Belly Up


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Belly Up

  1. 1. Belly Up By Stuart Gibbs Julie Kampf Period 8
  2. 2. Explanation I chose a picture of a cartoon, Henry the Hippo, because he was well known and was the mascot of Fun Jungle, a theme park and zoo in one. The money sign represents the owner of Fun Jungle, who only cared about money. The picture of the waterfall represents the huge waterfall in Fun Jungle.
  3. 3. This is the picture of the gates to Fun Jungle, which is a place that is a combination of a zoo and a theme park. The well- known Henry the Hippo is found dead in his habitat called “Hippo River”. A boy by the name of Teddy whose parents both work at Fun Jungle wants to know why Henry died. The owner of Fun Jungle, JJ McCracken doesn't want any bad publicity to hurt ticket and merchandise sales. Summer, JJ McCracken’s daughter, also wants to know why Henry died and Martin del Gatos is head of security at Fun Jungle. The owner, J.J. McCracken gives names to certain animals to make it special and to sell a lot of merchandise.
  4. 4. Doc is the vet that takes care of the animals’ health and does an autopsy on Henry. The doctor discovers that the hippo was murdered because there were many, tiny holes in Henry’s intestines. It is uncertain what caused the holes. JJ McCracken doesn’t want Fun Jungle to loose money from the bad publicity and decides to tell the press that Henry died of natural causes. Teddy overhears the conversation and decides to find out what happened. This picture of a rock with many little holes in it is similar to what Henry's intestines looked like.
  5. 5. Teddy and Summer decide to go to Hippo River. Hippo River, they discovered was already cleaned. At the bottom of the river, Summer found a jack that had been filed and the points were very sharp. This was the murder weapon. The picture of the jack is similar to the one that killed Henry, but with sharper tips.
  6. 6. Teddy and Summer showed Doc the jack. Doc didn’t really seem to care and was busy doing an autopsy on a jaguar. Doc seemed nervous that there were now two dead animals. Teddy heard some other person in the room with Doc after leaving the autopsy room. This is an example of one of the instruments that Doc used on Henry the Hippo’s autopsy.
  7. 7. Doc discovers evidence that Martin, head of security, was using the animals to smuggle emeralds from Venezuela. Doc gives a flash drive to Teddy with detailed accounts: dates, names, places, photos, everything. The flash drive proves that Martin is the killer of Henry the Hippo. Martin chases Teddy to take back the flash drive. Teddy runs to JJ McCracken to tell him that Martin is the killer. Martin is captured and walks away in handcuffs The picture of the flash drive is similar to the one that held all of the evidence that Martin was the killer.
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