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  • “Information combined with advisory services is gold. I think Ayllu could be an extremely profitable business.”- Vivianne
  • Actors … different FOCI/AREAS OF FOCUS
  • Ayllu Overview

    1. 1. the ayllu initiative putting social enterprise on the map Melissa Richer melissa@aylluinitiative.org Brazil • New York
    2. 2. What We Do INFORMATION is our product. We believe the field of social enterprises operating in BOP markets can only mature with information. Information is needed for maturity, scaling impact, and reaching millions more people. Collect Analyze Share We track the most BOP We get to know them, We analyze it We distribute it in a social enterprises in the and they submit data according to what customized format world (we also track their & information every 6 clients want to know. that is easy to digest. supporters). months. VisionSpring DEFINITION: We focus sells reading on social enterprises in glasses to BOP markets that are the poor on mission-driven (aim to 3 continents solve a root cause of poverty) and on track Mandalla to break-even helps small (sustained through farmers revenue). succeed in Brazil
    3. 3. Why We Do It (The Opportunity) Results from Social 73% of social enterprises want better information. Ayllu survey Enterprise “It’s time to move beyond anecdotes to collective data. I of 32 social Demand want benchmarks and context.” – Kelly Michel, Vox Capital enterprises and Funder/ 92% of funders would pay for better information. 25 ecosystem Investor “I want to know how I fit into the global picture and what I actors Demand can learn from my peers.” - Anand Shah, Sarvajal Water Information is a missing link. • Little information is available and it is quickly Scarce outdated and rarely updated. • Available information lacks consistency and comparability, and is hard to quantify. Unreliable • Due diligence is expensive and difficult; most information is anecdotal. • It is fragmented by theme and market. Inaccessible • It is not well-organized and it is hard to find. • It is very often undocumented.
    4. 4. How We Do It SURVEY Business Ecosystem Collect • business model • social enterprises • impact metrics • funders • projections/goals met • companies • financials • regulation • challenges • nonprofits • innovations • MFIs • etc. • etc. Analyze Best Practices Connectivity Benchmarks Trends Business Models Historical Data Impact Case Studies Funders/ Social Share Investors Enterprises Academia Corporations Better = Better = Scaling Impact Information Decisions (Millions of $USD saved)
    5. 5. What We Produce Analyze REPORTING We interviewed 32 social enterprises in 17 countries. Here is a sample of the analysis. Solutions Map Example Financing Challenge Financing Solution Sarvajal has a water purification SELCO’s customers can’t afford a 15% machine, but it is too expensive for down payment on electricity. SELCO the entrepreneurs to purchase made a deal with big banks to upfront. As a result Sarvajal has to guarantee the customer’s loan. assume the debt because it can’t find This strategy is something Sarvajal an investor to purchase and lease may consider adopting instead of back its technology. operating leases.
    6. 6. How We Make Money Share Some clients can pay a lot. Corporations & Large Funders Funders & And they subsidize Universities clients who can only pay a little. Social Enterprises Products iuMAP Membership Reports Consulting Platform to Premium access Sector reports, On-demand data, interact with data to iuMAP & including an due diligence, & ‘solution maps’ customized Annual Report maps, & of challenges & information advisory services. innovations. provided by Ayllu Free Sliding Scale Sliding Scale Fee-based
    7. 7. How We’ll Scale How do we build We aim to survey our database? # BOP Social every social Enterprises SPONSORS & CLIENTS enterprise 6000 (& track every We map by industry & ecosystem actor) market ecosystem to get 5000 statistically significant sample sizes. 4000 By 2013, These maps are paid for we aim for in 2 ways: 3000 our Sponsors & Clients Triple in size by database For example, an energy map 2000 to grow could be sponsored by an December 10x energy company. 1000 Or Ayllu could be hired by an # Tracked investor to do a map of 3x # Surveyed energy. 0 In both cases Ayllu shares findings on iuMAP.
    8. 8. How We Fit into the Global Landscape Source Focus Differentiators Ayllu is working with GIIRS to align our surveys. We Ratings for GIIRS hope to share information and encourage social Funders enterprises to get GIIRS rated. We’re incorporating IRIS metrics into our surveys and Standard are encouraging social enterprises to adopt them. We IRIS Metrics will provide feedback to IRIS on how social enterprises are responding to IRIS metrics. Ayllu will play a similar role to MIX Market for the social MIX Microfinance enterprise sector, although we will provide different Market Sector information products and advisory services. Like Bloomberg, Ayllu will customize information from Financial & Bloomberg its database to users’ needs. Like Gartner, Ayllu will be Technology & Gartner a hub for independent contractors worldwide, who can Sectors use our database for consulting projects and reports. 8
    9. 9. Who We Are Team Selected Advisers 42 years total work experience • Scott LeFevre on 5 continents in the private, International Youth Foundation public, and social sectors • Rodrigo Brito Aliança Empreendedora Full-Time • Jason Fairbourne • Melissa Richer (Founder) Microfranchise Solutions • Nate Heller (COO) • Eric Leenson • Melanie Quall (Intern) Instituto Ethos & Volunteers ( 40 hrs/week) Progressive Asset Mgmt • Monica (Analyst) • Francisco Noguera • Evan, Daryl, Dexter (Map) Next Billion • Curtis (Database) • Kelly Michel • Shital, Tayo (Next Billion) Artemisia & Vox Capital • Evan F. (Accounting) • Greg Van Kirk CE Solutions • Morgan Simon Social Venture Network
    10. 10. What We’ve Accomplished Partnerships Finalist Published Database • 370 enterprises • 57 countries •210 ecosystem actors iuMAP’s launch Methodology with Next Billion for collection, had visitors from analysis, and 78 countries in distribution. first month. We built a global foundation and are now ready to bring Ayllu to local markets
    11. 11. Why Ayllu Matters (in their words) FUNDERS SOCIAL ENTERPRISES “Measuring scale and impact at the I know my peers, but it’s hard to keep up network level...is a more accurate with their rate of innovation. How can I measure of the true scale of social learn from their latest successes? change and a better way for investors to - John Keane, Solar Aid gauge the return on their social investment.” - McKinsey Consulting “We have our heads down, trying to “If we could get 80% of market data get the right operational strategy. from a third party, and it was reliable, Maybe someone else has already we would make 33% more discovered a similar strategy investments.” and we don't know about it.” - Ross Baird, First Light Ventures - Peter Eliassen, VisionSpring “A map is highly demanded and its iuMAP TESTIMONIAL value for deal flow and due I love this! Game changer. diligence is tremendous.” - Mike - Graham Macmillan, Citibank Foundation This is going to be an amazing resource for our sector - it's time we mapped out all of “Investing with good information is good business. Investing with bad our collaborative social enterprise efforts information is risky business.” across the developing world and shared our - Morgan Simon, Social Venture Network knowledge and connections! - Nilima Achwal, William Davidson Institute