11.6.12 classwork tuesday


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11.6.12 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Imagine that you could live anywhere in the world.Where would you live? Explain. Tuesday November 6, 2012 Ayanna LeonJeffrey Adrianette Philicia Bryan Jordan Christy Ricardo Leslie Ixza Jessica Jose Edward Jaileen Alexis Donovan Emily Samira David Kathy Remy Alejandra Lilah Diana Kareena Carlos Yamilee Michael
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x5Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ The American Revolution (p. 260)Talk About ItWhy is theAmericanRevolutionimportant? Whydid the colonistsdecide to fight Picture Prompt ­ Look at the picturethe British? and respond in writing.
  4. 4. A swagger is a way of walkingthat shows self­confidence orboldness.After winning first place, Jenna walked offthe stage with a swagger.
  5. 5. Navigation is the science or skillof guiding the course of a ship orairplane. The navigation of a ship requires being able to read charts or maps.
  6. 6. Patriots love and enthusiasticallyserve their country. Paul Revere is a famous patriot of the American Revolution.
  7. 7. A tyrant is a ruler who uses forcein a cruel or an unjust way. The king was a tyrant and gave no one a fair trial.
  8. 8. A governor is the leader or headof government of a colony orstate. Each state in the United States elects its own governor.
  9. 9. Someone who has spunk is saidto have spirit or guts.Jeanne showed spunk by standing up to abully
  10. 10. Something that is stark is harshand grim.The bare trees and overcast sky created astark landscape.
  11. 11. To instruct is to command. The general will instruct his soldiers to march.
  12. 12. Reading ­ Letters from the Revolution (p. 262)Word FamiliesKnowing about WordFamilies can increase yourvocabulary. A prefix or suffixadded to a base word canchange its meaning. Forexample, unpatriotic andpatriotism have patriot as abase word but each wordmeans something different.
  13. 13. Text Clues Conclusion It is before the American The date is 1772. Revolution. Thomas, the cousin in England,One cousin is in England and is worried about Richard in the other is in Rhode Island. America. The cousins are discussingrebellion against the King of Richard views the rebels as England. Richard calls the courageous. governor "our leader." Richard views the rebel Richard will join the American governor with admiration. Revolution. It takes over 2 months for a Life moved at a slower pace in letter to get overseas. the 18th Century.
  14. 14. Reading ­ Sleds on Boston Common (p. 264)GenreHistorical Fiction tells a storyin which fictional characterstake part in actual historicalevents with real people fromthe past.Read to Find OutWhat was it like to be a childin Boston at the time of theRevolutionary War?
  15. 15. common: a plot of land or apark that owned or used by thepublic.
  16. 16. ruts: grooves made in theground by wheels or muchwear.
  17. 17. barracks: buildings or sets ofbuildings for housing militarypersonnel.
  18. 18. bayonets: large knives that canbe attached to the muzzles ofrifles for use in hand­to­handcombat.
  19. 19. Sons of Liberty *
  20. 20. Text Clues ConclulsionsThe British closed Boston Food and other necessitiesharbor; times are hard for the couldnt come into Boston.people of Boston. People lost their jobs.Henrys father told his children The children would be moreto "look sharp but dont look alert as they walk among thelike youre looking" when they barracks; they want to help thewent to the Common. patriots.
  21. 21. Reading HomeworkWrite a sentence using the fourStory Words (common, ruts,barracks, bayonets).
  22. 22. Math ­ Power PracticeDO NOW:Complete theMultiplicationRecord Sheet.
  23. 23. Math ­ Divide by a One­Digit Divisor (p. 149) ESSENTIAL QUESTION What strategies can be used to divide whole numbers?fact family: a group of relatedfacts that use the same numbers.
  24. 24. unknown: a missing value in anequation.variable: a letter to represent theunknown number.
  25. 25. Math ­ Hands On ­ Division Models (p. 163) ESSENTIAL QUESTION What strategies can be used to divide whole numbers?
  26. 26. Math Homework"My Homework" pages 167­168
  27. 27. Social Studies ­ The New England Colonies (p. 178)Class Work• Read pages 178­184• Define Vocabulary words• Write five facts about the chapter Homework 1. What goods did New England import and export? 2. What was the Middle Passage?
  28. 28. How was the common used in NewEngland?
  29. 29. industry: a business that make one kind ofproduct or offer one kind of service.export: goods sent out of the country.import: goods brought into country.
  30. 30. Science ­ Properties of Matter (p. 434)Class Work• Read pages 438­445• Define Vocabulary words• Write five facts about the chapter• Complete questions 1­6 on page 445 Homework 1. What are two properties of all matter? 2. What is an atom, and what are its parts?
  31. 31. Religion ­ Holy Orders and Matrimony are Sacraments atthe Service of Communio (p. 50)Class Work• Complete WE GATHER• Read pages 50­51• Write five facts about the chapter• Complete WE RESPONDHomework1. How do bishops, priests, and deacons carry on the work of Jesus?2. What does the Sacrament of Matrimony strengthen a couple to do?
  32. 32. ELA ­ Comparing with More and Most (p. 272)Class Work• Copy RULES• Complete page 273 exercise 6­20• Writing Activity ­ A Travel Brochure Homework • Extra Practice, page 334 exercise 1­25 • Quiz tomorrow
  33. 33. Use more or most to comparewith most adjectives that havetwo or more syllables.use more to compare two nounsor pronouns. Use most tocompare three or more people,places, things, and ideas.
  34. 34. The San Diego Zoo is morecolorful than the London Zoo.Is the San Diego Zoo the mostcolorful zoo in the world?
  35. 35. When you use more or most, donot use the ­er or ­est form of anadjective.
  36. 36. 1. It is (more harder, harder) to fly to Taos than to Houston.2. Flights are (more numerous, numerouser) on Fridays.3. El Paso is the (more unusual, most unusual) city of all.4. This city is (closer, more closer) to Mexico than to Dallas.5. The (most splendid, more splendid) Mayan art of all is in Mexico.
  37. 37. Spelling ­ Pretest 1. minus 11. vacant 2. loser 12. punish 3. humor 13. cavern 4. closet 14. shiver 5. recent 15. decent 6. student 16. linen 7. equal 17. legal 8. profile 18. panic 9. local 19. smoky 10. comet 20. tyrant
  38. 38. Spelling 1. minus 11. vacantClass Work 2. loser 3. humor 4. closet 12. punish 13. cavern 14. shiver• You are one of the foreign military 5. recent 15. decent leaders who came from France or 6. student 16. linen 7. equal 17. legal Germany to help the Americans 8. profile 18. panic defeat the British. You have not 9. local 19. smoky 10. comet 20. tyrant met any Americans before and are sitting around a campfire with some of the soldiers. Homework• Write a letter to a friend or family • Study for test member at home. Describe your tomorrow. conversations with the soldiers.• Use SIX spelling words in your writing.
  39. 39. Homework Summary for Tuesday November 6, 2012ReadingUse Story Words in a sentence (common, ruts, barracks, bayonets)Math"My Homework" pages 167­168SpellingStudy for exam tomorrowLanguage ArtsExtra Practice, page 334, exercise 1­25Quiz tomorrowSocial Studies1. What goods did New England import and export?2. What was the Middle Passage?Religion1. How do bishops, priests, and deacons carry on the work of Jesus?2. What does the Sacrament of Matrimony strengthen a couple to do?
  40. 40. Range: Mode:Median: Mean:Reward10 Pizza Party8­9 Wheel of Fun7 BrainPOP6 Silent Reading4­5 Silent Snack2­3 Class Work1 No Snack
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