1.5.12 classwork thursday


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1.5.12 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: Pretend that you are walking in your neighborhood  and find a pair of magic shoes. Write about what happens when you  put on the shoes and where you go. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Eric Alan Cincere Ricardo Ramon Natalie Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Angel Matthew Linder Brian Christian Christopher Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. Describe how you would rearrange ordecorate any room in your house. Include asentence about each area in the room thatyou change. Tell why you are making thechange. Write neatly, skipping a line, and use loose- leaf (lined) paper. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  3. 3. Write an answer.1. What is a survey?2. What is a frequency table?3. What is a line plot?4. How do line plots organize data?
  4. 4. Reading - When Esther Morris Headed West (page 294)GenreA Biography tells thestory of a persons lifeand is written byanother person.Fact and OpinionAs you read, use yourFact and Opinion Chart. Fact OpinionRead to Find OutWhat opinions does the Preview and Predictauthor give about Read the title, preview the illustration, and note  questions and predictions about the story. Write Esther Morris? about your predictions and anything else you  want to know about the story.
  5. 5. Reading - When Esther Morris Headed West (page 294) Facts OpinionsName: Esther Mae Hobart McQuigg Slack  A woman should be able to vote and hold Morris office, the same as a man.In 1869 the Wyoming legislature voted to give women the right to vote and to hold  Reckless Copperheads!office.
  6. 6. Reading - The Right to Vote (page 290) Reading Homework Page 307, questions 1-5.Write the questions and answerusing complete sentences. Use your notebook.
  7. 7. Math - Range, Mode, Median, and Mean (page 154)LearnA group of seven friendseach created a new flyingdisk.They decided to collectdata on how far theirdisks can fly.What are the range,mode, median, and meanof the data?
  8. 8. Math - Data, Statistics, and Graphs (page 150) Math Homework Practice book, page 32
  9. 9. Spelling - Word Meanings
  10. 10. Spelling - Word Meanings1. video 11. fluid2. poet 12. rodeo3. riot 13. cruel4. piano 14. genuine5. diary 15. casual6. radio 16. trial7. ideas 17. fuel8. ruin 18. meteor9. diet 19. diameter10. patriot 20. meander
  11. 11. Spelling - Word Sorts Write the spelling word that best describes each sentence.1. Esther wrote in her diary each day.2. Did you watch the video about voting rights?3. She played the piano while he sang.4. Did all the angry people looking for gold cause a riot?5. Her ideas included the belief that women should be able to vote and hold office.6. Id like to write a poem about her, but I am not a poet.7. We went to Wyoming and saw horses and cowboys at the rodeo.8. The horses had a diet of oats and other grains.9. The cowboys were not cruel. They treated the horses kindly.10. We wore casual clothing because we were sitting on the ground.
  12. 12. Spelling - Word Sorts Write the spelling word that matches each definition below.11. Device that plays music and news12. real, not fake13. line through the center of a circle14. move or walk slowly15. one who supports his or her country16. rock from space17. type of energy, such as gasoline18. destroy19. decision process in a court20. liquid
  13. 13. Spelling - Word Sorts Spelling Homework Use the spelling words in asentence. Use your notebook
  14. 14. Science - How Can You Describe and Measure Properties of Matter?Chapter 1 ContentsHow Can You Describe andMeasure Properties ofMatter?Properties of MatterMixtures and SolutionsMeasuring MassMeasuring Volume
  15. 15. Science - How Can You Describe and Measure Properties of Matter? Science Homework Chapter 1 Science Vocabulary handout.
  16. 16. Social Studies - Bartolome de Las Casas (page 151) "For all peoples of the world are  . . . rational beings. All possess  understanding . . . "ActivityRead page 151. Imagine you areBartolome de Las Casas. Write a letter to the King of Spain in which you try to persuade the king to improve treatment of Native Americans. Explain in your letter how you think Spanish colonists and Native Americans could live together in peace.
  17. 17. Religion - In the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit (page 110) Holy Spirit,  strengthen us. Think about the different kinds of oil that you and your family use. List them in your Religion textbook and describe how these oils help us.
  18. 18. Religion - Confirmation leads us from Baptism to the Eucharist (page 108)What does the bishop say when he anointsthe candidate with Sacred Chrism?"N., be sealed with the Gift of the HolySpirit."
  19. 19. Religion - Confirmation leads us from Baptism to the Eucharist (page 108)Why does the bishop extend his hands overthe whole group of candidates seekingConfirmation?The bishop extends his hands to remind usthe laying on of hands by the Apostles ofthe early Church.
  20. 20. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)RULESIrregular verbs do not add ­d or ­ed in the past tense or past participle.Present Tense: I speak to my friends.Past Tense: Yesterday, I spoke to my friends.Past Participle: I have spoken to my friends recently.Always use the helping verb has, have, or had with the past participle.
  21. 21. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190) Past  Past Present Past Present Past Participle Participlebreak broke broken speak spoke spokenchoose chose chosen swim swam swumdraw drew drawn take took takendrink drank drunk teach taught taughtfly flew flown throw threw thrownknow knew known wear wore worn
  22. 22. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)
  23. 23. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)
  24. 24. Language Arts - More Irregular Verbs (page 190)
  25. 25. Writing Activity - A PostcardCreate a postcard thatdescribes an activity you liketo do when the weather iswarm. Draw an illustration onone side. Choose vivid wordsto describe. APPLY GRAMMAR: Draw one line under the irregular verbs  you use. Circle the helping verbs. Write neatly. Hand in once you are finished. The work will be graded.
  26. 26. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, January 5, 2012Math1. Practice book, page 32Spelling1. Use spelling words in a sentence.2. Use your notebookScience1. Chapter 1 Science Vocabulary handoutLanguage1. Create a postcard that describes an activity you like to do when the weather is warm. Draw an illustration on one side. Choose vivid words to describe.2. Draw one line under the irregular verbs you use. Circle the helping verbs.Library1. Freak the Mighty handout2. Due Thursday 1/12
  27. 27. KEY Score Payment 0­3: $10 debit7 4­5: $5 debit 6: $0 7: $2 credit 8: $3 credit 9: $4 credit 10: $10 credit
  28. 28. Monday Monday Thursday Thursday TuesdayTuesday Friday Friday WednesdayWednesday Saturday  Saturday Sunday SundayNOTES Notes
  29. 29. Class JobsTeachers Assistant - $15/pay periodTextbook Assistant - $10/pay periodBanker/Cashier - $20/$15Cell Box Carrier - $4/dayLiner Leader - $4/dayCaboose - $3/daySubstitute - $2/daySnacks Leader - $4/dayHomework - $3/checkReminder - $2/dayHonor Roll - $30Math Achievement - $25Language Achievement - $25Citizenship - $20Birthday - $15
  30. 30. Attachments imgres