12.7.11 classwork wednesday


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12.7.11 classwork wednesday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: Walking home from school one snowy day, you see a  reindeer propped up against a barn, reading! Write about what happens  next. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Eric Alan Cincere Ricardo Ramon NatalieChristian Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Angel Matthew Linder Brian Crystal Christopher Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. Study for the quiz. The quiz will be basedon the following pages from your textbook:• Page 108 (divide by 1-digit divisor)• Page 110 (divide by 2- and 3-digit divisors)
  3. 3. Reading - Black Cowboy Wild Horses (page 232)GenreBiography is anaccount of an actualpersons life told byanother person.Monitor ComprehensionMaking InferencesAs you read, use your Inferences Chart on page 68 of your Practicebook. What does it take to be a real cowboy? Read "Black Cowboy Wild Horses" on page 232 and  look for the answer as we read.
  4. 4. Reading - Black Cowboy Wild Horses (page 232)What clues in the story help you know when it takes place? Text Clues What You Know InferencesBob had been The Civil The story a slave and War, which must be set had never freed the not long learned to slaves, ended after the end read words. in 1865. of the Civil War.
  5. 5. Reading - Black Cowboy Wild Horses (page 232)Why might the mustangs become frightened if they smell smoke in Bobs clothes? Text Clues What You Know Inferences The I know that If the mustangs wild animals mustangs would smell are afraid of smelled smokethe smoke in fire and may they would his clothes. connect fire run away. with people.
  6. 6. Reading - Black Cowboy Wild Horses (page 232)Text Clues What You Know Inferences
  7. 7. Reading - Black Cowboy Wild Horses (page 232) Reading Homework Practice book, page 69
  8. 8. 1. dentist 11. culture2. jogger 12. goggles3. fifteen 13. summon4. flatter 14. champion5. mutter 15. kennel6. mustang 16. valley7. absent 17. fragment8. hollow 18. gallop9. empire 19. vulture10. blizzard 20. pigment
  9. 9. Spelling - Word Meanings What Spelling Word belongs in the same category?1. thunderstorm, hurricane, blizzard .2. walk, trot, gallop .3. hawk, eagle, vulture .Write the spelling word that matches each clue below.1. snow storm blizzard 8. empty inside hollow2. run gallop 9. not here absent3. winner champion 10. bird of prey vulture4. to praise flatter 11. small piece fragment5. eye protection goggles 12. color in paint pigment6. between mountains valley 13. tooth doctor dentist7. dogs home kennel 14. wild horse mustang
  10. 10. Spelling - Word MeaningsFinish each sentence using a spelling word.15. The ruler took great pride in his .16. We could hear the unhappy child under his breath.17. The Greek had wonderful art and architecture.18. My mother runs to stay healthy; she is a .19. A judge can you to court.20. There will be candles on her birthday cake.
  11. 11. Language Arts - Main Verbs and Helping Verbs (page 182)RULESThe main verb in a sentence shows what thesubject does or is. Patty is writing a book about the space shuttle.A helping verb helps the main verb show an actionor make a statement. Patty is writing a book about the space shuttle.
  12. 12. Language Arts - Main Verbs and Helping Verbs (page 182)
  13. 13. Language Arts - Main Verbs and Helping Verbs (page 182)
  14. 14. Language Arts - Main Verbs and Helping Verbs (page 182)
  15. 15. Language Arts - Main Verbs and Helping Verbs (page 182) Language Arts Homework Practice book, page 40
  16. 16. Social Studies - Other Nations Explore (page 136)VocabularyNorthwest Passage Awaterway in North Americathought to connect theAtlantic Ocean and the PacificOcean.mutiny Rebellion against theleader of ones group. Classwork Organize into three groups. Study a paragraph in the  section. Have a volunteer (from each group) state the  paragraphs main idea.
  17. 17. Social Studies - Other Nations Explore (page 136)Word Work - Complete the activities below.1. Northwest PassageCATEGORIZE VOCABULARY In which category would the termNorthwest Passage belong? myths facts statesHISTORICAL CONTEXT Use the term Northwest Passage in asentence describing what explorers hoped to find.2. mutinySYNONYMS Write a sentence using a synonym for the wordmutiny.
  18. 18. Social Studies - Other Nations Explore (page 136)SummaryExplorers of North America hoped to findboth riches and the Northwest Passage toAsia. Cartier and Hudson claimed lands forthe countries that sent them. However, noneof the explorers found the NorthwestPassage.
  19. 19. Homework Summary ­ Wednesday, December 7, 2011 edmodo.com group code: er8jqeReading1. Practice book, page 69Language1. Practice book, page 40Religion1. Study for quiz tomorrowSocial Studies1. Social Studies Project ­ due tomorrowThe conquistadors wrote reports to Spain about their expeditions. Imagine that you are one of the conquistadors. Use this map to write a one­page report describing your expedition, including descriptions of land features and animals or people you saw.Hand in your work using Edmodo. Attach it as a file.
  20. 20. KEY Score Payment 0­3: $10 debit 4­5: $5 debit9 6: $0 7: $2 credit 8: $3 credit 9: $4 credit 10: $10 credit
  21. 21. Monday Monday Thursday Thursday • Reading quiz • Social Studies project due TuesdayTuesday Friday Friday• Language quiz No School WednesdayWednesday Saturday  Saturday • Math quiz Sunday SundayNOTES Notes
  22. 22. Class JobsTeachers Assistant - $15/pay periodTextbook Assistant - $10/pay periodBanker - $20Cell Box Carrier - $4/dayLiner Leader - $4/dayCaboose - $3/daySubstitute - $2/daySnacks Leader - $4/dayHomework - $3/checkReminder - $2/dayHonor Roll - $30Math Achievement - $25Language Achievement - $25Citizenship - $20Birthday - $15
  23. 23. Attachments imgres