1.10.13 classwork   thursday
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  • 1. Which of the following words describes you best:curious, sensitive, outspoken, accident­prone? Explain. Thursday January 10, 2013 Ayanna Bryan Ixza Christy Alexis Jose Jordan Samira Ricardo Donovan Philicia Jessica Alejandra Kathy Lilah Leslie Leon JaileenEmily Kareena Michael Jeffrey Edward Adrianette Carlos Yamilee Diana David Remy
  • 2. AA batteries (2)ream paperpocket­size dictionary
  • 3. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the x8Times Table tentimes.
  • 4. Reading ­ Into the Future (p. 357)Talk About ItWhat kinds of newtechnology do youknow about? Whatinventions would youlike to see in the future? Look at the picture and respond in writing.
  • 5. Rotated means "turned around on an axis ora central point."A robot is programmed to do the jobs thata person usually does.Reversed means "moved in the oppositedirection.Something that is defective has a flaw orweakness.
  • 6. A meteor is a piece of rock from space.Something that is dangling is hanging orswinging loosely.Someone who staggered would be said tohave swayed or walked unsteadily.Tokens are pieces that mark your place ona game board.
  • 7. Reading HomeworkPractice book, page 103
  • 8. Math ­ Power Practice / Homework ReviewDO NOW:• Complete the Multiplication Record Sheet.• Go over homework.
  • 9. Math Homework• "My Homework" pages 255­256• Complete classwork (pages 253­254)
  • 10. Science ­ What Are Physical Properties and Changes(p. 446)Class Work• Read pages 446­455• Define Vocabulary words• Write five facts about the chapter• Complete questions 1­6 on page 455 Homework Complete questions 1­6 on page 455. Write the questions in your notebook and answer using complete sentences. You may use either your Classwork or Homework notebook.
  • 11. Homework Summary for Wednesday January 9, 2013ReadingPractice Book, page 103Math"My Homework" pages 255­256ScienceComplete questions 1­6 on page 455. Write thequestions in your notebook and answer usingcomplete sentences. You may use either yourClasswork or Homework notebook.
  • 12. Attachments 1314158