My master's sleepless nights


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This presentation addresses one sleep problem. One cause of sleepless nights is due to our pets. Our pets tend to sleep with us on our beds and we let them sleep with us. Sometimes they even take our space on the bed and demands and requires a lot of attention. Some dogs want their food and water in the room. Some dogs want to use the restroom every now and then. Most dogs are very sensitive to noise and thus they become very alert. All of these affects our sleeping pattern and we end up having not enough sleep or sometimes unable to sleep. I hope this presentation will present creative ways on how to address the problem.

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My master's sleepless nights

  1. 1. By: Morina Ricablanca
  2. 2. There was once a dog who loved his master so much. His name isWisnton. He gets anxious every time he is separated fromhis master.
  3. 3. Thus, even when it is time to sleep, he wantsto sleep with his master.
  4. 4. The master end up unable to sleep because of the dog’s constantneed of attention. This led to sleep problem. The master tried differentways to get some sleep.
  5. 5. He got Winston agirlfriend, maybeWinston will finally stopsleeping on the bed withhim. That did not solvethe problem.
  6. 6. He let Winston play allday long, thinking thatthe dog will getexhausted and will justsleep and will neverbother him. That too didnot work.
  7. 7. He took Winston towork, thinking thatWinston will get tiredat work and when theyget home, Winston willjust sleep and wouldnever bother him.Winston slept all day atwork and was up allnight when they gothome.
  8. 8. He put Winston in a laundry basket, thinking that this willFrighten the dog. Well, Winston just Yelp and Yelp all nightLong.
  9. 9. He even tried to let Winston attend a Halloween party toGet the dog’s social life active again but that did not help either.
  10. 10. This was the final straw. The master put Winston and his girlfriend inTub and close the bathroom door. He never heard any yelp from theLove dogs. When he peeped, the lovers were sleeping side by side.
  11. 11. It was a success. Finally,the master can sleeppeacefully. But beforegoing to bed, he deservesa glass of wine and a greatmeal because this calls fora big celebration.