Unit 1 American Colonies
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Unit 1 American Colonies



Slideshow 4 Unit 1

Slideshow 4 Unit 1



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Unit 1 American Colonies Presentation Transcript

  • 1. American History Unit 1, Lecture 4 The American Colonies
  • 2. Jamestown • 1st Permanent English Settlement (1607) • Settled with Headright System – 50 acres for every paid passage • Survive starving times with help of John Smith • John Rolfe as first tobacco magnate • Bacon’s Rebellion Graves at Jamestown • Indentured Servants eventually replaced with African Slaves
  • 3. New England Colonies Plymouth Colony • Founded by group of Puritans – People who wanted to “Purify” the Church of England • 1620 – Pilgrims land at Plymouth • Mayflower Compact – establishes democracy in colony • • • • Massachusetts Bay Colony Founded by Puritans in 1630 (eventually absorbs Plymouth) William Bradford as leader “A City on a Hill” No freedom of religion or separation of church and state
  • 4. Other New England Colonies Rhode Island Connecticut Established by Puritan dissenter, Roger Williams Established by Thomas Hooker Separation of Church and State, religious Freedom More Religious Freedom Anne Hutchinson challenges Puritan authority – flees to Rhode Island Fundamental Orders of Connecticut – seen by many as first written constitution in American
  • 5. 1
  • 6. Native Resistance in New England *Disputes over land mark the key conflict between Native Americans and Whites throughout American History! • Pequot War – 1637 – Connecticut conflict where most members of Pequot nation are wiped out • King Philip’s War – 1675Vicious war between Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth Colony – ended Indian resistance in New England
  • 7. Middle Colonies Pennsylvania • Founded by William Penn, a Quaker • Tolerant of all people • Good Indian Relations • Early opposition to slavery New York/New Jersey • Taken by English from the Dutch • NY becomes thriving, diverse port city Maryland • Founded as a Catholic haven by George Calvert, Lord Baltimore • Toleration Act assured religious freedom
  • 8. Southern Colonies Carolina Georgia • 1663 after Restoration of Charles II • Charleston as key port city – founded in 1680 • North and South Carolina split in 1712 • Slaves as key source of labor • Rice production, tobacco, indigo • Buffer to Spanish Florida • James Oglethorpe – 1733 • Originally founded as a military colony with convicts
  • 9. Other Colonies Map of 13 Colonies • New Hampshire, Delaware. 2
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