2.13.13 classwork wednesday


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2.13.13 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. Would you rather receive a box of chocolates, flowers,or a book for Valentines Day? Wednesday Leon Jeffrey February 13, 2013 Donovan Jordan AyannaChristy Leslie Bryan Emily Adrianette Jaileen Jose Jessica Samira Alexis Ricardo Kathy Lilah Michael Philicia Alejandra Yamilee Carlos Kareena Diana Ixza RemyDavid Edward
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x7Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Animal Defenses (p. 420) Talk About It How do animals defend themselves when they are scared or threatened? Look at the picture and respond in writing.Activity Using loose leaf paper, draw an animal defending itself from their predator. Write a sentence describing your picture.
  4. 4. A glimpse is a quick look at something.Something that is secluded is private andout of view.Behavior refers to the way a person oranimal acts.Arroyo is the Spanish word for stream orcreek.
  5. 5. Arousing is stirring up or causing excitement.A person who is stunned is shocked oroverwhelmed.Something that is nestled has settled into acomfortable position.Unpleasant things are offensive orunattractive.
  6. 6. ReadingAim: Nosey and thePorcupine (p. 422)Do Now: Review thevocabulary words.Context CluesYou can figure out the meaning of anunfamiliar word by using Context Clues thatappear within the same sentence.For example, "fishing" can help you figure outthat arroyo means "stream."
  7. 7. Authors PurposeThere are four basic reasons, or "purposes," forwriting:• to entertain• to inform• to persuade• to inquireEntertain: create a story for enjoyment.Inform: present information about a topic.Persuade: convince readers of their opinion.Inquire: ask questions to provoke a response.
  8. 8. Clues Authors PurposeNosey runs to the woods,  to entertain living up to her name. Nosey tries to swat a  to entertain butterfly. Nosey falls on a  to entertain porcupine. The quills get stuck on  to entertain, to inform her face.
  9. 9. Reading Homework• Practice book, page 120.
  10. 10. MathAim: Problem­SolvingInvestigation. Strategy:Estimate or Exact Answer(p. 315)Lesson:1. Complete 1­10 on page 317­318Homework:• "My Homework" pages 319­320
  11. 11. Spelling 1. contest 11. minute 2. content 12. compact 3. protest 13. conduct 4. combat 14. contract 5. permits 15. refuse 6. rebel 16. conflict 7. present 17. research 8. insert 18. excuse 9. desert 19. entrance 10. subject 20. extract
  12. 12. SpellingAim: Review andProofreadDo Now: Write the spellingwords in your notebook 5xeach.Lesson:1. Practice book, pages 113.Homework:• Review for exam tomorrow.
  13. 13. Language ArtsAim: Prepositional Phrases(p. 430)Do Now: Copy the RULES inyour notebook.Lesson:1. Guided Practice, exercise 1­10, page 430.2. More Practice, exercise 11­25, page 431.Homework:• Extra Practice, exercise 1­25, page 495.
  14. 14. Homework Summary for Wednesday February 13, 2013ReadingPractice Book, page 120Math"My Homework" pages 319­320SpellingReview for test tomorrowLangauge Arts"Extra Practice" pages 495 1­25Classwork checkNO VALENTINES DAY PARTY TOMORROW!NO DRESS DOWN TOMORROW!
  15. 15. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook