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Study Guide, July 5th
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Study Guide, July 5th


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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  • 1. The Christian In A Secular America Parkside Bible Fellowship Adult Sunday School July 5, 2009 1. WELCOME: Opening Prayer  Parkside Adult Sunday School Blog: 2. Christ and Culture  In the News o June 30, 2009: President Obama Endorses Americans to Accept Homosexuality  o July 2, 2009: NEA Supports Homosexuality.  o Judeo Christian Beliefs  Congressman Randy Forbes from Virginia 3. Happy 4th of July 4. Brief Overview  Key Verses: Matthew 22: 38 – 40  Theme of Class: Matthew 5: 13-16  Christian Ethics  Moral Absolutes vs Moral relativism 5. The Attack On The Institution of Marriage  Over the last 50 years, name some of the examples of how traditional marriage has been threatened in American society?  How/why did we get to this point in our society where the sanctity of marriage is threatened? 6. Thoughts On Marriage. 7. What does the Bible say about the institution of marriage?  Hebrews 13: 4:  Matthew 19:4-5, Gen. 2:24: What is God's intent for marriage? o ______________________________is the JOINING off____________________________ with________________________________________, for__________________________ and by__________________. o Matthew 19: 6: John Billett Phone: 423-7938 Email: Blog:
  • 2.  God created us to have relationships o With Him:  “our hearts are restless until we find our rest in Thee.” (St. Augustine) o Biblical principle: o With others: I Corinthians 12:18-21: o Biblical principle:  Marriage carries out God’s Plan for Mankind o Reflect: Christian marriages are to reflect God’s image: Genesis 1:26-27 o Biblical Principle:  God’s purpose for marriage is to reproduce: o Reproduce: Genesis 1:28a, o Biblical principle:  God’s purpose for marriage, to reign: o Reign: Genesis 1:28a, o Biblical principle: 8. American Republicanism and a Virtuous Republic o Stable societies must have stable institutions. 9. Same sex marriage  is homosexuality and in God’s eys, it is SIN.  What does the Bible say about homosexuality? o Leviticus 18:22: o Leviticus 20:13: o Romans 1: 18, 24: o Romans 1: 26-27 o 1 Corinthians 6:9-11: o 1 Timothy 1:8-10  Homosexuality and Ethics  What is the truth about homosexuality? John Billett Phone: 423-7938 Email: Blog:
  • 3. John Billett Phone: 423-7938 Email: Blog: