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LinkedIn 2011


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This is a presentation on how to use LinkedIn.

This is a presentation on how to use LinkedIn.

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  • 1. LinkedIn
    A Skills and
    people search engine
  • 2. 120M+ professionals
    A new member joins every second
    Executives from all Fortune 500 companies
  • 3.
  • 4. Google you and your brand
    Where does LinkedIn come up?
    Where it comes up matters to people.
  • 5. LinkedIn, a skills and people search engine
    Since LinkedIn comes up first in a search for people, it wouldn’t be a shock if it was used to find people.
    Since LinkedIn asks for skills, maybe LinkedIn will become a skills search engine.
  • 6. LinkedIn search
  • 7. LinkedIn, a skills and people search engine
    Treat your LinkedIn profile like it is critical for getting the next piece of business.
  • 8. Fill out your LinkedIn profile
    LinkedIn makes it a little game
    Is yours 100% complete?
  • 9.
  • 10. Your Professional Brand- Profile Page
    Include a professional photo of yourself
    Include link to your website
    Showcase your activity, your Twitter feed, delicious feed, Facebook page.
    Create a personalized public URL
    Add Education and work experience to your profile (this is like redoing your resume, takes time, but take the time)
    Solicit recommendations from past and present colleagues
  • 11.
  • 12. Share Your Expertise - Answers
  • 13. Answer categories
    When you answer a question, and someone rates your answer the best, LinkedIn calls you an expert.
  • 14.
  • 15. Groups
    Connect with industry experts and like-minded professionals to gather insight and feedback
    Follow and share topical news
    Credibly expand your business network and uncover opportunities
    Note: you can connect to people in the same group
  • 16. Polls
    Consumer research
    See what other research is out there
  • 17. Applications
    Apps synch with profiles.
    Slideshare is one such app.
    Create a Slideshare page for your brandand add the SlideshareApp.
    Link to the Slideshare account on to the brand app.
  • 18. Company Page
    LinkedIn offers the ability to “Follow” a company.
    Does your brand have one of these?
  • 19. Advertising
    LinkedIn offers ppc advertising to targeted professionals.
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22. LinkedIn/today
    Shows you the things you’re interested in.
    It is like the front page of the Internet.
  • 23. Why add connections
    If you sit down at a business meeting and someone wants to connect, you don’t ignore them, you connect.
    And after you connect, if you discover you have four mutual connections – all of whom you both respect – the conversation will fundamentally change.
  • 24. Advertising
    This gives brands the chance to look at the universe of targets in their market.
    Search for Teachers in NY State on LinkedIn.
  • 25. 10 Tips for Using LinkedIn
    Update and add your skills at
    Describe specific work experiences in your profile
    Choose your public URL and share it on your email signatures, on your website
    Build your network and import your free-mail address book
    Give and get recommendations from trusted colleagues
    Find answers to hard questions (and provide answers too)
    Join relevant groups (client category)
    Use applications like Slideshare to showcase knowledge
    Follow your pages to get updates
    Visit for more tools