1.15.13 classwork tuesday


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1.15.13 classwork tuesday

  1. 1. Imagine that when the mail comes today, there is apackage for you. Describe what you would like to find inthe package. Tuesday LeonJeffrey January 15, 2013 Ayanna Emily Adrianette Bryan Leslie Michael Ixza Christy Alejandra Donovan Alexis Jessica Ricardo Jaileen Yamilee Remy Lilah Kareena Philicia Kathy Carlos Edward Jose Diana Samira Jordan David
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x9Times Table tentimes.
  3. 3. Reading ­ Into the Future (p. 357)Talk About ItWhat kinds of newtechnology do youknow about? Whatinventions would youlike to see in the future? Look at the picture and respond in writing.
  4. 4. Rotated means "turned around on an axis ora central point."A robot is programmed to do the jobs thata person usually does.Reversed means "moved in the oppositedirection.Something that is defective has a flaw orweakness.
  5. 5. A meteor is a piece of rock from space.Something that is dangling is hanging orswinging loosely.Someone who staggered would be said tohave swayed or walked unsteadily.Tokens are pieces that mark your place ona game board.
  6. 6. Reading ­ Who Says Robots Cant Think? (p. 358)AnalogiesAnalogies comparetwo pairs of words.Sometimes analogiesuse synonyms, wordsthat have similarmeanings. Forexample broken is todefective as tidy is toneat.
  7. 7. Evidence Conclusion MeteorsMeteor interfere withpassing by radio waves,Earth oven causing Sylviadoesnt work, to make arobot staggers strangeand almost request forfalls medals at end of story
  8. 8. Reading ­ Zathura (p. 360)GenreScience Fiction tells astory of imaginedevents usually set inthe future and basedon science ortechnology.
  9. 9. polarity: a pull toward an object or ina particular direction.gyroscope: a piece of equipmentwith a spinning wheel or ball set in aframe that helps keep its directionsfrom changingmalfunctioning: not working properly.
  10. 10. Evidence ConclusionMr. Budwingsays they will Mr. and Mrs.be late. Mrs. Budwing areBudwing says going out forshe will set out dinner.dinner.
  11. 11. Character Trait mischievousDanny snitchslowactive annoyingsensitive victimized
  12. 12. Evidence ConclusionA Zorgon Zorgon mustpirate is be the nameaboard a of a planetZorgon pirate where theship. Zorgon pirate is from.
  13. 13. Reading Homework1. Why does Danny take the game home?2. What is Danny like? What words would you use to describe him?
  14. 14. Math ­ Power Practice / Homework ReviewDO NOW:• Complete the Multiplication Record Sheet.• Go over homework.
  15. 15. Divide by a two­digit divisor
  16. 16. Math Homework
  17. 17. Midterm ScheduleReading ­ Tuesday, January 22Math ­ Wednesday, January 23Language ­ Thursday, January 24Religion ­ Friday, January 25Social Studies ­ Midterm ProjectScience ­ Midterm Project* Due Friday, January 25
  18. 18. Review for Reading• Miss Alaineus• Exploring Space• Rescue Dogs
  19. 19. Review for Math• Place Value• Multiply Whole Numbers• Divide by a One­Digit Divisor
  20. 20. Review for Language Arts• Nouns• Adjectives• Pronouns
  21. 21. Review for Religion• Chapter 1 (p. 19)• Chapter 2 (p. 31)• Chapter 3 (p. 43)
  22. 22. Project for Social StudiesWrite an advertisement to persuade settlersto come to a new colony in NorthAmerica.Tell where the colony is located, why it wasfounded, and what life is like there.Organize your ideas, and support yourposition with evidence.Typed, double space (font size 12 or less),two page.Unit 2 (page 97)
  23. 23. Project for ScienceFind out about the density of the DeadSea. Write a one page story explaining whyswimmers dont sink in it.Use evidence to support your analysis.Typed, double space (font size 12 or less),one page.
  24. 24. Homework Summary for Tuesday January 15, 2013Reading1. Why does Danny take the game home?2. What is Danny like? What words would you use to describe him?Math
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