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LEAP and Digital Learning at EanesISD
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LEAP and Digital Learning at EanesISD


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My presentation on Sept. 19, 2012 to Bridgepoint elementary parents. Parts of this presentation will be shared at other similar events.

My presentation on Sept. 19, 2012 to Bridgepoint elementary parents. Parts of this presentation will be shared at other similar events.

Published in: Education

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  • Thank you all for coming Introduction - Talk about WIFI a bit Then LEAP
  • LEAP
  • Our district goals - Quite mouth-ful and a lot to cover
  • Learning has changed as the world has changed - In 1789 - World was transformed by the invention of the Steam engine by James Watt People could reach others faster, travel increased exponentially and the world got smaller. We went from a generation of the steam engine to the search engine
  • One of my favorite students (Sophie is starting Pre-K at Eanes elementary)
  • How do we facilitate these forms of learning more effectively? The classroom has to shift, but we can’t add more people. There is still just one teacher, and adding technology doesn’t necessarily mean that teaching and learning will be any different
  • This was the classroom at Eanes 8 years ago. and at many school districts, it’s still the norm. The computers in the back of the room were used for 15 minutes a week by each student. They were consumptive devices for the most part doing little skill and drill activities. Not real tech integration. Physically close to each other, but not really working collaboratively. SILOS
  • Physical space has changed. Not bound to the desk or the computers in the back of the room. Kids collaborate more with technology as a tool, not as a device to consume all the time.
  • Talk about the perception of the iPad and the “pass-back generation” that we’ve encountered. How do we utilize that engagement for learning
  • Play is not a word we would use to describe what we are doing. Explore, Evaluate, analyze, create
  • Communication in the 21st century has changed. From rotary phones to cell phones to smart phones to video chats.
  • Not all change happens quickly. This is my parents on Jan 10, 2011. Their first ever text message after 5 years of pestering them about it. Now, my mom can’t stop texting...she’s worse than a teenager. 1500 text messages, now over.
  • Famous video
  • This is in Philadelphia
  • This is in Philadelphia
  • They even have apps to help with this.
  • It’s more than just texting though and kids need to know the balance. Remember in grade school when you learned when to write a letter in personal or business format? Well today, kids need to know which type of communication is appropriate for which message?
  • Content - what are they using technology for and how are they interacting with it Context - What are they doing before, during and after the interaction. Take time to talk with them about it. Child - Tune in and be an active participant in what they are learning and what interests them.
  • SAMR Model - Dr. Ruben Puentadura Substituting - tech improves with no functional change (notes) Augmenting - using the tools to enhance the lesson and there is a functional change. (FaceTime audio note) Modification - tech promotes for redesign of tasks. (band on field recording Peak - tech creates new tasks and integration
  • Transcript

    • 1. LEAP Initiativeand Digital Learning at Eanes ISDand Digital Learning at Eanes ISD by Carl Hooker
    • 2. L earning andEngaging throughEAccess andAPersonalizationP
    • 3. District Goal #1All students achieving higher levels ofperformance in a safe, supportive,technologically rich environment througha guaranteed and well-roundedcurriculum, differentiated instruction, andstrategic assessment .
    • 4. Image Source:
    • 5. How kidslearn
    • 6. Exploration, engagement, curiosity, experiences, personal
    • 7. Physical shift in the classroom Image Source:
    • 8. Won’t the kids haveway too much screen time?
    • 9. Is it Active or Passive?
    • 10. Screen time Screen time Active•Interaction•Lean-in physically•Exploring cause and effect•Creating•Educational purpose
    • 11. Screen time Screen time Passive •Sit-back physically •Absorb content •Less brain function •Can cause developmental issues at an early age
    • 12. Screen time Screen time What Research Suggests•Balance the day•Set limits•Examine content being viewed•Watch & interact along-side your child•Is it active or passive?
    • 13. Isn’t just an expensive toy?
    • 14. Source:
    • 15. Image Source:
    • 16. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Original video here:
    • 17. Image Source
    • 18. Image Source
    • 19. Image Source
    • 20. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Original Video posted here:
    • 21. Communication• Body Language• Verbal• Letters• Phone• Email• Texting• Posting• Tweet
    • 22. What can I do as aparent to help in this digital age?
    • 23. Parent Support Internet Safety• Don’t share names, schools, ages, phone numbers, addresses• Never send pictures to strangers• Keep passwords private (except to parents)• Never open up email from strangers• Immediately tell an adult
    • 24. Parent Support Responsible Use• Be a good digital citizen• Age-appropriate sites• Online cheating• Expectations and limits• Monitor your own habits• Be involved and have fun with them!
    • 25. Parent Support 3 C’s•Content•Context•ChildSource:
    • 26.
    • 27. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Original Video posted here:
    • 28. How will the teachersbe prepared for this?
    • 29. “SAMR” Redefinition Model Modification Augmentation Substitution Source: SAMR Model -
    • 30. Staff Training 2011-12iPad OrientationAppy HoursLunch n LearnsiPad Immersion
    • 31. TEXT 27 COURSES OFFERED 1 ONLINE COURSE 775 ATTENDEES 182 AT IPADPALOOZA 4650 HOURSInstructional TechnologySummer 2012
    • 32. Image Source:
    • 33. Thank you Carl HookerDirector of Instructional Technology Eanes ISD @mrhooker