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This usability test is a test plan that was given to two testers to test out the designers step by step tutorial

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UsabilityTest Plan

  1. 1. To: Janie Santoy From: Jesse Sanchez Date: July 17, 2009 Subject: Usability Test Plan for viewing online transcripts This is a Test Plan that will explain to TSTC students how to access their online transcripts. I will be using this plan to put a usability test to practice, and effect. I will concentrate on a subject, or user, that matches the description of my target audience. This Test Plan will outline and give the details of the project goals, test goals, user profile, scenario and tasks, test materials, and testing protocol that will shape the usability test. Project Goals The goal of the tutorial project is ultimately to enable TSTC users to log in to Webadvisor to view their transcripts. Transcripts are needed for transferring, or applying to another school. Viewing them can be confusing and frustrating if your not familiar with WebAdvisor. The tutorial will guide students through the web site itself. The objective is to explain to TSTC users how to access their transcripts online on the Webadvisor web site by the time they have completed the tutorial. However, these goals cannot be obtained if the student doesn't have and can't get a hold of their WebAdvisor user name and password, or does not have a computer nor have experience with internet. Test Goals I will be testing the memorability and satisfaction of the tutorial project, and making sure that all steps result in success. It's important that the student does not have to revisit the tutorial each time they use try to look at their transcripts. My tutorial was designed to teach TSTC students how to view their transcripts on Webadvisor site. If the student can't navigate and login to Webadvisor to view their transcripts correctly, then there is no success in the tutorial. The tutorial is designed clear in the instructions given, very easy to remember. If the student gets confused in the process of obtaining their transcripts, or mislead by the text and graphics in the tutorial. That can result in error of the tutorial to be addressed in a better manner. During the test taking process, I will be observing and making notes to any errors made by attempting to view their transcripts without reviewing the tutorial. I will be watching for for errors made by the student and making note to what confused the tester. I'll also be
  2. 2. paying attention to how well the student remembered the discussion in the tutorial. Hopefully I benefit and learn from this test, because it can really come to use when transferring to another school. If test results in no success I will need to clarify the designer of the errors and confusion in the instructions. User Profile My target users of my TSTC Webadvisor tutorial on how to view transcripts is relatively for TSTC students who wish to get their transcripts to transfer or apply to another school. The user shouldn't have any experience with viewing their transcripts on the Webadvisor site, because the tutorial is an overview on how to go about to obtaining student transcripts. The student should know their WebAdvisor username and password or be able to make a phone call to the help desk to get it. Also the user must have experience with using a computer, must know how to access internet, and how to navigate through web site. There are many reasons why TSTC students would need to use the tutorial. An example of one is, if a student is trying to transfer out of TSTC to another campus they will need their transcripts. Another example in which the student will need this tutorial is if they are just interested in knowing their grades and credits. If the student had trouble logging in or navigating Webadvisor, they might just have to view the tutorial project for help. I have chosen a user who will participate in my usability test. He is a close friend, and it is his first semester at TSTC. The student wants to check his transcripts online for personal use. He is not familiar with Webadvisor. My subject has knowledge of using a computer and accessing the internet. He also knows his user name, and password for my TSTC verification. The prime test subject will be accessing his transcripts. I discovered the user's compatibility with my test, because I over heard him talking about transcripts. So decided to use him as a tester. Scenario and Tasks I will give my test user a scenario to use during the test to make it feel like a "real-life" situation. I will give the tester two sets of tasks to complete. One done while using the tutorial. The task will test errors, made after viewing the tutorial once. The other task will be done with out the tutorial, and this task will test for memorability. Here is the scenario I will relate to the user:
  3. 3. "You're a new student at TSTC and your wanting to access your transcripts online for personal use. You've never fully navigated through the web site, and need to access your transcripts on Webadvisor" Set 1: Tasks the user will perform while using the tutorial: • Open up powerpoint presentation • View powerpoint presentation •After viewing powerpoint once, access the internet • Navigate through My TSTC and Webadvisor like advised in instructions • Should be able to access their transcripts Set 2: Tasks the user will perform after using the tutorial: • Log into My TSTC using your username and password • Go into your webadvisor, and click on students • Click on academic profile, and on unofficial transcripts • Click on undergraduate • Click on show transcript Test Materials Some specific tools will be required in order to conduct the usability test. Here's a list of materials that both the user and I will need to complete the test. • Computer • Internet, High speed if possible • TSTC user name and password • Paper and pen for note-taking • Questionnaire and pen for user • Reward for user- snack Test Protocol The usability test will be conducted at the students apartment at La Casita, in Harlingen. The user and I have access to the internet. It will take place on Tuesday, July 21, sometime between 4pm and 5pm. Only one person will be tested. Here is the test protocol in list form:
  4. 4. • Before 4pm, I will set up the snacks in the kitchen area of the frame shop, to be eaten by the user after the test. • Then, I will go over to his computer with high speed internet. • I will open the tutorial and test it, to make sure it is working. • I will explain to the user the scenario and that he has two sets of tasks to complete. I'll tell him that he will complete one set while he is using the tutorial, and the other without the tutorial. I will also tell him that I will be observing the test and taking notes. • We will both go to the computer. • I will pick up my pen and paper to takes notes with and instruct the user to begin the tutorial. • The user will read the introduction of the tutorial and click on the internet browser. • I will tell the user that he must access the website to log in to. • I will then narrate the tasks in Set 1 one at a time as he progresses in the tutorial. • While he is completing the tasks, explained in the fourth section of this Test Plan, I will allow him to ask me for help if he has a problem or forgets a task. This will allow me to see specific problem areas in the tutorial. However, I will wait one or two minutes before giving an answer, to see if he can solve the problem on his own. If the user is doing the wrong thing, but doesn't know it, I will interrupt him so the problem doesn't compound. This will point out areas of the tutorial that may be misdirecting. • Once the user is done with the tutorial and Set 1 of the tasks, I will have him log out of the webadvisor site and close the tab of the tutorial site. • I will narrate tasks in Set 2 to the user one at a time, making sure he completes one before I begin another. • I will treat these tasks exactly the same as the others, regarding how much time I'll give the user to solver a problem, and whether or not he can ask me questions. However, I will not interrupt the user if he makes a mistake during this set of tasks. • After the Set 2 tasks are completed, the user will log off Webadvisor and close Internet. I will then give the user a questionnaire that I had prepared in advance. It will consist of 5 questions that ask the user about his impression of the tutorial and its usability, and asks for comments about how it could be improved. • When the user has completed the questionnaire, we will go to the kitchen, where I'll give him some previously prepared snacks, or refreshments, as a "thank you." • I'll thank the user for assisting me. Examples of questions for questionnaire:
  5. 5. • Will you be able to log in and use MyTSTC and Webadvisor again without looking at this tutorial? • Was this tutorial useful? • Did this tutorial help you feel comfortable navigating through the Webadvisor site? • How well did you learn the aspects of the site that were discussed in the tutorial? • Were you able to access your transcripts? Expected Devliverables: • Test Report • Notes taken during test- errors and needed improvements • User comments and answers on questionnaire The usability tests will be carried out as close to these plans as possible. I hope to gain valuable information from this test that will allow me to make my tutorial helpful and useful.