2.27.13 classwork wednesday


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2.27.13 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. Imagine that you are a hockey puck during a hockeygame. Describe how you feel. Wednesday February 27, 2013 Ricardo Emily Ayanna LeslieIxza Christy Alejandra Jose Kathy Samira BryanRemy Leon Alexis Jaileen Carlos Donovan Jessica Diana Kareena Lilah Michael Yamilee Edward Philicia Adrianette Jordan David Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x5Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. ReadingAim: Extreme Weather(p. 460)Talk About It: What is themost extreme weatherexperience you have had? What happenedand what did you learn from it?Picture Prompt: Look at the picture andrespond in writing. Write two paragraphs (3­5sentences each).
  4. 4. Damages are the destructive results ofsomething harmful.Property is anything owned by a person orgroup.If something is available, it is able or readyto be obtained or used.When things make contact, they toucheach other.
  5. 5. Atmosphere refers to the blanket of air thatsurrounds Earth.Destruction is great damage or ruin.Hurricanes are severe tropical storms.A surge is a large wave or series of wavesduring a storm.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: The Extreme Cost ofExtreme Weather (p. 462)DictionaryMultiple­Meaning Wordsare words with several different meanings.If one meaning doesnt fit the sentence, lookfor its other definition.For example, the word atmosphere is amultiple­meaning word.
  7. 7. Text Structure ­ DescriptionDescription is one way authors organize, orstructure nonfiction text.A Description Chart will help you understandthis text structure.Signal words like first, next, finally, or forexample will alert you to descriptive facts.
  8. 8. DescriptiveSignal Words Facts temperature, wind, water,At these times, and air pressure go wild. warm air First, makes contact with cool air. warmer and cooler air stir Next, together, and spinning faster and faster. a tornado is Finally, born. blizzards are For example, costly winter problems.
  9. 9. Multiple­Meaning WordsDirections: Use a dictionary to find the correctmeanings of the multiple­meaning words.1. I could not see the eye of the storm with my own eye.2. I will check the horses bit in a bit of time.3. The baseball fan brought a fan to the game because it was so hot.4. While we waited in the traffic jam, we ate toast with jam.
  10. 10. ReadingAim: Hurricanes (p. 465)GenreInformational Nonfictionpresents facts aboutreal people, things, places, or events.Description ChartAs you read, use your Description Chart,found in your Practice Book page 135.
  11. 11. Signal Words Descriptive Facts strong winds, heavy rains,Hurricanes storm surges,bring flooding, sometimes tornadoes Atmosphere gathers heat through contactFirst with ocean waters above 80℉. Evaporating moisture from warm watersNext enters atmosphere, begins to power infant hurricane. given within 36 hours ofHurricane approachingWatch storm; decide what to do. given within 24 hours for area;Hurricane listen to localWarning radio or TV for safety instructions Listen closely to the radio orFirst television for official bulletins.
  12. 12. ReadingAim: Suspense (p. 478)PoetryPersonification is whenhuman characteristics aregiven to animals, objects, orideas.Imagery is the use of descriptions to createvivid pictures in the readers mind.Onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like theactions or object it describes.
  13. 13. Reading HomeworkPractice Book, page 137Study for exam tomorrow.
  14. 14. MathAim: Multiply and DivideDecimals (p. 371)Lesson:• Complete "Am I• Ready?" exercises 1­14• on page 373.
  15. 15. Math Homework"My Homework" pages 383­384
  16. 16. Spelling 1. rancher 11. pasture 2. searcher 12. creature 3. pressure 13. lecture 4. future 14. gesture 5. butcher 15. nature 6. measure 16. fracture 7. pleasure 17. moisture 8. mixture 18. stretcher 9. treasure 19. legislature 10. feature 20. azure
  17. 17. Language ArtsAim: Commas with Introductory PrepositionalPhrases and Interjections (p. 438)Do Now:• Take the Quiz• Copy the RULES on page 438Lesson:1. Guided Practice, exercise 1­10, page 438.2. More Practice, exercise 11­25, page 439.Homework:• Extra Practice, exercise 1­25, page 499. Write each sentence in your notebook!
  18. 18. In the shade, you can stillget a sunburn.
  19. 19. For protection againstsunburn, I wear sunscreen.
  20. 20. Homework Summary for Wednesday February 27, 2013ReadingPractice book, page 137Study for exam tomorrow.Math"My Homework" pages 383­384SpellingStudy for exam tomorrow.Language Arts"Extra Practice" exercise 1­25, page 499. Write eachsentence in your notebook.
  21. 21. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook