Next Generation Learning


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A presentation used to begin discussion at a recent professional development day for our school.

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Next Generation Learning

  1. 1. BurnabySouth Next Generation Learning: Personalized Learning in the 21st Century
  2. 2. BurnabySouth Is the Shift all aboutIs the Shift all about Technology?Technology?  Technology is a way of lifeTechnology is a way of life for our studentsfor our students  We do need to separateWe do need to separate Personalized LearningPersonalized Learning from technology.from technology.  Personalized learning is the tailoring of pedagogy,Personalized learning is the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning support to meet thecurriculum and learning support to meet the needs and aspirations of individualized learners. -needs and aspirations of individualized learners. - WikipediaWikipedia..
  3. 3. BurnabySouth Is the shift all aboutIs the shift all about TechnologyTechnology  While we need to separate technology fromWhile we need to separate technology from best teaching practices we can not ignore thebest teaching practices we can not ignore the changing trend inchanging trend in howhow studentsstudents communicate.communicate.
  4. 4. BurnabySouth How many times have you heard this questionHow many times have you heard this question…… Chris Lehmann - 2010
  5. 5. BurnabySouth ToTo Personalize LearningPersonalize Learning makesmakes information relevantinformation relevant Slides courtesy of Michael Lehman
  6. 6. BurnabySouth A Paradigm ShiftA Paradigm Shift
  7. 7. BurnabySouth Why Trust in Schools?
  8. 8. BurnabySouth 2121stst Century Teaching & LearningCentury Teaching & Learning Adapted fromAdapted from Gabriel RshaidGabriel Rshaid –– 20092009 Teachers Classroom New Paradigm A completely new paradigm has transformed a pedagogy of poverty into infinite abundance. Teachers to change their central role,to become facilitators. Classroom of the Future is about facilitating a plan that is co-created with parents and students using technology.
  9. 9. BurnabySouth Our Approach to the 4 Cores: A Brief Introduction to the Speed of Trust
  10. 10. BurnabySouth 2121stst Century Teaching & LearningCentury Teaching & Learning ““Our students should be able toOur students should be able to translate their everyday/socialtranslate their everyday/social experiences using technology toexperiences using technology to formal learning.formal learning.”” - Gabriel- Gabriel RshaidRshaid
  11. 11. BurnabySouth Behaving Yourself Out of Problems…& into Positive Trusting Relationships
  12. 12. BurnabySouth Current ExamplesCurrent Examples @Burnaby@Burnaby SouthSouth  IDS -IDS - Independent Directed StudiesIndependent Directed Studies  Weight TrainingWeight Training  Subject specific leadership coursesSubject specific leadership courses  I-phone/I-pad App developmentI-phone/I-pad App development  EAEA SportsSports Game CreationGame Creation  Ace-ItAce-It
  13. 13. BurnabySouth What can we doWhat can we do @BurnabySouth@BurnabySouth  Within your departments please work inWithin your departments please work in cloudcloud groupingsgroupings toto address the questionsaddress the questions located at:located at:
  14. 14. BurnabySouth Keep SearchingKeep Searching
  15. 15. BurnabySouth
  16. 16. BurnabySouth Thank you
  17. 17. BurnabySouth ReferencesReferences - BC Ministry of Education. BC Superintendents’ Association Presentation Summer 2010. Retrieved November 18, 2010 from - Lehmann, Chris. High School Stinks. Retrieved from high-school-stinks November 19, 2010. - Robinson, Ken. Changing Education Paradigms. Retrieved November 11, 2010 from - Rshaid, Gabriel. 21st Century: new teaching strategies, but are the learners ready? Presentation for the LAHC Conference 2009. Retrieved November 19, 2010 from