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Once Upon a Marigold irp

  1. 1. By Jean FerrisBy Jean Ferris Once Upon A Marigold By Jean Ferris
  2. 2. Once Upon A MarigoldOnce Upon A Marigold The reason that I covered the whole coverThe reason that I covered the whole cover slide with a picture of a marigold is becauseslide with a picture of a marigold is because one of the main characters in this book isone of the main characters in this book is named Marigold. I also included a picture of anamed Marigold. I also included a picture of a castle because Marigold is a princess. Thecastle because Marigold is a princess. The other picture I added was a picture of a crystalother picture I added was a picture of a crystal cave because the boy that Marigold meets andcave because the boy that Marigold meets and falls in love with lives in a crystal cave.falls in love with lives in a crystal cave.
  3. 3. Christian This picture shows a little boy alone in the woods. In this story, Edric, a normal forest troll, found a little boy out in the woods. The boy told Ed that his name was Christian. Ed told Chris that he would help find his parents. Then Ed said that the little boy could live with him until they found his parents. When they got to Ed’s crystal cave, the cunning little boy said that if Ed tried to contact his parents he would tell them that Ed had kidnapped him. Christian did not like his strict parents and to escape, he had hidden in the forest. Ed became aware of what could happen if he contacted Christian’s parents, so Ed became Christian’s foster father and raised him in the crystal cave. This picture shows a blue velvet suit similar to the one that Christian was wearing on the day that Edric found him. The fine suit led Edric to believe that Christian might be of nobility or royalty, but Christian said that it was itchy and that he never wanted to see it again.
  4. 4. Walter and Carrie This is a picture of two pigeons. In this story, people talked to other people over long distances using pigeons. This method of mailing is called p-mail which stands for pigeon mail. One day, Christian was looking across the river at the castle and he saw Princess Marigold reading a book. At that time, Christian was a man, but he was still curious to know what she was reading. He sent Walter and Carrie, his two pigeons, over to ask her what she was reading. When she responded that she was reading Greek Myths, a book that Chris had read, they started a friendship through p-mailing. Princess Marigold was an avid reader. Whenever Christian would look at her through his binoculars, she would be reading. The day that he had the courage to p- mail her was the day they became friends because they had read many of the same books.
  5. 5. King Swithbert’s Castle This is a picture of a castle because in the story, Princess Marigold lived in her father’s castle. Her father is King Swithbert and her mother is Queen Olympia. Queen Olympia wanted Marigold to marry but many of the suitors have been uninterested in such a boring, plain girl. At the same time, Christian was coming to work for the castle as a servant and while he was there, he started to fall in love with Marigold. Of course, he could not marry her because he was a commoner, but their secret love went unnoticed. This picture shows a crown because Queen Olympia was obsessed with power. She would do anything to be queen. Even if it meant forcing her daughter to marry just to get her out of the kingdom. She was also hoping that her old husband would die soon so that she could be the sole ruler of the kingdom.
  6. 6. Olympia’s Bedroom This is a picture of a room in castle because in the story, Christian was walking out to do his work on the terrace when he heard Queen Olympia’s voice coming out of her bedroom. As he eavesdropped on her, he realized that she was talking to Fenleigh, her pampered ferret. The things that she said horrified Chris. She was making threats that Christian knew she could keep. She said that if Marigold refused to marry then she would have to somehow kill her “accidentally” so that she could still be queen. Even worse, if her husband didn’t die soon she said he might have an “accident” too. This picture of a ferret represents Fenleigh, Queen Olympia’s very spoiled pet. Sometimes Olympia treated him better than she treated humans. As Olympia idly told all her plans to Fenleigh, Christian heard every single word.
  7. 7. Marigold’s Wedding This is a picture of a wedding because in the story, Christian finds out that Marigold is not going to marry and he is heartbroken. Then, as if planned, Ed remembers Christian’s blue velvet suit. When the castle royalty see it, they immediately recognize it as the suit of Prince Christian of Zandelphia who was lost at the young age of six. Since Christian is now a prince, he can marry Marigold. He does and Marigold is saved. Marigold was always happy being a princess. She was never power hungry like her mother. She was never intent on marrying before Chris came along.
  8. 8. Made by Morgan AlexanderMade by Morgan Alexander Mr. KilbyMr. Kilby Period 3Period 3