3rd term pathology practicals


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here is a collections of pictures of slides and specimens that are included in the syllabus of 3rd semester of MBBS in india.

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3rd term pathology practicals

  1. 1. 3rd term pathology slides and specimens By- Mridul janweja W2
  2. 2. CELLS
  3. 3. cholesterol g cell
  4. 4. eosinophil
  5. 5. fibroblast and endoth cells
  6. 6. foreign body g cell
  7. 7. langhans giant cells
  8. 8. lymphocyte
  9. 9. macrophage
  10. 10. neutrophil
  11. 11. plasma cell
  12. 12. tumour g cell
  14. 14. WET GANGRENE SMALLINTESTINEL-31 Specimen of the smallintestine. Two loops of bowel are seentwisted at the root of mesentery. Thebowel appears oedematous and thewall appears thinned out. The boweland the mesentery are uniformly blackin colour. Two oval areas anti-mesenteric in position, about 2 X 1 cmin size, appear gangrenous andrepresent the herniated portions.Diagnosis :- WET GANGRENE SMALLINTESTINE.
  15. 15. DRY GANGRENE FOOT(WITH AUTOAMPUTATIONOF THE 5TH TOE)B-5 Specimen of the right footshowing loss of the 5th toe with an ovalulcer at the base. The floor of theulcer is depressed and covered withslough. The big toe showsblackish discolouration and appearsshrunken and mummified. The line ofdemarcation between healthy anddevitalized tissue is sharp. Earlydiscolouration of the second toe is alsopresent.Diagnosis :- DRY GANGRENE FOOT(WITH AUTOAMPUTATION OF THE 5THTOE)
  16. 16. CASEATION NECROSIS(Tuberculouslymphadenitis)F-3 The specimen is ofmultiple, matted, mesenteric lymphnodes. The cut surface showsreplacement of the nodes by a cheesynecrotic tissue (caseation).Diagnosis :-CASEATION NECROSIS(Tuberculous lymphadenitis).
  17. 17. ABSCESS BRAING-2Cut section of the left cerebralhemisphere shows a large cavity, 6cmin diameter, in the frontal lobe. Thewall is thick and the inner surface isrough and granular. The liquefiedcontents of the cavity have been lost inmounting. This is an example ofliquefaction necrosis.Diagnosis: ABSCESS BRAIN
  18. 18. INFARCT KIDNEYK-76The external surface of the kidneyshows an irregular pale,white areas.On cut surface, wedge shaped paleinfarcts are seen with the wider side ofwedge abutting the renal capsule.Diagnosis:- INFARCT KIDNEY(coagulative necrosis)
  19. 19. HEART SHOWINGCOAGULATIVE NECROSIS(Myocardial Infarct)D-8 The lateral wall of the leftventricle shows a brownishdiscoloured area due to myocardialinfarction, an example of coagulativenecrosis in the myocardium.Diagnosis :- HEART SHOWINGCOAGULATIVE NECROSIS (MyocardialInfarct).
  20. 20. MULTIPLE INFARCTSSPLEENF-13The specimen of the spleen showsmultiple pale, wedge shaped areaswith the broad end towards thesplenic capsule. Some of these show ahyperaemic zone at the interface withthe normal splenic tissue. This is anexample of coagulative necrosis (dueto ischaemia).Diagnosis: MULTIPLE INFARCTSSPLEEN
  21. 21. INFARCT HEARTD-2 Specimen of the heart.The anterior wall of the left ventricleshows marked scarring. Near theapex, the wall appears thinned andscarred and shows a darkhaemorrhagic zone. The epicardiumcovering this area shows a fibrinousexudate.Diagnosis :- INFARCT HEART
  22. 22. ATHEROSCLEROSIS AORTAWITH OVERLYINGTHROMBUSD-60 Specimen of descendingaorta and common iliac arteries.Advanced atherosclerotic lesions havecaused ulceration and scarring of theintimal surface. In its distal portion a largethrombus is seen covering a length of5 cm of the aortic intimal surface.Diagnosis :- ATHEROSCLEROSIS AORTAWITH OVERLYING THROMBUS
  23. 23. CHRONIC VENOUSCONGESTION LIVER(NUTMEG LIVER)E-17/21 The specimen is of a sliceof liver with gall bladder. The liverappeared slightly enlarged and itsouter surface mottled.The cut surface shows a speckledappearance (nutmeg like) the darkerareas representing central lobularcongestion and the paleareas, periportal fatty change.Diagnosis :-CHRONIC VENOUSCONGESTION LIVER (NUTMEG LIVER)
  24. 24. TUBERCULOUS APICALCAVITY LUNGC-1 The specimen is of theapex of the lung. A cavity 3 X 3 cms isseen with a well defined thick fibrouswall around it. Small foci of caseationcan be seen in the adjoiningparenchyma. The pleura overlying thecavity is thickened and shaggy.Diagnosis :- TUBERCULOUS APICALCAVITY LUNG.
  25. 25. TUBERCULOSIS LUNG(PRIMARY COMPLEX)C-6 Specimen consists of bothlungs, trachea, para-trachealnodes, larynx and tongue. The upperlobe on the right side shows a smallsub pleural focus seen as a grayishnodule 1-2 mm in diameter. A groupof enlarged lymph nodes can be seenat the carina, two of which showcaseation.Diagnosis :- TUBERCULOSIS LUNG(PRIMARY COMPLEX)
  26. 26. TUBERCULOSIS LUNG WITHAPICAL CAVITY ANDBRONCHOGENIC SPREAD(‘Tubercularbronchopneumonia’)C-9 The specimen is of thelung. It shows a small punched outcavity at the apex and irregularcaseating areas throughout thelung, predominantly peri-bronchiolarin distribution. The intervening lungtissue is consolidated. The bronchiolesare ulcerated at places.Diagnosis :- TUBERCULOSIS LUNGWITH APICAL CAVITY ANDBRONCHOGENIC SPREAD (‘Tubercularbronchopneumonia’)
  27. 27. TUBERCULOSIS LUNGWITH APICAL CAVITY ANDMILIARY SPREADC-27 The specimen is of thelung. It shows an apical cavitymeasuring 2 X 2 cms, which is thickwalled and well defined. The rest ofthe lung shows numerous closelypacked pin-point 1-2mm, grayishyellow specks covering the anteriorsurface. There is evidence of fibrinouspleuritis.Diagnosis :- TUBERCULOSIS LUNGWITH APICAL CAVITY AND MILIARYSPREAD
  28. 28. CHRONIC PYELONEPHRITISWITH HYPERTENSIONK-2 Specimen is of the heartand kidney. The kidney hascoarse, irregular pitted scars on theexternal surface. The cut surfaceshows poor corticomedullarydifferentiation. The pelvis is dilated. Heart shows gross leftventricular wall and papillary musclethickening and prominence oftrabeculations. The aorta isatherosclerotic.Diagnosis :- CHRONICPYELONEPHRITIS WITHHYPERTENSION.
  29. 29. VENTRICULAR HYPERTROPHYDUE TO HYPERTENSION(HYPERTENSIVE HEARTDISEASE)D-42 The heart is enlarged andshows left ventricular hypertrophy.The left ventricular wall is thickenedand the papillary muscles andtrabeculae are prominent. The cardiacchambers are narrowed due toconcentric muscular hypertrophy.Diagnosis :-VENTRICULARHYPERTROPHY DUE TO HYPERTENSION(HYPERTENSIVE HEART DISEASE)
  30. 30. 11 cloudy swelling
  31. 31. 12. fatty change liver (2)
  32. 32. 12. FATTY CHANGE LIVER
  34. 34. 13mucoid degeneration
  35. 35. 14. leiomyoma of uterus
  36. 36. 15. MENINGTIS
  37. 37. 16..APPENTICITIS
  39. 39. 18,kidney cellular swelling
  40. 40. 18..CV C LV ER
  41. 41. 12,liver fattychange
  42. 42. 19. Cvc lung
  43. 43. 20.EDEMA LUNGS
  44. 44. 21. Organised thrombus
  45. 45. 22. Fresh thrombus
  46. 46. 23 infarct splen
  47. 47. 23,leiomyoma uterus.Hyaline change
  48. 48. 23..INFARCT SPLEEN
  49. 49. 32,amylodosis spleen
  50. 50. 24. Infarct kidney
  51. 51. 26.Casseating TB lymphadenitis
  52. 52. 27,amylodosis kidney
  53. 53. 27. fibr casseus tb lung
  55. 55. 28. myctic granuloma
  56. 56. 29. Rhinosporidiosis nose
  57. 57. 30.lepromatous leprosy
  58. 58. 31. T. Leprosy
  59. 59. 32. Amyloid degenaration spleen
  61. 61. 33. AMyloidosis kidney
  62. 62. 33
  63. 63. 40. Chr pyelonephritis
  64. 64. 1
  65. 65. 2
  66. 66. 3
  67. 67. 06092008163
  68. 68. 06092008165
  69. 69. 06092008167
  70. 70. 06092008169
  71. 71. 06092008170