iocl and bhel telecommunication


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iocl description & telecommunication deptt. in bhel haridwar

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iocl and bhel telecommunication

  2. 2. IOCL Indian Oil Corporation Limited- on top of the world
  3. 3. IOCL  Indian Oil Corporation Limited, or IndianOil, is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation  IndianOil began operations in 1959 as Indian Oil Company Ltd.  The Indian Oil Corporation was formed in 1964, with the merger of Indian Refineries Ltd.  One of the 7 Maharatna status companies of India  The highest ranked Indian company in the Fortune Global 500 listing  The 18th largest petroleum company in the world.
  4. 4. IOCL  Indian Oil operates the largest and the widest network of fuel stations in the country  Indian Oil’s products are auto LPG, aviation turbine fuel, lubricants, naphtha, bitumen, paraffin, etc.  Supply LNG by cryogenic transportation which is called as "LNG at Doorstep"  Supply Indane cooking gas to over 66.8 million households through a network of 5,934 Indane distributors  Started Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS)
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILETYPE Public INDUSTRY Oil And Gas FOUNDED 1964 HEADQUARTERS New Delhi, India CHAIRMAN RS Butola REVENUE Us$ 76.05 Billion OPERATING INCOME Us$ 3.30 Billion PROFIT US$ 786 Million TOTAL ASSETS Us$ 40.88 Billion OWNER(S) Government Of India EMPLOYEES 36,198
  6. 6. BRANDS  Indane Gas - Domestic and Industrial Gas  Auto Gas - Automotive Natural Gas  Xtra Premium - Automotive Premium Petrol  Xtra Mile - Automotive Premium Diesel  Servo - Lubricants and Greases  Indian Oil Aviation
  7. 7. RECRUITMENT  Interested candidates meeting IndianOil’s requirements can apply online  Applications are then scrutinized and checked for eligibility. The candidates meeting the criteria set by IndianOil are then called for a written test  Based on their performance in the written test, they are further called for group discussion(GD)/ group task and interview(PI)  The prescribed qualifications are a minimum of 65% marks in Engineering or Business Management from recognized institutes
  8. 8. Type: State-owned enterprise Public BSE SENSEX Constituent Industry: Electrical equipment Founded: 1964 Headquarter: New Delhi, India Area served: Worldwide Key people: B.P. Rao (Chairman & MD) Revenue: US$ 9.07 billion Net income: US$ 1.33 billion Employees: 60,274 Website:
  9. 9. BHEL  Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) is an Indian state- owned integrated power plant equipment manufacturer & operates as an engineering and manufacturing company  One of the only 7 mega Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of India clubbed under the esteemed 'Maharatna' status  7th largest power equipment manufacturer in the world  In the year 2011, it was ranked 9th most innovative company in the world by US business magazine Forbes
  10. 10. BHEL’S Portfolio BHEL caters to core sectors of the Indian Economy viz., Power Generation's & Transmission, Industry, Transportation, Telecommunication, Renewable Energy, Defence and many more.
  11. 11. Main manufacturing facilities:  Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant, Haridwar, (Uttarakhand)  Heavy Electrical Plant (Bhopal)  Heavy Power Equipment Plant, Hyderabad  Transformer Plant, BHEL Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh)  High Pressure Boiler Plant and Seamless Steel Tube Plant, Trichy (Tamil Nadu)  Boiler Auxiliaries Plant, Ranipet, Vellore (Tamil Nadu)  Electronics Division and Electro Porcelain Division, Bangalore (Karnataka)  Insulator Plant Jagdishpur (Uttar Pradesh)  Component Fabrication Plant Rudrapur (Uttarakhand)  Industrial Valves Plant, Goindwal (Punjab)  BHEL Electrical Machines Ltd., Kasaragod (Kerala)
  12. 12. BHEL Haridwar  It consists of 2 main units: Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant (HEEP) Central Foundry Forge Plant (CFFP) HEEP area: 8.45 sq km CFFP area: 1.0 sq km
  13. 13. PRODUCTS  Boiler (steam generator)  Gas generator, Hydro generator  Steam turbine  Gas turbine  Hydro turbine  AC Motors, Transformer  Oil field equipment, Boiler drum  Water wall panel, Coils  SOFA panels, Burner panels, Piping  Wind mill, Valves  Electrostatic precipitators  R & D products, Aircraft
  14. 14. HOW TO APPLY  Only candidates who are going to give GATE EXAM are Eligible for the vacancies in BHEL  The score obtain in GATE will be utilized by BHEL  Candidates are to be required to apply online registration for BHEL separately  Candidates have to fill-in the on-line application form giving accurate information including the GATE registration number on the website http://careers.bhel carefully  GEN/OBC candidates are required to make a payment of Rs. 100/- as processing fee.
  15. 15. TELECOMMUNICATION  Manufactures EPABX and MAX systems based on C-Dot technology  It is necessary to run a number of internal cables between the following stages and frames:  Handset to exchange’s cable chamber  Cable chamber to M.D.F.  M.D.F. to L.D.F.  L.D.F. to number block  Number block to Exchange Equipment  Between two exchanges  Between two cities  Between two countries
  16. 16. Manual & Automatic Telephony  Higher level of secrecy is maintained  No possibility of the calls being missed or wrong metering being done  Running cost of the exchange is reduced
  17. 17. ELECTRONIC EXCHANGES  Tone type: In this type of exchange sine wave is used. Their speed of dialling for a given number is more than that of pulse type.  Pulse type: In this type of exchange square wave is used due to which dialling speed is lesser.
  19. 19. M.D.F.  Place where both external and internal cables are terminated.  External individual cables carry conductors from subscribers  Internal cable conductors come from apparatus side  Cross section between the two cables is done on the M.D.F. through jumper wires  M.D.F. carries all the protectors used in the exchange:  Fuses  Heat Coils &  Lightening Protectors.
  20. 20. Old MDF New MDF
  21. 21. L.D.F.  These frames consists of a large number of verticals with horizontal cross arms fitted with tag blocks  The cable from M.D.F. is terminated on the multiple sides & from the exchange side cables run to the line cards  The two tag blocks are joined by jumper wires, so that any subscriber can be given connection to any uniselector on the line card  The subscriber’s uniselector are divided into different groups & these originate the same amount of traffic for smooth distribution.
  22. 22. TELEPHONE LINES  MAX Lines: MAX Ex. Lines are used for both internal (Intercom) and external communication links in BHEL.  EPABX Lines: also used for both internal and external communication links in BHEL. There are about 500 lines available in BHEL Haridwar  C Dot Lines: These are the direct telephone. The facility they provide is called DID. It has 24 lines.
  23. 23. CONNECTION TYPES  With wires i.e. Cables  Underground cables  Overhead cables  Wireless Microwave Links through Satellite
  24. 24. TYPES OF CABLES  In an exchange following types of cables are used:  Single Pair cable  2 Pairs cable  5 Pairs cable  10 Pairs cable  20 Pairs cable  50 Pairs cable  100 Pairs cable
  25. 25. COLOR CODING TYPE COLOR OF WIRES  Single pair Blue-White  2 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White  5 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White/Green-White/Brown- White/Grey-White  10 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White/Green-White/Brown- White/Grey-White/Blue-Red/Orange-Red/Green- Red/Brown-Red/Grey-Red  20 Pair cable Blue-White/Orange-White/Green-White/Brown- White/Gray-White/Blue-White-blue/Orange- White-Blue/Green-White-Blue/Brown-White- Blue/Gray-White-Blue/Blue-White- Orange/Orange-White-Orange/Green-White- Orange/Brown-White-Orange/Gray-White- Orange/Blue-White-Green/Orange-White- Green/Green-White-Green/Brown-White- Green/Gray-White-Green
  26. 26. General Faults Occurring In An Exchange  Faults that occur due to Line:  Break Fault  Loop Fault  Earth Fault  Faults that occur due to Instrument:  Number not being dialled  One Way Speech  Receiver coil faulty  Plunger or Push switch faulty  Dial tone breaks after 2-3 rings
  27. 27. LIST OF SPECIAL USER FEATURES  MAX (Coral India Pvt. LTD, NOIDA)  Manufacturer: Jeumont Schinedier, France  Capacity: 2700 lines  EPABX = ALCATEL 4400  Manufacturer: ALCATEL, FRANCE  Capacity: 500 lines (96 DIGITAL, 404 ANALOG)  Technology used: PCM - TDM
  28. 28. OPTICAL FIBER SYSTEM  Fiber optical transmission medium is fast emerging as a competitor to coaxial cables  Long distance data transmission in electrical cables suffers from ground loop problems. The basic material used in their construction is nonmetallic and electrically nonconductive. Broadband Optical Fiber System