3.7.12 classwork wednesday


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3.7.12 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. Imagine you are an animal living on a farm or in azoo. Describe what your everyday life would be like. Wednesday Adolfo March 7, 2012 Linder Ryan Angel David Brianna Jose Gia Cincere Christopher Christian Andres Carlos Emma Alan R Alan G Matthew Ramon Joey Joshua SualeeJohnny Cameron Nyashia Ricardo Mitzy Elizabeth Brian Natalie Massire Roxana Max
  2. 2. Daily Warm­Up #15Harvest Mice 2.13.12 Morning Reading ­ June BugsTake a handout from the binin the front of the classroom.Use your SMART Clickers toanswer the questions.Return the handout (withyour name written on it) andthe clicker once you arefinished.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Nosey and the Porcupine (p. 422)Context CluesYou can figure out themeaning of anunfamiliar word byusing Context Cluesthat appear within thesame sentence. Forexample, "fishing" canhelp you figure out thatarroyo means "stream."
  4. 4. Reading ­ Nosey and the Porcupine (p. 422) Clues Authors Purpose
  5. 5. Reading ­ Nosey and the Porcupine (p. 422)Authors PurposeThere are four basic reasons, or purpose forwriting:• entertain• inform• inquire• persuade
  6. 6. Reading ­ Nosey and the Porcupine (p. 422)Authors PurposeInform: present information about a topicpersuade: convince readers of theiropinionsinquire: ask questions of readers to provokea responseentertain: create a story for enjoyment
  7. 7. Reading ­ Nosey and the Porcupine (p. 422) Reading Homework Practice book, page 120
  8. 8. Math ­ Least Common Multiple (p. 216)What is the Least Common Denominator?The Least CommonDenominator (LCD) is theLeast Common Multipleof two or moredenominators.
  9. 9. Math ­ Least Common Multiple (p. 216)PracticeWrite equivalent fractions using the LCDExercise 41 ­ 54
  10. 10. Math ­ Least Common Multiple (p. 216) Math Homework Textbook, page 240 Exercise 1­9 (Least Common Multiple)
  11. 11. Spelling ­ Words for the Week 1. grownup 11. flawless 2. power 12. coward 3. shower 13. lawyer 4. bestow 14. applause 5. August 15. arousing 6. allow 16. faucet 7. encounter 17. trousers 8. grouchy 18. caution 9. rowdy 19. boundary 10. laundry 20. doubting
  12. 12. Spelling ­ Words for the Week
  13. 13. Spelling ­ Word SortsDetermine which syllable is stressed in each of the spelling words.Then sort the words into the correct columns below.First syllable is stressed Second syllable is stressed1. 12. 1.2. 13. 2.3. 14. 3.4. 15. 4.5.
  14. 14. Spelling ­ Word Sorts Spelling HomeworkABC Order, five times each.
  15. 15. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns (p. 344)RULESUse an objectpronoun after anaction verb or after aword such as to, for,in, on, of, by, or at.Me, you, him, her, it, us and them are objectpronouns. Mrs. Kuralt carries a briefcase. She carries it. She carries it with her.
  16. 16. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns (p. 344)You and it may be subject pronouns orobject pronouns You are a good artist. (subject pronoun) I admire you. (object pronoun) It tastes great in a sandwich. (subject pronoun) Zane will prepare it. (object pronoun)
  17. 17. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns (p. 344)Guided PracticeName the object pronoun in each sentence.1. Working in groups worked well for us.2. Jorge read the instructions to me.3. I understood them right away.4. The task was fun for us.5. Everyone worked on it.
  18. 18. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns (p. 344)Guided PracticeName the object pronoun in each sentence.6. Mrs. Kuralt chose him as the timekeeper.7. The ticking of the clock made them nervous.8. I took notes with her on each groups progress.9. Before long, the task was completed by us.10. I thank you for a job well done.
  19. 19. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns (p. 344)More PracticeExercise 11 ­ 25 on page345Writing ActivityWrite a paragraph that compares a project you did onyour own with a project you did with a group. What werethe advantages or disadvantages of each method? Giveyour points in the best order.APPLY GRAMMAR: Include object pronouns in yourparagraph. Underline (or highlight) each object pronounthat you use.
  20. 20. Language Arts ­ Object Pronouns (p. 344) Language Arts Homework Practice book, page 68
  21. 21. Religion ­ Sacramentals are a part of the Churchs prayer life. (p. 148)"God, bless all our classmates."Class Work• Read pages 148­149• Key Words definition• We Respond on p. 149HomeworkAnswer the questions in your notebook:• What do we call blessings, objects, and actions that help us respond to Gods grace?• Why are sacramentals important to our prayer life?
  22. 22. blessed praying palms Sacramentals Sign of the cross singing
  23. 23. Science ­ How Is Heat Transferred? (p. 488)Class Work• Read pages 490­494• Vocabulary definitionHomeworkMain Idea and Details questions on:• page 491• page 493• page 494Questions 2­4 on page 495
  24. 24. Homework Summary ­ Wednesday, March 7, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 120Math1. Textbook, page 240 #1­9 (Least Common Denominator)Language1. Practice book, page 68Spelling1. ABC Order, five times eachReligionWrite both questions in your notebook.Answer using complete sentences.1. What do we call blessings, objects, and actions that help us respond to Gods grace?2. Why are sacramentals important to our prayer life?ScienceMain Idea and Details questions on pages 491, 493, and 494Questions 2­4 on page 495
  25. 25. Range: Mode:8 Median: Mean:
  26. 26. Attachments imgres 948869