofreadWriting ActivityWrite a paragraph about a time when youor someone you know played a trick onsomeone else. Use four words from yourspelling list.
  • 14. Language Arts ­ Negatives (p. 422)RULESA negative is a word thatmeans "no."Nobody saw me.I have nothing to do.Do not use two negatives inthe same sentence. This isknown as a doublenegative.
  • 15. Language Arts ­ Negatives (p. 422)RULESCorrect a sentence withtwo negatives by changingone negative to a positiveword or by dropping onenegative. We dont help anyone. We dont help no one. We help no one.
  • 16. Language Arts ­ Negatives (p. 422)Guided Practice1. The day wasnt windy.2. We have never been in a hot­air balloon before.3. No one was as excited as Tony.4. Kira doesnt know when we will start.5. Nobody seems as brave as we are.
  • 17. Language Arts ­ Negatives (p. 422)Guided Practice6. Yolanda couldnt see her house from above.7. Nothing feels as free as this ride.8. We wont forget this experience.9. No one thought the trip would be so cold.10. The descent shouldnt be so fast.
  • 18. Language Arts ­ Negatives (p. 422) Language Arts Homework Practice Book, page 83
  • 19. Religion ­ The Sacrament of Penance strengthens ourrelationship with God and others (p. 184)Class Work• Answer We Gather questionon page 184• Read pages 184­185.• Complete We Respondactivity on page 185.Homework• What enables us to know thedifference between right andwrong?• What are the four major parts Lord, help us to become more faithfulof the Sacrament of Penance? followers of Jesus Christ.
  • 20. Contrition Absolution Penance Confession
  • 21. Social Studies ­ The Colonies Unite (p. 220)Class Work• Read pages 222­227• Define Vocabulary Words• Answer questions 1­4 onpage 227HomeworkAnswer Reading Check on:• page 223• page 224• page 225
  • 22. Social Studies ­ The Colonies Unite (p. 220)alliance A formal agreementamong groups or individualsdelegate A representative
  • 23. Social Studies ­ The Colonies Unite (p. 220)Parliament The lawmakingbranch of the British government.proclamation A publicannouncement.
  • 24. Social Studies ­ The Colonies Unite (p. 220)budget A plan for spendingmoney.
  • 25. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, April 19, 2012Reading1. Use the Vocabulary words in a sentence.Math1. Textbook, page 289, 1­12Language Arts1. Practice book, page 83Religion1. What enables us to know the difference between right and wrong?2. What are the four major parts of the Sacrament of Penance?Social Studies1. Answer Reading Check on:• page 223• page 224• page 225
  • 26. Range: Mode:8 Median: Mean: Reward 10 Pizza Party 8­9 Wheel of Fun 7 Spelling 6 BrainPOP 4­5 Class Work 2­3 Silent Snack 1 No Snack
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