1.3.13 classwork thursday


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1.3.13 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Mittens, twins, and salt and petter shakers come in twos.What other things come in twos? Thursday Adrianette January 3, 2013 Ayanna Emily Ixza Christy Jaileen Bryan Samira Donovan Ricardo Jose Philicia Alexis Jessica Lilah Michael David Leslie Alejandra Kareena Kathy Diana Remy Jordan Yamilee Edward Carlos Leon Jeffrey
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x7Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ My Great­Grandmothers Gourd(p. 330)GenreRealistic Fiction tells aninvented story that could havehappened in real life. Making InferencesCompare and ContrastAs you read, use your VennDiagram.
  4. 4. gourd is a round fruit that is dried andused to make bowls and dippers. image of a gourdturbans are scarves wound aroundthe head and worn as hats.
  5. 5. New Ways Old Ways Similarities Villagers Villagersuse pump used to get camels to water. Villagers pull Pump is need water. easier water. Villagersthan the filled treesold ways. with water.
  6. 6. Village GrandmotherRace to well stays by theevery morning,. tree. Does not grandmothersDancing, playing reaction participate in celebration.drums.
  7. 7. 1 What does Fatima mean when she says "the suns  heat was only a whisper on my skin"? A She enjoys playing out in the sun. Fatima can barely feel the heat, just as a person  B can barely hear a whisper. C Fatimas whispers are similar to the suns heat. D It is evening and Fatima is getting ready for bed.
  8. 8. 2 Do you think Grandmother finally agrees with Fatima  when Fatima tells her that storing water in trees is a  thing of the past? Yes   No  
  9. 9. 3 What do you think a towb might be? Use text and  picture clues from pages 336 and 337 to help you  answer this question. A a tool used to carve out gourds. B a water pump. C a tool used to help plant baobab trees. a head covering that fits snugly on a persons  D head and around his or her face.
  10. 10. Reading HomeworkUse your Venn Diagram to helpyou summarize My Great­Grandmothers Gourd. Bycomparing and contrastingdifferent details, you will be ableto understand how the story isorganized.
  11. 11. Math ­ Power Practice / Homework ReviewDO NOW:• Complete the Multiplication Record Sheet.• Go over homework.
  12. 12. Math Homework"My Homework" page 219­220
  13. 13. Spelling 1. slogan 11. global 2. woolen 12. bushel 3. listen 13. marvel 4. heron 14. barrel 5. frighten 15. practical 6. lengthen 16. pretzel 7. captain 17. fable 8. mountain 18. chuckle 9. sandal 19. angle 10. signal 20. nozzle
  14. 14. Spelling ­ Word Sorts Class Work • Complete Spelling Practice Book, page 99 Homework • Write the spelling words in ABC order ten times each.
  15. 15. Language Arts ­ Colons and Hyphens (p. 346)Class Work• Copy the RULES• Complete exercise 1­25. Write the sentences.• Complete the Writing Activity Homework 1. Extra Practice, page 409, exercise 1­25 2. Classwork not completed
  16. 16. 4 The puzzle was a picture of a grown­up cat licking its  paws. A puzzle B picture C grown­up D paws
  17. 17. 5 He used to own a very successful air­conditioning  business. A He B successful C business D air­conditioning
  18. 18. 6 Randy and Chris guessed it would be about 4:30. A 4:30 B Randy C Chris D would
  19. 19. 7 Twenty­six students completed the puzzle at 6:00. A students B completed C Twenty­six D 6:00
  20. 20. Religion ­ The Church welcomes all to be baptized (p. 68)Class Work Jesus, be with us as we follow your way.• Answer the WE GATHER in your notebook.• Read pages 68­69• Define the KEY WORDS.• Complete the WE RESPOND activity.• Write five (5) FACTS about this chapter. Homework 1. At what age can people be baptized? 2. What is the RCIA?
  21. 21. Homework Summary for Thursday January 3, 2013ReadingWrite a summary on My Great­Grandmothers Gourd.Math"My Homework" pages 219­220SpellingWrite the spelling words (in ABC order) ten times eachLanguage Arts"Extra Practice" page 409, exercise 1­25Religion1. At what age can people be baptized?2. What is the RCIA?Social Studies1. What caused the British and the French to complete for the Ohio Valley?2. What became known as the Albany Plan?ScienceComplete questions 1­6 on page 455. Write the questions in your notebook and answer usingcomplete sentences. You may use either your Classwork or Homework notebook.LibraryHandout due tomorrow
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