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10.20.11 classwork   thursday
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10.20.11 classwork thursday


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Writing Journal: Many popular books have been made  into movies. What book have you read that would make  a good movie? Explain. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Cincere Ricardo Ramon Eric Natalie AlanChristian Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Linder Brian Crystal Christopher Angel Matthew Ryan Sualee Alan
  • 3. Language Arts ExamA. Draw a vertical line between the complete subject andthe complete predicate.Many people | plant vegetable or flower gardens.B. Circle the simple subject of each sentence.My city has a community center with many activities.C. Underline complete predicate in each sentence. Circlethe simple predicate.My family went to a family reunion last summer.D. Circle the compound subject of each sentence.Lena and I cook Mexican food.E. Write the compound predicate of each sentence.Most rabbits eat and play from dusk to dawn. eat and playF. Find the sentences that are joined in each run-on sentence. Draw one line under the firstsentence, and draw two lines under the second sentence.The civilizations in early America is what we are studying it is very interesting.
  • 4. Math - Estimate products of whole numbers and decimals (page 62)Example 1Estimate: 13 x 192You can use these general rules as a guide.• Small numbers: Round to the nearest ten.• Large numbers: Round to the nearest hundred or thousand.• Decimals: Round to the nearest whole number.
  • 5. Math - Estimate products of whole numbers and decimals (page 62)Example 2Estimate: 539 + 487 + 511You can also use rounding and multiplication patterns toestimate sums. This is called clustering.
  • 6. Math - Estimate products of whole numbers and decimals (page 62)More ExamplesEstimate: 177 x 4.23Estimate: 0.83 x 1.12Estimate: 2.4 + 2.1 + 1.9Estimate: 108 + 98 + 138
  • 7. Math - Estimate products of whole numbers and decimals (page 62)Math HomeworkDaily Homework Practice book, page 14
  • 8. Reading - Write About an Experience with an Animal (page 138)Unimportant DetailsDelete unimportant details that do not tell about yourtopic. Also delete details that may tell somethingabout your topic but are not really important.
  • 9. Reading - Write About an Experience with an Animal (page 138) Experience/Details Chart Experience DetailsDelete unimportant details that do not tell about your • may parrot, ret tail, My Also delete details that gray tell somethingtopic. parrot finallyabout your topic but are not yellow important. talked to me. really eyes • for 3 years, never talked • last night began talking • was using my name • I answered
  • 10. Reading - Write About an Experience with an Animal (page 138)Monday, October 3 Ive had my African gray parrot for about three years. His name isFrank. Hes gray, except for his red tail. His eyes are yellow. Ive been talking to Frank for three years, but in all this time hehasnt talked. Last night all of that changed. I was reading in bed. All of a sudden Iheard, "Hi Bao!" I glanced over, and Frank was staring at me. Then he saidit again, "Hi, Bao!" I answered him: "Hi, Frank!" He was quiet. I reachedover to turn off my bedside lamp. Just then I heard Franks voice again."Goodnight!" he said.
  • 11. The Beatitudes (page 329)
  • 12. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, October 20, 2011Math1. Practice book, page 14Library ­ Ms. Braithwaite1. The Beatitudes (page 329) 10x each (on loose leaf)Due tomorrow, Friday 10/21ADAP ­ Ms. Barone1. HandoutDue tomorrow, Friday 10/21Reading Project ­ Science ActivityResearch three other dog breeds. Make a chart listing the work the dogs do and the characteristics that help each dog do that work.Due Monday, October 24 (loose leaf paper or typed)
  • 13. Exam and Quiz ­ Week of October 17, 2011Tuesday 10/18• Reading Quiz• Spelling TestWednesday 10/19• Math Test• Religion TestThursday 10/20• Language Arts Test• Social Studies Quiz
  • 14. 3