WW2 Paper 1 technique


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WW2 Paper 1 technique

  1. 1. Exam Technique: PAPER 1 Why was the poster in source A distributed around Britain during WW2 (6) Use Source A and your own knowledge to answer the question
  2. 2. What is the Examiner looking for? He/She is looking for you to think about the purpose of the source and the context (what was going on at the time) in which it was handed out in Britain during WW2 He/She is also looking for your own knowledge.
  3. 3. MARK SCHEME L1 – Basic statements about the content/ purpose/ context of the poster (1-2) L2 – Explains why the poster was distributed using specific knowledge of WW2 (CONTEXT) and thinks about the PURPOSE of the message behind the source. (3-4) L3 – Multi-causal answer ( at least 2 reasons ) and must use the source and own knowledge. (5-6)
  4. 4. CONTEXT : Write about the situation when this source was produced (cite specific facts) and USE these ideas to suggest reasons why it was needed . PURPOSE : Write about the purpose of the source, and explain HOW it was supposed to ‘work’, and what effect it was supposed to have on the people.
  5. 5. Technique You can see why it was produced when you see who produced it… (Start by explaining that the Government produced it.) They were trying to … (Try and explain the purpose (propaganda) of the source and its message) This would encourage people to… (This helps to support the purpose of the source) This was needed at the time because … (This shows you understand the context of the poster – EG: food shortages)
  6. 6. 1. Why was the poster in Source A distributed in Britain during the Second World War?  (6 marks) Use Source A and your own knowledge to answer the question  SOURCE A: A British government poster distributed during the Second World War You can see why the poster was produced when you see who actually produced it. The British Government distributed many posters like this during WW2 and are known as propaganda. They were trying to put across the need for ordinary people to grow their won vegetables and therefore ‘dig for victory’. This poster would encourage people to do this by using emotional images and references to children,. An example of this is the phrase ‘For their sake’ and pictures of children in the background. This was needed at the time because of food shortages across the country during the war. I know from my own knowledge that the Battle of the Atlantic meant that many convoys that contained food for Britain were destroyed by German U-Boats. Therefore, Britain needed to ‘Dig for Britain’ in order to make sure that they did not starve themselves into surrendering to Hitler.