11.20.12 classwork   tuesday
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11.20.12 classwork tuesday






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11.20.12 classwork   tuesday 11.20.12 classwork tuesday Presentation Transcript

  • November 20 is Name Your PC Day. What name wouldyou give a new PC? Explain. Tuesday Donovan November 20, 2012 Christy Leslie Lilah Jose Ayanna Jordan Ixza Yamilee Bryan Samira Philicia Jaileen Alexis Carlos EdwardEmily Kareena Kathy Jessica Alejandra Diana Remy Jeffrey Ricardo LeonMichael David Adrianette
  • Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x5Times Table tentimes.
  • Reading HomeworkWrite your final FictionalNarrative. Type (or loose leaf). View slide
  • Math ­ Power PracticeDO NOW:Complete theMultiplicationRecord Sheet. View slide
  • Math ­ Two­Digit Dividends (p. 169) ESSENTIAL QUESTION What strategies can be used to divide whole numbers? How to McDonaldsLONG DIVISION? Does remember Serve Burgers
  • Math Homework"My Homework" page 173­174.
  • Spelling ­ Pretest 1. hilltop 11. reckless 2. grassland 12. pilgrim 3. footprint 13. improve 4. handsome 14. instant 5. landlord 15. dolphin 6. partner 16. orphan 7. cockpit 17. concrete 8. fairground 18. complain 9. address 19. district 10. fiddler 20. although
  • Spelling ­ Practice TestClass Work• Use your SMART Response clicker to enter the correct spelling of the word. Homework • Write a sentence using each word. • Study for exam tomorrow.
  • Spelling HomeworkWrite the spelling words in ABCorder ten times each.
  • Language Arts ­ Abbreviations (p. 278)Class Work• Copy RULES• Complete Guided Practice on page 278• Complete More Practice on page 279• Writing Activity ­ An EssayHomework• Extra Practice, exercise 1­25 on page 337.
  • Class WorkExercise 1­20 on pages 280­281
  • Religion ­ In Baptism we are freed from sin and becomechildren of God (p. 58)Class Work• Answer the WE GATHER in your notebook.• Read pages 56­57.• Define the KEY WORDS.• Complete the WE RESPOND activity.• Write five (5) FACTS about this chapter. Homework 1. Why did God create human beings? 2. What does Baptism do for us?
  • Homework Summary for Tuesday November 20, 2012ReadingWrite your final Fictional Narrative. Type (or loose leaf).Math"My Homework" pages 173­174SpellingWrite the spelling words in ABC order, ten times each.Language Arts"Extra Practice" exercise 1­25 on page 337.Religion1. Why did God create human beings?2. What does Baptism do for us?Social Studies1. How did the English gain New Netherland?2. Who was William Penn?Science1. How are elements arranged in the periodic table?2. How are particles arranged in solids, liquids, and gases?
  • Range: Mode:Median: Mean:Reward10 Pizza Party8­9 Wheel of Fun7 BrainPOP6 Silent Reading4­5 Silent Snack2­3 Class Work1 No Snack
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