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Description of OCR Media Studies' Audiences and Institutions exam Section B - Videogames

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1 explaining the exam

  1. 1. Monday 10th SeptemberAudiences andInstitutions: Thevideogame industry • Structure of the exam: 2 hours long – 2 sections, both worth 50 marks • You have 45 minutes answering the Institutions and Audiences: Videogames questions • DO NOT make the mistake of giving yourself less than 45 minutes for Section B!
  2. 2. How you will be marked… 50 Marks: Explanation/Analysis/Argument (Maximum 20 marks) Use of examples (Maximum of 20 marks) Use of terminology (Maximum of 10 marks Keep these 3 headings at the forefront of your mind as you are answering the question in order to allow yourself maximum possible marks. The mark scheme has 4 levels – Level 4 is the highest – and you will be allocated marks depending on how your answer best fits each of the 3 areas above.
  3. 3. The mark scheme Level 4 Explanation/Analysis/Argument (16-20 marks) Shows excellent understanding of the task Excellent knowledge and understanding of institutional/audience practices – factual knowledge is relevant and accurate A clear and developed argument, substantiated by detailed reference to case study material Clearly relevant to set question
  4. 4. The mark scheme Level 4 Use of examples (16-20 marks) Offers frequent evidence from case study material – award marks to reflect the range and appropriateness of examples Offers a full range of examples from case study and own experience Offers examples which are clearly relevant to the set question
  5. 5. The mark scheme Level 4 Use of terminology Use of terminology is relevant and accurate
  6. 6. A good answer… Will engage directly with the question in the exam paper and shape case studies to fit that question Will present both sides of an argument Will give clear examples for EVERY point made Will use specific terminology to argue each point Will have a clear introduction and conclusion Will place the chosen case study in the wider context of the chosen media industry
  7. 7. A poor answer… Will be short Will not answer the question, but just ‘dump’ the case study. Won’t have a clear argument Won’t use terminology Will be vague and lack examples Will make facts up!
  8. 8. Your case studies You will have at least 3 case studies to draw from in the exam: Grand Theft Auto 4 (An ‘AAA’ game) Rovio / Mojang (An independent developer – Angry Birds and Minecraft respectively) The reason you are going to have 3 case studies is so that you can compare and contrast at least 2 games and 2 companies behind the games. You will be given the GTA4 case study, which will cover all of the key elements are: Production / Distribution / Marketing / Exchange / Audience Consumption / The relationship between Audiences and Institutions You will then use these headings to create your own case study on a game of your choice