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YouWeirdTube Top-100 Videos By Views

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  2. 2. Objectum-Sexuality Oct 18, 2009 ♥ http://whatgetsme ♥ http://www.youtu v=4yvmhPSgmW0 TRANSCRIPT: You be married to the Eiffel tower? He would propose to the Eiffel tower? Life actually. It/she proposed to me. I know about that accent on there with some friends. I plan on photograph her with their lights on. A slight try to defuse the pictures. And all of a sudden I don't care what the lights went out, house, okay? Well let's work for it for nothing in my little son there's a slight and that's...she just can't live in areas like all these...lights as a classless courageous-and this display, and I
  3. 3. jap an stri p ga me oile d up jap ane se sex y stri p girl s boo by slip an jap an stri p ga me sho w pan tyh ose ga me sho w und res sin g ga me sho ws jap an stri p
  4. 4. Sony 3D TV Prototype Feb 21, 2010 Sony 3-D Prototype "Sony 3-D" "tiger woods" animation 3d display image Chinese asian cartoon nextmedia "jimmy lai" "science & technology" geekologie tech "dynamic news" appledaily @tw_nextmedi a screen tokyo ryoji chubachi ソ ニー "3-D TV" "2-D to 3-D" television "Sony 3-D TV" TV 3D Estate yt:quality=hig h mrjyn whatgetsmeh ot youweirdtube
  5. 5. Roman Polanski Sings? with Wife Emmanuelle Seigner Feb 14, 2010 DON'T MISS: Iggy Pop Emmanuelle Seigner Duet http://youtube .com/watch? v=XVQbqM9TZ YI Roman Polanski Sings? with Emmanuelle Seigner http:// watch? v=33FeDxiKSk 8 'Qui ête's Vous' (talks) with wife, sexy actress, Emmanuelle Seigner, in this ultra- slick French production Valentine present. did everybody get a chance to see this surprise hit from Roman polanski's smokin' hot jail babe, emmanuelle seigneur and Iggy? cuz i keep gettin nasty letters from YouTube
  6. 6. come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting places. Colleagues and friends had become concerned at his erratic behaviour. But it was still a shock when his body was discovered soon after 10am at the £640,000 ground-floor flat in Mayfair. A man who claimed to be his boyfriend went inside the flat yesterday afternoon and left looking distraught before the body was brought out at 4.30pm. A post-mortem examination is expected to be carried out today... Alexander McQueen Suicide mother death r.i.p. fashion "haute couture"
  7. 7. "Sea of Shoes" @sea_of_shoe s "anna wintour" "jane aldridge smoking" facebook twitter Boot Blogger chasseurs video shoes shoe new interview Stylecaster Interview @awhitelodge mrjyn whatgetsmeh ot lovers "high school" leeland "david lynch" "twin peaks" crillon bal debutantes vogue gryphon book dallas ALDERAGE ALDERIDGE ALDRIDGE ALDRIGE margiella demeulemeist er comme yt:quality=hig h Check this video out -- Jane Aldridge Sea of Shoes Stylecaster Interview HD http://youtu.b e/_YN5yBgN5 Uw - Thanks to ? at Facebook for the tip. Great
  8. 8. YouWeirdTube 1- THEKINKYKIWI - 'Duct Tape Over Mouths' Oct 6, 2009 YouWeirdTube #1 THEKINKYKI WI Channel 'Duct Tape Over Mouths' - http://www.yo kinkykiwi STAY TUNED FOR MORE WEIRD YouTube Theme Channels! And Subscribe so you won't miss one. Yours May Be Next! ♨ вы трубка таинственны й ♨ А Б В Г Д Е Ж Ѕ З И І К Л М Н О П Ҁ Р С Т Ѹ Ф Х Ѡ Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ ЪІ Ь Ѣ ІА Ѥ Ю Ѧ Ѫ Ѩ Ѭ Ѯ Ѱ Ѳ Ѵ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 А В Г Д Е Ѕ З И Ѳ 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 І К Л М Н Ѯ О П Ч 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900A funny word in Catalan is
  9. 9. Iggy Pop Emmanuelle Seigner Duet Feb 15, 2010 DON'T MISS: Roman Polanski Sings? with Emmanuelle Seigner http:// watch? v=33FeDxiKSk 8 'Qui ête's Vous' (talks) with wife, sexy actress, Emmanuelle Seigner, in this ultra- slick French production Valentine present. Iggy Pop Emmanuelle Seigner Duet http://youtube .com/watch? v=XVQbqM9TZ YI did everybody get a chance to see this surprise hit from Roman polanski's smokin' hot jail babe, emmanuelle seigneur and Iggy? cuz i keep gettin nasty letters
  10. 10. other problems." Farouk1986 also wrote about considering applications to US and British universities - including University College London from where he graduated in June 2008 In a June 2005 posting, when Mr Abdulmutallab is now known to have been in Yemen, farouk1986 wrote that he was in Yemen for a three- month Arabic course, saying that "it is just great" and raving about about the capital's shopping and restaurants, including Pizza Hut and KFC. Lonely As a student at the British boarding school in Togo, Farouk1986 wrote that he was lonely because there
  11. 11. Taipei city government officials, who recently fined Next Media for its animated news reports. Since its launch in November, the animated news service has drawn more than 20 million views to the Apple Daily Web sites, according to the company. The most popular were those connected to the Woods accident. http://whatget smehot.blogs 12/tiger- woods- crooked- heart- chinese.html 黎智英接受 CNN 訪問 蘋果動新聞 immy Lai accept the CNN Access http://wanszez it.wordpress.c om http://twitter. com/wanszezi t Jimmy Lai accept the CNN visit - Apple moving
  12. 12. much as 'flamed' but I meant ... dynamic.boin -bin/mt/mt- cp.cgi? __mode=view.. .id... # Bob Dylan warns of Cylon invasion - Boing Boing Sep 15, 2007 ... Antonio sez, "There is a 'viral' Bob Dylan marketing project that allows people to remix the infamous Subterranean Homesick Blues film made ... t/2007/09/15/b ob-dylan- warns-of- c.html # Bob Dylan mistaken for hobo, 40 years after Woodstock - Boing Boing New Jersey police detained 68- year old American music star Bob Dylan recently, after a young officer failed
  13. 13. Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Harry Shearer, and Yeardley Smith left "Marge Simpson" behind a cardboard cutout of Gregory Peck. Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day- Lewis, Denzel Washington, Bill Murray and Sean Connery declined Gary Oldman most popular request Lipton tried to persuade Marlon Brando and Katharine Hepburn to come on the show. Although they were both dead. Brando died too. Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, and Barbra Streisand Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Sean Penn, and Russell Crowe. Icons features Clint
  14. 14. Porn Starlet Brigitte Lahaie Walks Dog Feb 9, 2010 Belles d'Un Soir http://youtube .com/watch? v=p0Vn1Kx2ut 8 http://www.f ourrureclub.c om/ http://what getsmehot.po rigitte-lahaie- belles-dun- soir-via-my- favori fourrureclub — February 23, 2010 — AKA : Belles d'un soir Exquisite Pleasure La Garçonnière Jouissances Königin der Lust Supreme Delights Brigitte Lahaie Belles d'Un Soir via my favorite YouTube Fur Freak Channel fourrureclub fourrure fourrureclub fur pelz pelliccia renard fox mink vison lynx Belles
  15. 15. Carnival YouTube Jan 13, 2010 Carnival YouTube http://youtube .com/watch? v=7RSCBWAs4 a4 This #video of Dancing Girls at #carnival in Rio de Janeiro #AR is the ultimate #YouTube Skin Monitor - ndUL less than 5 seconds ago from "Carnival YouTube" #YouTube "MARDI GRAS" PARADE TITS breasts seins girls TOPLESS DANCING COSTUMES PARTY MARDI GRAS WHATGETSME HOT Argentina RIO "RIO DE JANEIRO" MRJYN yt:quality=hig h
  16. 16. w_play_list? p=311E20654 97619F1 • 】 • • ☆SUBSCRIBE ☆ • 【 http://www.yo bscription_ce nter? add_user=wha tgetsmehot •】• http://www.yo tch_private? v=7rNIbcxfgo 4&sharing_tok en=Guz9GCGB SFiOMCraF_n Wng== "Jerry Lee Lewis" Salute "gARY bUSEY" "keith richards" keef HD "our favorite band" Chantilly Killer "Epileptic Fit" "jerry lee fucked up" mrjyn "jerry lee" "jerry lee lewis" fede4avar "T. j. hooker" ferriday yt:quality=hig h "george nichopoulos" memphis doctor "dr. nick" nichopoulos nichopoulouzo "don lane" Plastered "Jerry Lee Lewis" Salute
  17. 17. NBC Showdown Original Chinese Animation Jan 25, 2010 NBC Showdown Original Chinese Animation http:/ youtube. com/watch? v=v19O3elaM Ww Vm7D NBC Showdown Chinese Animation English Translation http://www.yo tch? v=ltSQuRF9GF g 7JPgvV Beautifully translated, narrated "Apple Action News" "Animated Roundup" which summarizes and explains the entire Late Night Network Battle in 2:00 minutes (English) But, please see the *original
  18. 18. that there's some doubt how to give more extend the key and well at the end of last year 0:00:59.579,0: 01:02.480 what does the twenty nine Barack kind of thing when 0:01:02.480,0: 01:06.329 this is helpful because I was confused I'm confused about this situation 0:01:06.329,0: 01:12.560 I don't fully understand that that then I saw this Chinese news video and now at long 0:01:12.560,0: 01:17.350 last I understand the exactly what's going on take a look 0:01:17.350,0: 01:21.230 meanwhile schultz who of course are after watching 0:01:21.230,0: 01:25.180 I have sometimes the earth in
  19. 19. Jane Aldridge New Shoes Dec 5, 2009 Jane Aldridge New Interview HD http://www.yo tch? v=_YN5yBgN5 Uw - Stylecaster produced a stunning video interview with Boot-Blogger, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes [you can read it at http://whatget smehot.blogs - link coming up] and of course at http://stylecas and @sea_of_shoe s Twitter - http://seaofsh oes.typepad.c om - Thanks to ? at Facebook for the tip. Great Interview: I'll post some of the transcript later on. P.s. Also go check out Jane's
  20. 20. I will splan Desi. Michel Shink Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Rock and Rolllllll. Mo Rourk read my best YouTube line eve to the italian guy (except that one to the preacher a couple years ago) who bitched at me for uploading HIS video in the description. I'm partial to the last line: fede4avar (1 week ago) Why did you download my video (Jerry Lee Lewis *Done (sic) Lane Show 1979) from my channel and uploaded it on your? YouWeirdTube (1 minute ago) how's the video business going? what kind of royalty cash can you make off of one of these sonofabitches ? and where do you pick
  21. 21. Johnny Cash Jane Morgan 'Boy Named Sue-Girl Named Johnny Cash' Mar 3, 2010 A Boy Named Sue/A Girl Named Johnny Cash http://whatget smehot.blogs 03/johnny- cash-jane- morgan- named-sue- girl.html http:// watch?v=- BA3Ht01MWM My favorite clip on the internet features Jane Morgan's "A Girl Called Johnny Cash" (written by comedian Martin Mull), a sort-of answer song to "A Boy Named Sue". This is the only incident I've seen of an answer song being so honored by the original songwriter hit-maker as to mash the two