[What Gets Me Hot] Dolly Parton Stories Year 2009


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[What Gets Me Hot] Dolly Parton Stories Year 2009

  1. 1. Image via Wikipedia Stories Year 2009 Lives of the great songs / Cheatin' meeting of minds: The Dark End of the Street Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Sun, Aug 16 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (@mrjyn) By the Seventies, respectable country artists were covering the song. Accompanied by her mentor Porter Wagoner, the 25-year-old Dolly Parton lent 'Dark End' her spookiest Smoky Mountain tremor of a soprano: no dark dread here, just Appalachian guilt, backed by softly strummed guitar... Early closure for Parton musical| BBC NEWS Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Thu, Jul 30
  2. 2. By mrjyngm@gmail.com (mrjyn) Parton remains upbeat about the musical, based on the 1980 film in which she, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin played working women who take revenge on a tyrannical boss. I'm so pleased that we'll be opening the tour in Nashville," Parton added. "Great things happen in Nashville." Podcast: Dolly Parton: Just Because I'm a Woman via @ttexed and Art Decade Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Thu, Jul 23 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (mrjyn) Dolly Parton: Just Because I'm a WomanArt Decade Call for Boycott of Dolly Parton HOLLERWOOD HOMETOWN - Pigeon Forge - Nashville - Nashville Scene - Pith in the Wind Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Mon, Jul 20 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (mrjyn) Pigeon Forge deserves to die.West Virginia and Kentucky miners are boycotting Pigeon Forge because Sen. Lamar Alexander is trying to stop coal companies from blowing the tops off our mountains. Ha! They think we actually want tourists to come to Pigeon Forge. In fact, we'd love it if everyon... DOLLYWOOD to NEVERLAND: JACKO "PLAYING WITH ANGELS" [SUICIDAL FANS PLEA] Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Wed, Jul 1 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) JACKO "PLAYING WITH ANGELS" "DOLLY PARTON" dollywood DIARY DOLLY PARTON MOURNS "MICHAEL JACKSON" breasts tits Reverend "jesse jackson" seven commit suicide TROUBLED FANS “musical genius” heart angel "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" nichopoulooza SUICIDAL DD "double d" neverland cleavag... Dolly Parton: The Real Queen Of All Media - CBS News Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Tue, Jun 16 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) Video Dolly Parton Dolly Parton is a country music legend who's surprisingly down to earth. And just wait until you hear some of her Tennessee mountain tales! Photo Essay Queen Of Country Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, author, actress and philanthropist Dolly Parton. dollyabba's Channel - YouTube
  3. 3. Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Tue, Jun 16 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) ╔══╦═╦╗╔╦╗╔♫ ╚╗║║║║║║║╚╝║ Put this on your site if ╔╝║║║║╚╣╚╗╔╝ you support Dolly Parton. ╚══╩═╩═╩═╩╝ Name: weasel Age: 15 hej i am weasel from Holland Siam a relay big dolly parton and Abba fan so i hope you like my Vidovic s on my Chantal My Dolly Parton Collection Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Tue, Jun 16 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) i am now 15 years old and 6 years dolly fan i never buy things on eBay all my stuff do come from shops and carboy sales i hope you like it weasel JOHNNY CARSON: Dolly Parton: "I...I would give about a year's pay to peek under there" + Jane Fonda: PUSSY STORY [MRJYN 123video] Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Thu, Jun 11 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) GET WELL WISHES IN MEMORIAM Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Sat, Jun 6 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) Little Jimmy Dickens, the Grand Ole Opry star and Country Music Hall Of Famer, is recovering from brain surgery. The 88-year-old singer had surgery January 14 in a Nashville area hospital to repair a subdural hematoma. The beloved entertainer recently celebrated 60 years as a member of th... Steve Martin - The Crow - New Songs For The 5 String Banjo Original at visualguidanceltd (Blogspot) • Sat, Jun 6 By mrjyngm@gmail.com (TPA) Here are a few selections from "The Crow: New Songs For The 5 String Banjo". Tap those feet and enjoy. Blink, clink, pink... Steve Martin The Crow Banjo Earl Scruggs Dolly Parton Vince Gill Mary Black Tim O'Brien Tony Trischka Pete Wernick Related articles by Zemanta • 17 reviews of Steel Magnolias (rateitall.com) • 1 reviews of Tennessee (rateitall.com) • Terrific Trailers: 9 to 5 (cinematical.com) • 5 reviews of Jane Fonda pocketed notes palmed to her by POWs in Vietnam (rateitall.com)
  4. 4. • Bryant Wi. Hewitt Concludes The Odysseus Project, The 911 Investigation (prweb.com) • Celebrate Winterfest in the Great Smoky Mountains! Timber Tops Luxury Cabin Rentals Invites Visitors to Experience the 20th Annual Smoky Mountain Winterfest. (prweb.com) Year 2009 Dolly Parton visits Captain Kangaroo (Cracker Jack) 1976 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyI6U5lNyuY http://www.youtube.com/user/dollyabba name of the song what dolly sing is Cracker Jack
  5. 5. 1:59 Dolly Parton Lord Hold My Hand 1971 62 views - 3 days ago wTxk_agaPjs WRzblV7Nr-s 3:44 Dolly Parton How Great Thou Art LIVE 1970 52 views - 3 days ago WRzblV7Nr-s WT3X65jfuyc 2:56 Dolly Parton If i Cross Your Mind 1974 51 views - 4 days ago WT3X65jfuyc Th2dthKSgXE 4:09 my Dolly Parton collection
  6. 6. 121 views - 1 month ago Th2dthKSgXE IyI6U5lNyuY 8:57 Dolly Parton visits Captain Kangaroo part 2 of 2 217 views - 1 month ago IyI6U5lNyuY 858vTX80IrU 1:08 Dolly parton little sparrow live 390 views - 3 months ago 858vTX80IrU IbWHyGaqVZI 6:07 Dolly Parton s New Album DVD Live From London 787 views - 3 months ago IbWHyGaqVZI XaxKaEdVygY
  7. 7. 2:32 Dolly Parton I Will Always Love You Live 350 views - 3 months ago XaxKaEdVygY Nagw_-Clz5o 2:38 Dolly Parton And Kenny Rogers Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight 4,262 views - 5 months ago Nagw_-Clz5o Uh3hp9tEc2E 2:39 Dolly parton Cracker Jack live on her guitar 1976 1,697 views - 5 months ago Uh3hp9tEc2E WKcVjAQu33k 7:47 Dolly Parton visits Captain Kangaroo part 1 of 2
  8. 8. 1,132 views - 5 months ago WKcVjAQu33k KEAQndHYUK4 2:35 1,261 views - 5 months ago KEAQndHYUK4 DATAyKUUfuM 3:32 Dolly Parton You Dolly show 1976 1977 584 views - 6 months ago DATAyKUUfuM t58rnvkOnX0 2:40 Dolly Parton life times CMT 646 views - 9 months ago t58rnvkOnX0 P5haZ56le74
  9. 9. 3:38 Dolly Parton hard candy christmas from the dolly show 16,748 views - 9 months ago P5haZ56le74 UgY4N5TstnM 2:50 Dolly Parton - you 2,157 views - 10 months ago UgY4N5TstnM CMighph5PKA 4:38 My Dolly Parton Collection 411 views - 11 months ago CMighph5PKA nbxO5XkdMEA 1:38 ABBA Rock Me Live In Australia From The Gold Flexi Disc
  10. 10. 567 views - 11 months ago nbxO5XkdMEA k1uT13-nrqo 4:21 Dolly Parton baby i'm burning disco mix 878 views - 11 months ago k1uT13-nrqo UQMhC0GfaTA 0:59 Dolly Parton i will always love you live in the dolly show 1977 1976 685 views - 11 months ago UQMhC0GfaTA s4lOrsRdm0I 2:12 Dolly Parton a little at the time 318 views - 1 year ago s4lOrsRdm0I dUPVB6uYh8I 3:24
  11. 11. DOLLY PARTON do i ever cross your mind 45 speed 914 views - 1 year ago dUPVB6uYh8I YdcGCePelxQ 0:52 Dolly Parton on Candid Camera 2,056 views - 1 year ago YdcGCePelxQ H9CEjSuPthk 0:43 Trailer The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas1982 (dolly parton) 3,971 views - 1 year ago H9CEjSuPthk n-bo3XqMayk 2:22 Dolly Parton intervieuw 1,120 views - 1 year ago n-bo3XqMayk 2v_R82vowQE
  12. 12. 0:11 Classic Cleavage--Dolly Parton 6,717 views - 1 year ago