Congo PowerPoint 1


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Produced by David Miner---on our mission in the Congo

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Congo PowerPoint 1

  1. 1. The United Methodist Church In the Central area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  2. 2. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest country in Africa The D. R. Congo is the same land area as the United States, East of the Mississippi River. East to west roughly the same distance as it is from Charlotte, NC to Denver, CO. North to South roughly the same distance as it is from Miami Fl to Boston, MA.
  3. 3. Lorena Kelly, missionary from WNCC Jack Miner, Volunteer in missions from WNCC, both worked in the Diengenga Mission Station in the Central Congo
  4. 4. The late Lorena Kelly Capt. Jack Miner (retired) The Late Renie Miner
  5. 5. Lorena Kelly Established the Girl’s School in 1956 While serving as a Methodist missionary in what was then known as the Belgian Congo, Lorena realized that for the good of the people of the Congo, girls needed to be able to get an education. Many of the pastors serving in the D.R. Congo are graduates of her school. Successful Graduates Now a news reporter in Kinshasa Now the Headmistress of A Secondary School
  6. 6. Today the Girl’s School is Coed 1/3 are boys seeking a good education The primary classroom building Today the classrooms are overcrowded. More classrooms are needed now!
  7. 7. The Jack and Renie Miner Technological Institute In 1989, at the request of Lorena Kelly, Jack Miner traveled to the Congo to rebuild her school buildings and furnishings. While he was there he saw the need for a school to teach building skills to help the Congolese rebuild their communities. The Carpentry building built by students and faculty A patient ward for the Diengenga Clinic designed and built by a graduate
  8. 8. Much work needs to be Done The Girl’s School The Jack and Renie Miner Technical Institute Dormitories damaged by the civil war need to be rebuilt and more classrooms are needed! The campus needs to be completed to include power generation equipment, computer equipment, and other essential components.
  9. 9. Visit our Display for More information Help us by supporting these advance Specials: Jack and Renie Miner Technical Institute, Lodja- #3021397 Mama Tola Women Development—#3020687 (Mama Tola is Lorena Kelly’s name in Otetella)