10.11.12 classwork thursday


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10.11.12 classwork thursday

  1. 1. Columbus Day was celebrated on Monday. Do youthink it will still be celebrated 200 years from now?Explain. Thursday Adrianette October 11, 2012 Remy Jose Christy Donovan Bryan Jaileen Emily Ixza Ayanna Samira Philicia Leslie Alexis Jessica David Michael Alejandra Kathy Kareena Yamilee Jordan Lilah Diana Carlos Edward Leon Jeffrey Ricardo
  2. 2. Morning WorkDO NOW:Write the SIX TIMESTABLE, ten times. Useyour classworknotebook.
  3. 3. Test ­ ITBS
  4. 4. Reading ­ Rescue Dogs (p. 112)Talk About ItIn what situationsdo you hearabout dogscoming to therescue? Whatabilities do dogshave that makethem useful for Picture Prompt ­ Look at the picture and respond in writing.rescue work?
  5. 5. smell sight touchhearing overall keen sensedigging tasteathletic running
  6. 6. A fragrance is a sweet or pleasant smell.A celebration is a special event.If you have a variety of apples, you havedifferent kinds of apples.Something that is moistened is made slightlywet.
  7. 7. Cooperation takes place when everyoneworks together on a task.When something is canceled, it is called off.A theory is a possible explanation that hasnot been proven true.
  8. 8. If something is transformed, it is changed.
  9. 9. Reading ­ Its A Dogs Life (p. 114)ThesaurusA Thesaurus is a toolthat can help youfind synonyms for aparticular word. Forexample, the wordfragrance mayhave the following The freshly paintedsynonyms listed: store had a strangearoma, perfume, or (fragrance, aroma,scent. odor).
  10. 10. cause ­ makes somethinghappen (an effect) When theffect ­ what happens due to the out...cause If Joshu baseballcommon key words: Since Da most box• because• since When Da a fire...• so• as a result Because• which led to broken..
  11. 11. Cause EffectMs. Toni drops Sparky picks up things. the things that Ms. Toni drops Ms. Toni Sparky licks the prepares envelopes. invitations. Ms. Toni goes Sparky for a walk accompanies downtown. her.Ms. Toni takes a Sparky is quiet. nap. Ms. Toni petsMs. Toni cant and brushes sleep. Sparky.
  12. 12. "Late for School" Panicked, Emilio ran toward school. He had overslept because hisalarm clock had not gone off. He didnt see the bus. He mustvemissed it due to sleeping late. He had to walk to school since hisparents werent home. "They mustve already left for work," Emiliothought. Since he had to walk, it took Emilio twice as long as usual toarrive at school. When he finally reached his destination,Emiliorealized it was Saturday!Fill in the table below. Write clue words in the oval.Cause Effect becauseAlarm clock did not go off. He overslept. He missed the bus.His parents left for work. Trip took twice as long as normal.
  13. 13. Reading ­ Pipiolo and the Roof Dogs (p. 116)GenreFantasy tells a storyabout charactersand events thatcould not exist inreal life.Read to Find OutHow does Pipiolochange the lives ofthe roof dogs?
  14. 14. Cause Effect
  15. 15. Reading HomeworkWrite a sentence using thevocabulary words.
  16. 16. Math ­ Problem­Solving Investigation (p. 105)Riddleif you were given achoice to receiveone million dollarsin one month or apenny doubledevery day for 30days which onewould youchoose?
  17. 17. For a design, Mara draws 3 hexagons in thefirst row. She then doubles the amount ofhexagons in the next row. If her design has 6rows, how many hexagons will she havedrawn in all?
  18. 18. Last week, Fran sold 360 apples at her fruitstand. She sold half as many peaches asapples, She sold twice as many oranges aspears. For every pear she sold, she sold 3apples. Use a table to show how many ofeach fruit Fran sold last week.
  19. 19. Math ­ Check My Progress (p. 111)DO NOW:Complete pages111­112.
  20. 20. Math ­ Use Partial Products and the DistributiveProperty (p. 113)Distributive Property:To multiply a sum bya number, you canmultiply eachaddend by thesame number andadd the products.
  21. 21. Class workExercise 4­7 on page 115
  22. 22. Math Homework"My Homework" pages 117­118
  23. 23. Spelling 1. clear 11. blurt 2. nerve 12. thirst 3. squirt 13. spur 4. verse 14. engineer 5. surf 15. jeer 6. lurk 16. sneer 7. year 17. dreary 8. stern 18. squirm 9. spurts 19. swerve 10. lurch 20. yearns
  24. 24. Homework Summary ­ Thursday, October 11, 2012Reading• Use vocabulary words in a sentenceMath• "My Homework" pages 117­118Religion1. What would you like to learn about your faith this year?2. In your own words, explain Matthew 22:354­40DUE Tomorrow (loose leaf or typed)Social Studies1. What problems did Columbus and his crew face?2. Why did Columbus called the Native Americans "Indians"?3. How was Columbus received when he returned to Spain?Science1. What are two properties of all matter?2. What is an atom, and what are its parts?3. How are elements arranged in the
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