Brad bird & john lasseter


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Talks about career of the famous animators Brad bird and john lasseter.

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Brad bird & john lasseter

  1. 1. Brad Bird & John Lasseter -Mridu Agarwal CD L1
  2. 2. Brad Bird American director, screenwriter, animator, produc er and actor. Mentored by Milt Kahl one of the nine old men of Walt Disney. Done his graduation from California Institute of Arts alongside with John Lasseter and Tim Burton.
  3. 3. Known For The Simpsons  The Incredibles  Ratatouille  The iron giant 
  4. 4. Career        Started training as an animator at the age of 14. Trained as a Disney animator. Left disney shortly after “The fox and the hound”- 1981 Then worked for several TV shows such as- The simpsons, The Tracey ullman show, etc. . He then directed and wrote “The iron giant” which failed the box office but for near-universal critics for the movie.-1999 His work in “The iron giant man” impressed his old friend John Lannester, he pitched the idea of “The Incredibles”- 2004 which was one of the huge success. Still working with Pixar Studios.
  5. 5. Awards Oscar-: Ratatouille- Best animated feature film of the year (2007), The Incredibles- Best animated feature film of the year (2005).  Ratatouille and The incredibles won the BAFTA awards as well. 
  6. 6. John Lasseter John lasseter is one of the founding fathers of pixar animation studios. An animator, director, producer and writer, John is responsible for most of Pixar's success and oversees all of the studios projects.
  7. 7. Known for             Toy story Cars Frozen Planes Wreck it Ralph Monsters Inc. Brave Tangled Up Wall.E Finding nemo Luxo Jr.
  8. 8. Career    On graduation, Lasseter joined the Walt Disney Company, as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland in Anaheim. Lasseter later obtained a job as an animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation. While working on Mickey's Christmas Carol, he was invited by his friends Jerry Rees and Bill Kroyer to see the first lightcycles sequences for an upcoming film entitled Tron. He saw the potential of computer softwares and and he developed “Where the wild things are” Lasseter and Thomas L. wihlite decided to make a feature this way on the story “The brave little toaster”, but in their enthusiasm, they unknowingly stepped on some of their direct superiors' toes by going around them in their effort to get the project into motion. One of them disliked it so much that when Lasseter and Wilhite presented their idea to him, which he at that time was already aware of, he turned it down. A few minutes after the meeting, Lasseter received a phone call telling him that his job had been terminated.
  9. 9.      He had some contacts in the computer graphics group, he spoke to Ed catmull and made a deal to work as an interface designer on a project which resulted in a first animated short, “The adventures of Andre and Walle B” They continued to grow after this, and then Toy story was made. Lasetter is a founding member of PIXAR, executive producer of all PIXAR movies. In April 2006, Disney purchased Pixar and Lasseter was named Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar and Disney animation studios. He was also named Principal Creative Advisor at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he will help design attractions for Disney's theme parks. He will report directly to Disney chief Bob Iger, bypassing Disney's studio and theme parks executives. He also received green-light power on films with Roy E. Disney's consent.
  10. 10. Awards   Oscar : Special achievement award for toy story in 1996. Best short animated film 1989, Tin toy. Primetime emmy awards : Outstanding ShortFormat Animated Program Prep & Landing Stocking Stuffer: Operation: Secret Santa (2011) Outstanding Animated Program Prep & Landing (2009)