11.17.11 classwork thursday


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11.17.11 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Writing Journal: If you could invite one person to  come to your classroom for a day, who would it be?  Why would you pick this person? Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Eric Alan Cincere Ricardo Ramon NatalieChristian Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Angel Matthew Linder Brian Crystal Christopher Ryan Sualee Alan
  2. 2. "Creativity takes courage."Write in standard form, then multiply. Useyour SMART clickers to enter results.Check your work. 32 23 82 03 33
  3. 3. Reading - Maya Lin: Architect of Memory (page 196)GenreA Nonfiction Article in anewspaper or magazine presentsfacts and information.SummarizeMain Idea and Details• The main idea of an article is what the article is mostlyabout. Details give more information about the main idea. Do Now Preview and Predict Preview and make predictions about the article. Then write about your predictions.
  4. 4. Reading - Maya Lin: Architect of Memory (page 196) Focus Question How did one architect create two of the most powerful memorials in the United States?
  5. 5. Reading - Maya Lin: Architect of Memory (page 196)Main Idea WebWe will use the web to summarize the mainidea and supporting details in this article. Details Details Main Idea DetailsReadMaya Lin: Architect of Memory
  6. 6. Reading - Maya Lin: Architect of Memory (page 196) Summarize We see that this article is organized into different sections that can help us identify the details that support the main idea. What important details support the idea that Maya Lin is an architect of memory?
  7. 7. Reading - Maya Lin: Architect of Memory (page 196)Maya Lin has designed memorials about twohistorical events. The Vietnam VeteransMemorial has the names of the VietnamVeterans who died carved into a granite wall.The Civil Rights Memorial also has theengraved names of some of the people whodied during the Civil Rights Movement. Thesenames help people to remember the eventsand lessons of the past.
  8. 8. Reading - Maya Lin: Architect of Memory (page 196) Reading Homework Practice book, page 55
  9. 9. Math - Exponents (page 82) Math Wordsbase the number that is tobe raised to a givenexponentexponent the number thattells how many times thebase is used as a factorpower a number obtainedby raising a base to anexponentExponents are "shorthand" for repeatedmultiplication of the same thing by itself.
  10. 10. Math - Exponents (page 82) 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 is written 25 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 is written 56 exponent 5 2 the tiny raised number is called the exponent. It tells usbase how many times the base number is multiplied by itself.
  11. 11. Math - Exponents (page 82)The expression 25 is read "two raised to the fifth power, "two to the fifthpower," or even just "two to the fifth."Any base raised to the exponent 1 equals the base. So 21 = 2. Any base, except 0, raised to the exponent 0 equals 1. So 20 = 1.
  12. 12. Math - Review for Exam (page 90)Do NowPage 90, Exercise 1 -13. Use your SMARTclickers to enter the answer.Extra PracticePage 90, Exercise 14-21. Write the answerin your notebook.
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  16. 16. Math HomeworkStudy for exam.
  17. 17. Language Arts - Direct Objects (page 170)Do NowProofread and correct the items.jeff is my best friend, and he has a lot of pets.he has one dog, three chickens and six rabbits.randall and brett like to go to jeffs house.they fed his animales when he was gone last july.
  18. 18. Language Arts - Direct Objects (page 170)RulesA direct object is a nounor pronoun that receivesthe action of the verb. Itanswers the questionwhom? or what? after anaction verb. Nikki gives ribbons to the winners.
  19. 19. Language Arts - Direct Objects (page 170)
  20. 20. Language Arts - Direct Objects (page 170)
  21. 21. Language Arts - Direct Objects (page 170)ClassworkWriting Activity• Write a paragraph about the steps youonce took to enter a contest. Be sure toinclude exact details to make yourparagraph interesting.• Apply Grammar: Include direct objects inyour sentences. Write AV above the actionverbs and DO above the direct objects inthe sentences.
  22. 22. Language HomeworkPractice book, page 34
  23. 23. For the Week of November 14, 20111. jogging 11. deserved2. dripping 12. applied3. skimmed 13. relied4. raking 14. renewing5. amusing 15. complicated6. easing 16. qualified7. regretted 17. threatening8. forbidding 18. gnarled9. referred 19. envied10. injured 20. fascinated
  24. 24. Spelling HomeworkVocabulary Word Map handout
  25. 25. Religion - Review Chapter 5 (pages 67-75)Do NowRead pages 67-75.Show What You KnowWrite the KEY WORDS by following thecode. Then, write a sentence for each. 1. S A C R E D   C H R I S M CLICK TO REVEAL 2. C A T E C H U M E N A T E CLICK TO REVEAL
  26. 26. Religion Homework Study for quiz.
  27. 27. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, November 17, 2011Reading1. Practice book, page 55Math1. Study for exam tomorrowLanguage1. Practice book, page 34Spelling1. Vocabulary Word Map handout2. Study for examReligion1. Study for quiz
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