==== ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out:http://www.aweber.com/?389109==== ====I am really depressed today. An...
A few weeks later, Wednesday came and I didnt get an email newsletter from my flame. I wasperplexed. Those weekly e-zines ...
even know existed. The depression grew worse and worse. I wondered if that auto-responder e-zine, or whatever it was, knew...
"Summer was great, Melvin, but school is about to start and you need to go back to Cleveland."Brought to you by the -- Ema...
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Email Marketing and Auto-Responders The Day I Got Dumped By An Auto-Responder


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Considerations to have for list building and using auto responders.
Most companies use aweber, so beginner affiliates would have an easier time going with aweber.

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Email Marketing and Auto-Responders The Day I Got Dumped By An Auto-Responder

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out:http://www.aweber.com/?389109==== ====I am really depressed today. An old e-newsletter flame that dumped me many months ago sentme an email out of the blue. I hadnt received any emails from this old flame in months. I did noteven think I was still on the list. Receiving that e-newsletter conjured up feelings of betrayal andhurt that I thought I had resolved after dozens of sessions with my therapist. And to make mattersworse, the email newsletter was trying to get me to buy some product, from another company, thatmy old flame was recommending. My flame did not even have the decency to send me an emailnewsletter about how things were going in his neck of the woods. I still cant believe any of this ishappening.My therapist says that journaling about my problems will bring clarity and understanding. I hopeshes right. I guess the best place for me to start is to outline how this sordid affair ever began inthe first place. If I get emotional, please forgive me. I really cared for my old flame and my heart isstill a little tender. I just dont understand how any of this happened. I never signed up for the painand tears my old flame left me with. I never signed up for being dumped by an auto-responderemail newsletter. But lets go back eight months so I can tell you how this auto-responder and Ifirst met.Back in May, a friend of mine told me about a great self-development book she was reading. Shecouldnt stop talking about it; every time I saw my friend she talked and talked about the book. Shekept on telling me I would really like it. After days and days of hearing about the book I went onlineand bought it. What do you know, my friend was right! I really liked the book. Within the first fewchapters I was putting the methods into practice and seeing great results.After reading about a quarter of the book I wanted to know more about the author and hiscompany so I followed the URL on the back of the book to the authors website. There was a tonof information about the book as well as highlights of courses and seminars that were beingoffered at different locations around the world. It seemed that the company was offering seminarversions of what was covered in the book for those who either had ADD or were short on time andwhere unable to read the 400-plus-page book. I didnt really pay much attention to all theinformation about the courses and seminars since I already had the book and didnt mind thelengthy read. I did notice an e-newsletter signup box on the homepage, though. "Why not?" Ithought. Maybe I would find out more ways to apply the principles in the book.Soon I was receiving e-newsletters every Wednesday. I was right! Each email newsletter outlineddifferent methods from the book. There were lots of real life application examples and testimonialsfrom people who had also applied the principles. Oh sure, there were ads mentioning the coursesand seminars, but I didnt mind. Within a few weeks I was looking forward to getting my weekly e-zine. It was official. This e-newsletter and I were going steady.
  2. 2. A few weeks later, Wednesday came and I didnt get an email newsletter from my flame. I wasperplexed. Those weekly e-zines were really helping me as I studied the book. I did not want tomiss any of the valuable information so I went back to the website and signed up again. Just likewhen I signed up the first time, the signup form asked me for my name. I was already signed upunder the name Joan and wanted to see if my original signup was still out there. I knew the onlyway I could track my signups was to choose another name. I picked an alternate name, wentahead and signed up, and eagerly awaited the next e-newsletter.Soon I was back on track and receiving the weekly e-zine. I could tell my second signup hadworked because my alternate name was being used. It was kind of funny and I wondered ifanyone ever looked at the names on that email newsletter list. I guess I will never know, but atleast it gave me a bit of a giggle every time I open my weekly e-newsletters and read the openingsalutation of Dear Squidlips.A few weeks after my Squidlips signup, I started to get strange feelings of déjà vuas I was reading my weekly newsletter. Had I seen this email before? I located my book folder inmy email client and looked through all the email newsletters I had received from this company. Icould not believe it. These e-newsletters were set up on an auto-responder service! My weeklyDear Squidlips emails had started back at the beginning of a series of email messages. I WAShaving déjà vu; I was reading emails I had already received!Now my knickers were in a twist. This was not a weekly e-zine! This was a series of promomessages! What was the deal? I had experienced flings with auto-responders before. I knew thedrill. I had been on five day e-courses and known all along that the messages were sitting insome database waiting for me to signup. I knew when I subscribed it would trigger a series ofmessages to get delivered to me in a certain sequence. Heck, I even used email auto-responderswith my own business. What I had not expected was to get into an auto-responder fling when Isigned up for a weekly e-newsletter. I thought this email newsletter and I had made a commitment.I thought we were going steady.After a sleepless night of tears and accepting that I was having a relationship with a database, Idecided to stay on the list. Weekly e-newsletters kept on coming addressed to Squidlips. After awhile I forgot about the auto-responder factor and started to enjoy the content in the auto-responder e-zines. Deep down I knew I was having a fling but I didnt care. I was still reading the400-plus-page book and I thought the articles in the e-newsletters really enhanced my reading.Months went by. This was getting to be quite the auto-responder fling! Email message after emailmessage appeared week after week addressed to Squidlips. But then, one day the tone of theemail newsletter seemed a little different. The email message basically said I was being dumped.Well, it didnt say the word dumped. It said since I had not bought anything that the newsletterswere promoting, this would be the last e-newsletter I would be receiving. Translation: "We havetried and tried to get you to buy a course or seminar and we dont know any other way to convinceyou to buy something and we have given up, so get lost...loser." By the time I finished reading thee-zine I was in tears. It was probably my own fault, but I had grown attached to these emails and Ireally looked forward to getting them.For days I was in a funk. I cried, ripped the down feathers out of my designer pillows, and gotreally depressed. Day after day I visited deeper and deeper recesses of my being that I did not
  3. 3. even know existed. The depression grew worse and worse. I wondered if that auto-responder e-zine, or whatever it was, knew I had paid $40 for their book. I laid awake, night after night, askingthe Universe why this company had a weekly e-newsletter signup form in their homepage that wasreally a series of canned emails tailored to promote their products. Weeks went by and theconfusion remained. Would I ever recover from being dumped by this auto-responder?When I was able to leave the house without fainting, I booked a few sessions with my therapist.Maybe she could help me realized why I was so hurt. It took a lot of deep breathing, but I soonfound the root cause of my pain. At first it was hard for me to wrap my head around the truth, but Ithink my depression was triggered by this company unsubscribing me from their e-newsletter list.I thought the way this opt-in email newsletter stuff worked was that I got to do the dumping. Ithought I got to unsubscribe when I wanted the love affair to be over.In the past my auto-responder affairs have ended and my life went on without much longing for thearms of my absent email lover. I admit for a few days I would miss getting the emails, but lets faceit, when the affair started I knew it would be no different than the summer I had that hot and heavyromance with Melvin from Cleveland. All summer I knew come Labor Day, Melvin would leave hisgrandmothers house (which happened to be across the street from mine), go back to Cleveland,and I would never see him again. I knew most likely he wouldnt even write me. We didnt carewhat was going to happen when school started; Melvin and I smooched every minute of every dayand made the most of that summer.Most of my auto-responder email affairs have been exactly the same as my summer with Melvin.Hot and heavy for a while, lots of frequent in-your-face contact, and then nothing. Sometimessome of my auto-responder lovers have encouraged me to signup for their regular email listbecause they wanted to continue our relationship with something more formal and real-time. Somejust stop emailing and I never heard from them again. Regardless, I knew from the beginning thatthe email relationship was a Melvin; I knew the email relationship was a short-term fling.It had been months since this all happened and I thought I was over my old e-newsletter flame.That auto-responder that masqueraded as a going steady e-newsletter relationship was tuckedaway in my past. I really thought the flame had been snuffed out months ago. I remembered thatlast email; how could I forget it? The company had been clear and had had no qualms abouttelling me I was being un-subscribed for lack of purchase. But then, as I mentioned at thisbeginning of this journal entry, out of the blue, I got a lone message from the company. Ill admitmy heart sang a bit when I saw the email message sitting in my in-box. I thought the company hadexperienced a change of heart and really did love me. I thought my email flame wanted me back.I was wrong. The email was worse than my last Dear Squidlips email (that should have read DearJohn). I guess the company thought they would try to get me to buy something from a companythey were recommending since they had not experienced any luck with me buying somethingfrom them.Im happy to report that earlier today, I un-subscribed myself from their newsletter list. I didnt wantto get my heart broken again so I took matters into my own hands and dumped the company frommy in-box. When I un-subscribed from the list, I was asked why I was leaving. I was happy toanswer the question:
  4. 4. "Summer was great, Melvin, but school is about to start and you need to go back to Cleveland."Brought to you by the -- Email Marketing Club: The only place on the Internet where EmailMarketing is FUN!Join now and receive a gift - guaranteed to increase your status with your friends, co-workers andboss. Click below: http://www.emailmarketingmadeeasy.com/email_marketing_clubCheck out our popular ebook Email Marketing Made Easy & one on one expert Email Marketingcoaching at http://www.EmailMarketingMadeEasy.comEarn good karma, forward this article to everyone you know who has an email address.Copyright Joan Pasay - 2005Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Joan_Pasay==== ====For Great List Building Tips Check This Out:http://www.aweber.com/?389109==== ====