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2.2812 classwork   tuesday
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2.2812 classwork tuesday


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  • 1. Explain what you would do if you found out your bestfriend lied to you about something. Draw a picture at theend of your writing. Tuesday February 28, 2012 Linder Adolfo Joshua Ryan Natalie Ramon David Eric Cameron Massire Angel Jose Ricardo Cincere Alan R Carlos Johnny Nyashia Mitzy Gia Elizabeth Andres Sualee Brianna Alan G Joey Matthew Christian Christopher Roxana Brian Emma Max
  • 2. Morning WritingImagine that you couldbe a guest actor on anyTV show. What showwould you choose, andwhat would you like yourrole to be?Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose­leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you arefinished. The work will be graded.
  • 3. Daily Warm­Up #10The2.13.12 Morning Reading ­ June Bugs KoalaTake a handout from the binin the front of the classroom.Use your SMART Clickers toanswer the questions.Return the handout (withyour name written on it) andthe clicker once you arefinished.
  • 4. Reading ­ Lunch Counter Encounter (p. 394)HomophonesHomophones are wordsthat sound the same buthave different meaningsand spellings. Forexample, the word farehas a different meaningthan the word fair.
  • 5. Reading ­ Lunch Counter Encounter (p. 394)Story Structure Character SettingCharacter and SettingA Character and SettingChart can help you listimportant details aboutcharacters and settings. Thesetwo features are part of thestory structure. Use yourCharacter and setting Chartas you reread "Lunch CounterEncounter" to figure out thecharacters traits andinformation about where andwhen the story takes place.
  • 6. Reading ­ Lunch Counter Encounter (p. 394) Reading Homework Practice book, page 113
  • 7. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206)Equivalent FractionsEquivalent fractions have the same value, even thoughthey may look different.These fractions are really the same: 1 2 4 2 4 8Why are they the same? Because when you multiply ordivide both the top and bottom by the same number,the fraction keeps its value.
  • 8. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206)The rule to remember is: What you do to the top of the fractionyou must also do to the bottom of the fraction! x2 x2 1 2 4 2 4 8 x2 x2
  • 9. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206)And visually it looks like this: 1 2 4 2 4 8
  • 10. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206)DividingHere are some more equivalent fractions, this time bydividing: ÷3 ÷6 18 6 1 36 12 2 ÷3 ÷6Divide the numerator and the denominator by acommon factor.
  • 11. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206)Equivalent FractionshandoutWrite your name and enterthe answer using theSMART clickers.
  • 12. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206)
  • 13. Math ­ Fractions (p. 206) Math Homework Textbook, page 239 1­6 (bottom of page)
  • 14. Spelling ­ Words of the Week
  • 15. Spelling ­ Words of the Week 1. slogan 11. global 2. woolen 12. bushel 3. listen 13. marvel 4. heron 14. barrel 5. frighten 15. practical 6. lengthen 16. pretzel 7. captain 17. fable 8. mountain 18. chuckle 9. sandal 19. angle 10. signal 20. nozzle
  • 16. Spelling ­ Word SortsSort each spelling word by finding the sound and spellingpattern to which it belongs. Write the spelling words withthe / l/ spelled: e ­el ­al ­leWrite the spelling words with the / n/ spelled: e ­on ­an ­en ­ain
  • 17. Spelling ­ Word Sorts Spelling HomeworkABC Order, five times each
  • 18. Language Arts ­ Quiz
  • 19. Religion ­ Quiz
  • 20. Homework Summary ­ Tuesday, February 28, 2012Reading1. Practice book, page 113Math1. Textbook, page 239, 1­6 (bottom of page)Spelling1. ABC order, five times each
  • 21. Range: Mode:5 Median: Mean:
  • 22. Attachments imgres