Hitler: Chancellor to DICTATOR
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Hitler: Chancellor to DICTATOR






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Hitler: Chancellor to DICTATOR Hitler: Chancellor to DICTATOR Presentation Transcript

  • How was Hitler able to become Dictator of Germany after he became Chancellor?
  • The Reichstag Fire Enabling Law Political Parties Banned Night of the Long Knives CHANCELLOR DICTATOR
  • EXAM TIP Always think about which point was the most important. This will get you higher marks!
  • “ The following steps gave me TOTAL control of Germany and the Nazi Party. The Revision games will strengthen your understanding further.” CHANCELLOR = The elected leader of Germany but answerable to the Reichstag AND THE German President. DICTATOR = The power to pass any law without the permission of (in this case) the Reichstag.
  • The Reichstag Fire The Reichstag (the German Parliament) burned down.  A Dutch Communist named van der Lubbe was caught red-handed with matches and fire-lighting materials.    Hitler used it as an excuse to arrest many of his Communist opponents , and as a major platform in his election campaign of March 1933.  Nazi storm troopers arrest suspected Communists, 1933. EFFECT Hitler got rid of the Communists which made him look as though he had saved Germany from them. This made him look like the ‘Saviour’ of Germany. This also helped him to get the ‘ENABLING LAW’ passed
  • The Enabling Law 23 March 1933 Hitler needed at least two thirds of the Reichstag to vote for the Enabling Law. He was able to do this as he arrested the Communist Party (due to the Reichstag fire) and the SA threatened to beat up many of the other members of the Reichstag if they turned up to vote. The Enabling Law gave Hitler to pass any law that he wanted without permission from the Reichstag. This ENABLED him to become Dictator. EFFECT
  • Political Parties Banned 14 July 1933 One of the first laws that Hitler passed as Dictator was to ban ‘the formation of new political parties .’ EFFECT This law actually banned other political parties. Hitler smashed all other parties and put their leaders in prison. Germany was now a one party political state.
  • Ernst Roehm was the leader of the SA (Hitler’s private army of thugs). They had helped Hitler in the past but they had become an embarrassment to him as they were an undisciplined group of thugs who wanted to take over the Army. Hitler began to worry as he saw them as a possible threat to his control of Germany. Hitler decided to murder 400 of the SA’s leaders. Night of the Long Knives EFFECT Hitler secured the control of the Nazi party and his position as Dictator of Germany
  • The Reichstag Fire Enabling Law Political Parties Banned Night of the Long Knives CHANCELLOR DICTATOR