2 act 1 scene 1


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2 act 1 scene 1

  1. 1. Act 1 Scene 11. Act 1 Scene1 opens with whichcharacters?2. For what reasons are the twocharacters angry?3. What do the characters thendecide to do and why?Friday 7th JuneFact: ‘Splood and Zounds areShakespearean swearwords
  2. 2. Michael Cassio• Why does Iago dislike him?Iago explains why he believes hehas not been promoted to therank of lieutenant (Lines 8-27) –Look carefully at the way Iagodescribes Cassio and pick out anykey phrases which suggest whyIago is jealous of him.Add these to your MichaelCassio page
  3. 3. First impressions of Iago• Write Iago in the centre of the next page andcollect together any key things Iago seems tosay about himself.• Include anything that reveals something hischaracter or motivation.Iago“I follow him to servemy turn upon him”(shows he’s following him toget revenge!)“I will wear my heart upon my sleevefor daws to peck at”(Shows he is revealing all, regardless of the outcome)“I am not what I am”(There is more to Iago than meetsthe eye!)
  4. 4. Iago winding up Brabantio• Have a page in your book with the heading:Animal Imagery – you are going to collect quotesto do with animals as we go through the play:Start with these tricky words• “Barbary horse” --- a North African breed• “Coursers” --- Racehorses• “Jennets” --- small Spanish horse• Note down any animal related lines that Iago useswhilst shouting up at Brabantio.
  5. 5. Othello in Act 1 Scene 1• Throughout the whole scene, nobody hasused Othello’s name – although all threemen have referred to him several times.• Collect the terms used to describe himand add to your Othello page: State whospeaks it and what it says about thespeakerTerm used Aspect of Othello SpokenbyWhat does it say about thespeaker?“the moor” His race Iago Takes away hisindividuality“thick-lips” His physicalfeaturesRacist, purposelyinsulting“the devil”
  6. 6. A Who’s Who guide toOthelloThe handkerchief in questiononce symbolised thecommitment between this“dream couple” – By the end thevillain in Othello has used it toleave both husband and wifeDEAD.Thursday 6th June
  7. 7. A Who’s Who guide toOthelloOthello is one of Shakespeare’stragedies.This mean the hero has a fatalflaw which leads to his downfall.Like Macbeth and Romeo andJuliet, Othello ends with a largebody count!Thursday 6th June
  8. 8. Othello• General of the Venice army• Highly respected but not a native –originally from Africa, known as aMoor• Eloquent (Clever speaker) andpowerful figure• A racial and cultural outsider• Before the play starts, has secretlymarried Desdemona – but her fatherdoesn’t know this yet!(Despite his status in the army, being aMoor means Father would not approve)
  9. 9. Desdemona• New bride of Othello• Young daughter of thepowerful Venice senator(politician) Brabantio• Was seduced by Othello’sheroic war stories andtales from abroad• Her handmaid (Emilia) isIago’s wife.
  10. 10. Iago• The villain of the play!• Othello’s ensign – a seniorsoldier: Believes he should havebeen made lieutenant onexperience instead of Cassio.• Hates Othello but the generalconsiders him trustworthy, loyaland honest: Often it is only theaudience who know the truth!• Tricks and manipulates many ofthe other characters – includinghis close friend Roderigo!
  11. 11. Roderigo• Young, rich and a bit of anidiot!• Hopelessly, in love withDesdemona – convincedthat if he gives him all hismoney, Iago will help himwin Desdemona’s hand (ie.Very Gullible)• Jealous of Othello havingmarried his dream girl!
  12. 12. Othello DesdemonaIagoCassioRoderigo• Unlike some Shakespeareplays, there are not LOADS ofcharacters to get to know• And there is only one plot to getyour head around – how onecunning villain can plant a smallseed that can not only “getrevenge” but destroy everythinghe holds dear.BrabantioEmilia
  13. 13. Desdemona’s supportingcastEmilia – Iago’swife andDesdemona’shandmaid – loyalto her mistressBrabantio –Desdemona’s father:senator of Venice,old fashioned – doesnot believe in suchinterracialrelationships!