Tali - Pazarlama Zirvesi 2011


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Tali - Pazarlama Zirvesi 2011

  1. 1. november 2011select projects
  2. 2. Apologue approaches the design of interactive experiencesby re-imagining new form of storytelling (CONTENT), new forms ofinteraction (INTERFACE) and innovative methods for integratingmixed media into physical space (ARCHITECTURE).
  3. 3. Apologue is a global network of bleeding-edge thinkers, artists, designers,architects and technologists that seek to invent and innovate. Eachproject is assigned a curated team of experts to deliver on the visionand create something entirely unique, artful and intelligent.
  4. 4. TALI KRAKOWSKY | FOUNDERApologue was founded by Experience Designer TaliKrakowsky. Committed to a highly multidisciplinary andcollaborative methodology, for the last decade Tali hasworked with clients such as the Museum of ModernArt in NYC, Los Angeles County Museum of Art,CHANEL, HBO, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, TheInstitute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, Victoria’sSecret, Timberland, Frank Gehry, Airbus, IBM and VanCleef & Arpels.Throughout her career, Tali has led the conceptual andstrategic development of projects that seamlessly integratestorytelling, new media and physical environments. Tali isa frequent speaker on the topic of design, technology, andarchitecture in events, schools and conferences aroundthe world. She has published several articles on design,architecture, and innovation through collaboration,and is a regular blog contributor on the topic ofExperience Design.Born in Israel and raised in Hong Kong, Tali has aBachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design fromthe Parsons School of Design and a Master of Arts fromUCLA’s School of Architecture, where her thesis was oninteractive architecture. She is a Founding Member of5D: The Future of Immersive Design, an EntertainmentCouncil Member of the Urban Land Institute, a Councilmember on the Northeastern University School ofArchitecture Advisory Council and serves on the Board ofDirectors of the Society of Environmental Graphic Design.
  5. 5. select projects:
  6. 6. STRIKE BACK SUPERWALLClient: HBO | CinemaxCreative Agency: BLT & AssociatesProduction: Apologue, Inc.Software development, system design and technologyintegration: Audio, Video & Controls, Inc.To celebrate the series premiere of HBO’s Cinemaxnew original series, “Strike Back”, Apologuecollaborated with Creative Agency BLT & Associatesand Audio, Video & Controls to create a uniqueinteractive experience on the streets of New York City.
  7. 7. Inspired by Strike Back’s action-driven control room, a hugewallscape on 34th Street, featuring eighteen 46” screens, wastransformed into a SuperWall of multi-user interactive graphics.Armed with a set of cameras, the SuperWall captured movementand reacted to pedestrians as they walked by.
  8. 8. Split among four interactive zones, the SuperWallallowed users to interact and engage with the wallʼsdigital mainframe to learn more about the organization,its major players, its missions, and to even enlist in S20using touchs creen and MMS technology.
  9. 9. Never before have large-scale video playback, reactivity, and interactivity beencombined into one streetscape experience on such a scale. This street project,evoked pseudo military intelligence and served as the perfect entry point into theworld of “Strike Back.” The interactive Superwall housed at 225 West 34th Streetwas displaying content for 24-hours a day throughout August 2011.
  10. 10. CHANEL SOHO STORE REOPENINGclient: KCD, NYCInspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s new urban architectureand graffiti campaign, taken in downtown New York,CHANEL’s new SoHo store has been wrapped witha gate of light. Designed by Apologue, Inc., thismedia installation is a three-day celebration of thecity and the launch of the new CHANEL store designin NYC. A porous “L” shaped LED canvas scaled at10 foot high and 150 feet wide animates a series ofLagerfeld’s urban photography in a stunning generativeperformance, choreographed by United Visual Artists.
  11. 11. Seamlessly embedded into the chamber that is created between the wall oflight and the store façade are two 23-foot digital graffiti installations. Two black,highly glossy surfaces invite visitors to leave their mark by drawing their owndigital graffiti with modified CHANEL paint cans. This interactive installation,built by Tangible Interaction and managed through a custom iPhone Application,playfully reflects on the city as a canvas, capturing the graffiti into a digitalarchive, while continuously fading the real-time created content like anexpedited memory wall that leaves an echo of its past.
  12. 12. The following day the digital graffitiinstallation was open to the public,inviting children of all ages tocontribute content.
  13. 13. TIMBERLAND IN-STORE DIGITAL EXPERIENCEClient: TimberlandConcept, Strategy, Creative Directionand Production: Apologue, Inc.Executive Creative Director: Tali KrakowskyProducer: Marissa LevinCreative Director: Beth ElliottArt Direction and Interface Design: Iron ClawSoftware Development: Automata StudiosTechnology Integration: Audio, Video & ControlsTogether with Timberland’s in-house global creativeservices group, Apologue Experience Design Firmhas developed an intelligent interactive experiencewithin the retail fixtures that intrigues and engagesthe customer throughout the store, inspiring them todiscover their great outdoors with Timberland gear,technologies and brand storytelling.
  14. 14. An interactive test module has been designed aspart of Timberland’s new store concept launched thismonth in Stratford, UK. Located in juxtaposition tomerchandise and environmental graphics, the digitalexperience creates an interaction between productand digital innovation, transforming the typical retailtouch point into a more meaningful communicationtool that delivers relevant information and emotionalbranding to Timberland’s global consumer.
  15. 15. Apologue, in collaboration with Automata Studios,Iron Claw and Audio, Video & Controls, designed acustom, open-source cloud-based HTML5 systemthat is able to dynamically retrieve remote data andcreate real-time, uniquely generated storytelling atevery interface touch point, in every store, at anylocation around the world. The systems allowsTimberland to add and tag assets for immediateintegration into the storytelling all around the worldin real-time, while being managed and monitoredfrom a central location.
  16. 16. The interactive touch points transcend traditionalretail models by transforming the shoppingexperience into a dialog between the brand andthe customer. The system is uniquely designed toadapt, capture and learn from each store globally,providing unique, location-specific content toindividual stores and inviting customers to providemeaningful feedback about Timberland productsand initiatives that can then be converted intomeaningful data for the brand.
  17. 17. This unique interactive system is being tested in keystore locations in Singapore, the UK and the US.
  18. 18. LA PLAZA MEDIA WALKWAYclient: LA Plaza de Cultura y ArtesThe LA Plaza Media Walkway is a public digitalinstallation, designed by Apologue, Inc., as partof the new LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes cultural centerin Downtown Los Angeles. Five 7-foot x 4-foot integratingthe latest in display technology with bleeding-edgedigital storytelling are designed to reveal, teaseand provoke.
  19. 19. Inspired by the spectacular colors and heritage of Mexico, the screens feature a stunning, illustrativegarden that is continually blooming, generated completely by algorithms, programmed by AutomataStudios. driven by a self-choreographing system that generates storytelling in real-time.
  20. 20. Similarly, the content is entirely choreographed by thecomputer based on an extensive, algorithmically-drivenlogic system designed by Apologue, in collaborationwith Edwards Technologies, Inc.. The show controlsystem is powered by cloud computing, pulling assetsvirtually in real-time and composing dynamic narrativethat are singular, beautiful and timely.The entire system is controlled and programmedvirtually and is entirely self-sufficient.
  21. 21. AGAVE SCULPTURE, MEX GAMESclient: Jose Cuervo, Digital Kitchen + Crispin PorterInspired by the tequila agave plant, a 25 footwide glowing agave sculpture served as thecenter piece for Jose Cuervo’s traveling MexGames event across the United States.
  22. 22. apologue is a company dedicated to the creation ofimmersive storytelling enivonrments that seamlesslyintegrate emerging media into physical environments.For more information, please contact:Tali KrakowskyFoundertali@apologuestudio.com1.323.770.3239