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SXSWedu - March 7, 2012
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SXSWedu - March 7, 2012


Beginning and ending of our SXSWedu presentation. Other slides with other presenters.

Beginning and ending of our SXSWedu presentation. Other slides with other presenters.

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  • Greetings WIFI - Westlake Initiative for Innovation
  • Bedroom community of Austin
  • Demographics
  • People ask, if you are doing so well why do you need to change? Use this example
  • Simon Sinek - Ted Talks Apple products - Follow the same guidelines
  • Exit studies. Public ed is losing it’s relevance. OUr info is as old as the newspaper and delivery is as old as the post office. We need to change to gain relevance
  • Only way to do this without technology would be a true 1:1 - One teacher for every student!
  • 6 ipads at the HS library. 30 iPads throughout the district with focus on Special Education WIFI - Westlake Initiave for Innovation formed - Teachers applied - Mostly Junior/Senior Key stakeholder broa
  • School bond failed, then passed - yes WIFI parent night Bet with AP Distraction for students Story
  • Get it in the hands of teachers early Methods: Orientation in the summer
  • SAMR Model - Dr. Ruben Puentadura Substituting - tech improves with no function al change (notes) Augmenting - using the tools to enhance the lesson and there is a functional change. (FaceTime audio note, eClicker) Modification - tech promotes for redesign of tasks. (band on field recording) Peak - tech creates new tasks and integration (Env. Science class flipped)
  • looked at HP Tablets RIM Playbooks Netbooks already in district
  • All - in - one. Plug blog Aside from paper consumption, battery life and instant on - Look at all the other things we won't be buying with extras apps Doc cam Camera Camcorder Clicker Laptop Textbooks
  • Juice bar - Student led - Apple store trained - ME
  • Juice bar -Me
  • Juice bar -ME
  • S/S
  • Close my part
  • AUG 24. - 1500 iPads to students
  • policy video - S/S
  • S/S
  • S/S
  • S2


  • 1. 1:1 iPads in K-12 Schools
  • 2. Demographics: Wealthy Community 7500 Students2700 High School Students 1000 Staff (650 Teachers) 1 High School 2 Middle Schools 6 Elementary Schools
  • 3. The Importance of WhyFocus on students and learning
  • 4. WhyHowWhat Source: How Great Leaders Inspire Change - Simon Sinek
  • 5. Why Relevance
  • 6. Why Individualized
  • 7. Why Personalized
  • 8. Why Customized
  • 9. Why How Prior StepsSmall Pilot with tablet computers in Fall 2010Formation of WIFI PilotKey Stakeholders involved - Department Heads & Instructional Coaches
  • 10. Why Buy-in from theHow community
  • 11. WhyHow Changing Teaching and Learning
  • 12. WhyHow Redefinition Modification Augmentation Substitution Source: SAMR Model -http://www.hippasus.com/rrpweblog/archives/2012/01/19/SAMR_GuidingDevelopment.pdf
  • 13. WhyHow Training• Appy Hours after school to share and showcase apps• Lunch n’ Learns during the school year for focus on particular apps and integration• Summer training (iPad Immersion and iPadpalooza)
  • 14. WhyHow What Device?
  • 15. WhyHow Apps What Source: HookedOnInnovation.com
  • 16. WhyHow What Management “Juice Bar”
  • 17. Why How What•Core apps listed in Self-Service•User use their own Apple ID•Downloads directly from Self-Service•We load with spreadsheetsfrom VPP•One-off apps can be emaileddirectly to users
  • 18. Why Protection How What•All iPads branded with anEpilogue Laser Etcher•Purchased our own as it wasmore cost effective than renting•iPads can be tracked viaCasper and our wirelessaccess points•iCloud and iOS5 has built-in“Find my iPad” feature
  • 19. Pre-launch Test RunExcerpts taken from original report: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG0vzJCB4jQ
  • 20. Timeline for Implementation Proposal to Teacher AHA Moment Board Training Jan. 2011 May 2011 Summer 2011 Key StudentInitial Pilot Distribution Fall 2010 Stakeholders Backend Aug 24, 2011 Involved Infrastructure Mar 2011 Summer 2011
  • 21. iPad Launch Day
  • 22. Forms•WIFI Loan Agreement•Optional BYOT Form•WIFI iPad Manual•WIFI Insurance Image Source: http://www.desinformado.com/2011/08/itc-to-investigate-apple%E2%80%99s-second-patent-suit-against-htc/
  • 23. Fall 2011 QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.Policy Video shared with students
  • 24. Student EngagementStudent Survey - Top 3 Uses of the iPad• Interacting with websites, apps and reading novels• Communicating and organizing/taking notes• Collaborating with others; FaceTime, social networks, teacher to student, student to student
  • 25. Student EngagementIncreasing the quality of workRelevance of workCommunicationGreatest effects on learning:• Motivation• Engagement
  • 26. Excerpts taken from original report - http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/education/High-school-students-testing-iPads
  • 27. In their own words…
  • 28. Carl Hooker Brad SmithDirector of Instructional Technology Teacher - Westlake High School chooker@eanesisd.net bsmith@eanesisd.net @MrHooker Steven Wilbanks Dianne Carter Student - Westlake High SchoolAsst. Principal - Westlake High School svwilbanks@gmail.com dcarter@eanesisd.net @svwilbanks
  • 29. QuickTimeª and aMatrox MAX H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.