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iocl and bhel telecommunication


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iocl description & telecommunication deptt. in bhel haridwar

iocl description & telecommunication deptt. in bhel haridwar

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  • 2. IOCL Indian Oil Corporation Limited- on top of the world
  • 3. IOCL  Indian Oil Corporation Limited, or IndianOil, is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation  IndianOil began operations in 1959 as Indian Oil Company Ltd.  The Indian Oil Corporation was formed in 1964, with the merger of Indian Refineries Ltd.  One of the 7 Maharatna status companies of India  The highest ranked Indian company in the Fortune Global 500 listing  The 18th largest petroleum company in the world.
  • 4. IOCL  Indian Oil operates the largest and the widest network of fuel stations in the country  Indian Oil’s products are auto LPG, aviation turbine fuel, lubricants, naphtha, bitumen, paraffin, etc.  Supply LNG by cryogenic transportation which is called as "LNG at Doorstep"  Supply Indane cooking gas to over 66.8 million households through a network of 5,934 Indane distributors  Started Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS)
  • 5. COMPANY PROFILETYPE Public INDUSTRY Oil And Gas FOUNDED 1964 HEADQUARTERS New Delhi, India CHAIRMAN RS Butola REVENUE Us$ 76.05 Billion OPERATING INCOME Us$ 3.30 Billion PROFIT US$ 786 Million TOTAL ASSETS Us$ 40.88 Billion OWNER(S) Government Of India EMPLOYEES 36,198
  • 6. BRANDS  Indane Gas - Domestic and Industrial Gas  Auto Gas - Automotive Natural Gas  Xtra Premium - Automotive Premium Petrol  Xtra Mile - Automotive Premium Diesel  Servo - Lubricants and Greases  Indian Oil Aviation
  • 7. RECRUITMENT  Interested candidates meeting IndianOil’s requirements can apply online  Applications are then scrutinized and checked for eligibility. The candidates meeting the criteria set by IndianOil are then called for a written test  Based on their performance in the written test, they are further called for group discussion(GD)/ group task and interview(PI)  The prescribed qualifications are a minimum of 65% marks in Engineering or Business Management from recognized institutes
  • 8. Type: State-owned enterprise Public BSE SENSEX Constituent Industry: Electrical equipment Founded: 1964 Headquarter: New Delhi, India Area served: Worldwide Key people: B.P. Rao (Chairman & MD) Revenue: US$ 9.07 billion Net income: US$ 1.33 billion Employees: 60,274 Website:
  • 9. BHEL  Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is an Indian state- owned integrated power plant equipment manufacturer & operates as an engineering and manufacturing company  One of the only 7 mega Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of India clubbed under the esteemed 'Maharatna' status  7th largest power equipment manufacturer in the world  In the year 2011, it was ranked 9th most innovative company in the world by US business magazine Forbes
  • 10. BHEL’S Portfolio BHEL caters to core sectors of the Indian Economy viz., Power Generation's & Transmission, Industry, Transportation, Telecommunication, Renewable Energy, Defence and many more.
  • 11. Main manufacturing facilities:  Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant, Haridwar, (Uttarakhand)  Heavy Electrical Plant (Bhopal)  Heavy Power Equipment Plant, Hyderabad  Transformer Plant, BHEL Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh)  High Pressure Boiler Plant and Seamless Steel Tube Plant, Trichy (Tamil Nadu)  Boiler Auxiliaries Plant, Ranipet, Vellore (Tamil Nadu)  Electronics Division and Electro Porcelain Division, Bangalore (Karnataka)  Insulator Plant Jagdishpur (Uttar Pradesh)  Component Fabrication Plant Rudrapur (Uttarakhand)  Industrial Valves Plant, Goindwal (Punjab)  BHEL Electrical Machines Ltd., Kasaragod (Kerala)
  • 12. BHEL Haridwar  It consists of 2 main units: Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant (HEEP) Central Foundry Forge Plant (CFFP) HEEP area: 8.45 sq km CFFP area: 1.0 sq km
  • 13. PRODUCTS  Boiler (steam generator)  Gas generator, Hydro generator  Steam turbine  Gas turbine  Hydro turbine  AC Motors, Transformer  Oil field equipment, Boiler drum  Water wall panel, Coils  SOFA panels, Burner panels, Piping  Wind mill, Valves  Electrostatic precipitators  R & D products, Aircraft
  • 14. HOW TO APPLY  Only candidates who are going to give GATE EXAM are Eligible for the vacancies in BHEL  The score obtain in GATE will be utilized by BHEL  Candidates are to be required to apply online registration for BHEL separately  Candidates have to fill-in the on-line application form giving accurate information including the GATE registration number on the website http://careers.bhel carefully  GEN/OBC candidates are required to make a payment of Rs. 100/- as processing fee.
  • 15. TELECOMMUNICATION  Manufactures EPABX and MAX systems based on C-Dot technology  It is necessary to run a number of internal cables between the following stages and frames:  Handset to exchange’s cable chamber  Cable chamber to M.D.F.  M.D.F. to L.D.F.  L.D.F. to number block  Number block to Exchange Equipment  Between two exchanges  Between two cities  Between two countries
  • 16. Manual & Automatic Telephony  Higher level of secrecy is maintained  No possibility of the calls being missed or wrong metering being done  Running cost of the exchange is reduced
  • 17. ELECTRONIC EXCHANGES  Tone type: In this type of exchange sine wave is used. Their speed of dialling for a given number is more than that of pulse type.  Pulse type: In this type of exchange square wave is used due to which dialling speed is lesser.
  • 19. M.D.F.  Place where both external and internal cables are terminated.  External individual cables carry conductors from subscribers  Internal cable conductors come from apparatus side  Cross section between the two cables is done on the M.D.F. through jumper wires  M.D.F. carries all the protectors used in the exchange:  Fuses  Heat Coils &  Lightening Protectors.
  • 20. Old MDF New MDF
  • 21. L.D.F.  These frames consists of a large number of verticals with horizontal cross arms fitted with tag blocks  The cable from M.D.F. is terminated on the multiple sides & from the exchange side cables run to the line cards  The two tag blocks are joined by jumper wires, so that any subscriber can be given connection to any uniselector on the line card  The subscriber’s uniselector are divided into different groups & these originate the same amount of traffic for smooth distribution.
  • 22. TELEPHONE LINES  MAX Lines: MAX Ex. Lines are used for both internal (Intercom) and external communication links in BHEL.  EPABX Lines: also used for both internal and external communication links in BHEL. There are about 500 lines available in BHEL Haridwar  C Dot Lines: These are the direct telephone. The facility they provide is called DID. It has 24 lines.
  • 23. CONNECTION TYPES  With wires i.e. Cables  Underground cables  Overhead cables  Wireless Microwave Links through Satellite
  • 24. TYPES OF CABLES  In an exchange following types of cables are used:  Single Pair cable  2 Pairs cable  5 Pairs cable  10 Pairs cable  20 Pairs cable  50 Pairs cable  100 Pairs cable
  • 25. COLOR CODING TYPE COLOR OF WIRES  Single pair Blue-White  2 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White  5 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White/Green-White/Brown- White/Grey-White  10 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White/Green-White/Brown- White/Grey-White/Blue-Red/Orange-Red/Green- Red/Brown-Red/Grey-Red  20 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White/Green-White/Brown- White/Gray-White/Blue-White-blue/Orange- White-Blue/Green-White-Blue/Brown-White- Blue/Gray-White-Blue/Blue-White- Orange/Orange-White-Orange/Green-White- Orange/Brown-White-Orange/Gray-White- Orange/Blue-White-Green/Orange-White- Green/Green-White-Green/Brown-White- Green/Gray-White-Green
  • 26. General Faults Occurring In An Exchange  Faults that occur due to Line:  Break Fault  Loop Fault  Earth Fault  Faults that occur due to Instrument:  Number not being dialled  One Way Speech  Receiver coil faulty  Plunger or Push switch faulty  Dial tone breaks after 2-3 rings
  • 27. LIST OF SPECIAL USER FEATURES  MAX (Coral India Pvt. LTD, NOIDA)  Manufacturer: Jeumont Schinedier, France  Capacity: 2700 lines  EPABX = ALCATEL 4400  Manufacturer: ALCATEL, FRANCE  Capacity: 500 lines (96 DIGITAL, 404 ANALOG)  Technology used: PCM - TDM
  • 28. OPTICAL FIBER SYSTEM  Fiber optical transmission medium is fast emerging as a competitor to coaxial cables  Long distance data transmission in electrical cables suffers from ground loop problems. The basic material used in their construction is nonmetallic and electrically nonconductive. Broadband Optical Fiber System