Unit 1 Splitting America


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Unit 1 Splitting America

  1. 1. American History: Unit 1 Lecture 2 European Powers Carve Up North America
  2. 2. Competition for North America - Spain is establishing an empire in Latin America (and parts of North America!) - Other European nations want to establish colonies in the New World – Especially in North America - 3 Main Competitors: England France The Netherlands
  3. 3. Early Exploration of North America • 3 countries will attempt to colonize North America: 1. France 2. England 3. The Netherlands How does it start? Magellan's trip had shown these nations that it was possible to sail West to Asia - they set out to find a route in the North.
  4. 4. French Efforts • French explorers began looking for a "Northwest Passage" in the early 1500's. • Fail to find a passage in the North, but they began exploring the American continent. • 1673, explorer La Salle explores the Mississippi and claims the whole river valley for France. • Calls it "Louisiana" in honor of French King Louis XIV
  5. 5. French Efforts • By the mid 1700's, France had established an empire in North America • French colonists were mostly male – interested in trade, not farming. • Biggest activity -FUR TRADE
  6. 6. French Efforts 1
  7. 7. French Efforts • French usually got along well with Native Americans • Fur Trade profited both groups • Founded many North American cities - often as small forts or trading posts • Montreal, Quebec, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, New Orleans all started as French Settlements!
  8. 8. Cities Founded by the French
  9. 9. English Efforts • French and Spanish exploration inspires English King James • Failure at Roanoke – Walter Raleigh’s LOST COLONY – 1585 – Virginia Dare – 1st English child born in the New World • King gives a charter to a group of English investors to start a new colony in Virginia • First permanent English Colony in Americas is founded in 1607 JAMESTOWN
  10. 10. Jamestown Colonists at Jamestown faced many struggles Click on the coin below for an 8 minute video on “The Starving Time” Most did not want to work interested in getting rich Disease and starvation were widespread John Smith – Important leader during Starving Time 2
  11. 11. Jamestown 1612, Colonists first plant important CASH CROP: TOBACCO • Becomes popular in England, saves the colony • Marriage of Indian Chief's daughter, Pocahontas, to leader John Rolfe, keeps the peace • 1619, FIRST REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT in the new world meets here. --> HOUSE OF BURGESSES
  12. 12. New England Colonies • 1620 - PILGRIMS founded 2nd English Colony at Plymouth, Massachusetts • Followed in 1630 by the PURITANS • Both of these groups were seeking religious freedom in the New World
  13. 13. Jamestown vs. New England Colonies Key Difference: • Jamestown was founded for profit... • New England Colonies were founded for religious reasons.
  14. 14. The Dutch The Dutch • 1609 - Henry Hudson explores for the Netherlands • Sails into Hudson Bay and up Hudson River • Dutch founded New Netherlands and set up fur trade • Allow settlers from many areas
  15. 15. The Dutch Make An Exit • 1664, English drive the Dutch from New Netherlands • Rename the city New York • take control of the East coast except for Florida
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