1.29.13 classwork tuesday


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1.29.13 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Youve just spotted a wise old owl sitting in a tree. If theowl could talk, what three things do you think it wouldsay to you? Tuesday January 29, 2013 Bryan Emily Ayanna Adrianette Leslie Christy Jose Donovan Samira Alexis Leon Jeffrey Jessica Lilah Michael Kathy Ricardo Carlos Ixza Remy Jaileen Jordan Kareena Philicia Edward Yamilee Diana Alejandra David
  2. 2. There is so much tolearn in school today. Inreading, students need toread a lot of different kindsof texts. They need to under­stand them in great depth. Inwriting students need to be writingmore with higher level vocabulary.The math curriculum requires studentsto write about why they did whatthey did and solve multistepprobe ms.Student often forget a lotOf What they learned over the 54MM.
  3. 3. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x11Times Table tentimes.
  4. 4. Reading ­ Civil Rights (p. 392)Talk About ItWhat rights do you thinkall citizens of the UnitesStates should have?What doesdiscrimination mean toyou? Look at the picture and respond in writing.
  5. 5. To scald means "to heat to atemperature just below the boilingpoint."Giving permission for something allowsit to happen.An autograph is a persons signature.A fare is the price charged to transporta person.
  6. 6. If you have blurted out something, yousaid it suddenly, without thinking.Something clenched is closed orsqueezed together tightly.Chiseled means "chipped or shapedby a metal tool called a chisel."Something that is spectacular is veryunusual or remarkable.
  7. 7. Writing ­ Civil RightsNews WritingSuppose that you livein the 1960s and workfor the civil rightsmovement. Write anews article describingyour experience.Use FOUR vocabularywords and highlightthem.
  8. 8. Reading ­ Lunch Counter Encounter (p. 394)HomophonesHomophones are wordsthat sound the same buthave different meaningsand spellings. Forexample, the word fare homophoneshas a different meaningthan the word fair.Character and SettingA character is a person or animal in a story.The setting of the story is where and when ittakes place.
  9. 9. A Character and Setting Chart can help you listimportant details about characters and settings. Thesetwo features are part of the story structure. Characters Setting June 1963,Joe, Paul Mississippi baseball fieldJoes mother or parkman, woman in drugstorewheelchair
  10. 10. Reading ­ Goin Someplace Special (p. 396)GenreHistorical Fiction tellsa story in whichfictional characterstake part in actualevents from the past.
  11. 11. stonemason: a person who cuts stoneor builds walls or other things fromstone.BLT: an abbreviation for bacon,lettuce, and tomato sandwich.zinnia: any of several garden plantssuch as large daisies, grown from theirshowy flowers of many colors.
  12. 12. Character SettingTricia Ann isrespectful andfunny, and Mamaloves Francess houseSomeplaceSpecial.Mama Francesis strong and On the busindependent.
  13. 13. Reading HomeworkWrite a sentence using eachvocabulary word, includingtodays Story Words.
  14. 14. Homework Summary for Tuesday January 29, 2013ReadingWrite a sentence using each vocabulary word,including todays Story Words.
  15. 15. Attachments 1314158 Analogies TTT.notebook