ScanSnap for Dummies


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ScanSnap for Dummies

  1. 1. ScanSnap
  2. 2. Basics  So you have finished scanning, but then you realized the pages are upside down or you have extra pages  Welcome to ScanSnap
  3. 3. Utilizing ScanSnap  After opening the program you need to add your file of issue  Click the magnifying glass  Now click “Import”  Find the file you need to alter
  4. 4. ScanSnap  After adding the file you will find the document in the main window
  5. 5. ScanSnap Review  Review the scanned product for all necessary changes  You can open the scanned file by double clicking the image in ScanSnap and then scroll through the scanned pages
  6. 6. ScanSnap Order Change  On the left hand side click on the page to be moved and drag it along the bar to where you want it placed
  7. 7. ScanSnap Orientation  So, the pages are in order but some are upside down  Click the rotating arrow at the top of the screen to turn the page 90 degrees at a time until the paper is as you want it
  8. 8. ScanSnap Removal  To remove an unwanted page that was scanned, right click the unwanted page on the left hand side  Click “delete page”
  9. 9. ScanSnap Combination I  If the scanner had an issue and what should be one file is now two or more you can combine the pages so that you only use a single file  Open both files in ScanSnap  Double click both files so that they are both in the secondary window (as in slide 5)
  10. 10. ScanSnap Combination II  Now click the page you would like to add to the file you want to keep  Drag the page over to the other file
  11. 11. ScanSnap Saving  At the top left corner, click the magnifying glass  Now click “Save As”  Remember to change your file name to the assignment type (Reflective Essay) and to choose your portfolio folder for saving
  12. 12. Great Success  You have now completed the portfolio scanning tutorial and are now one step further to graduating!!!
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