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Presidencies from 1950s through 1970s

Presidencies from 1950s through 1970s

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  • 1. Goal 11
  • 2. A. 25th Amendment: created provisions for the succession of the president and vice president.
  • 3. B. New Frontier: Kennedy’s program to help the poor, invest in space programs, and improve the economy. C. Peace Corps: program to send volunteers to other countries as teachers, health workers and to do other public works projects.
  • 4. D. Great Society: Johnson’s programs to help the poor, fund education, healthcare, regulate housing and protect the environment. E. HUD Housing and Urban Development: oversee housing to help the poor. F. Head Start: preschool program for lowincome children.
  • 5. G. VISTA: volunteers to help poor areas. H. Medicare: healthcare for the elderly (>65 years old). I. National Endowment for the Humanities: gives money to artists and academics
  • 6. A. Robert Kennedy: was killed after winning the California primary in 1968. B. 1968 Democratic National Convention: democrats had to decide who to nominate to run in the presidential election – Humphrey was nominated but the party was majorly split – weakening it and allowing Nixon (Republican) to win.
  • 7. A. Watergate scandal: People in Nixon’s reelection campaign were caught breaking into the Democratic Party’s headquarters. Nixon tried to stop the investigation and cover it up. Nixon was reelected and the story began to come out
  • 8. B. Bob Woodward/Carl Bernstein: of the Washington Post uncovered a lot of the wrongdoings. C. Sam Ervin/Senate Watergate Committee: led the investigation and found that Nixon had taperecorded many of his oval office conversations.
  • 9. D. U.S. v. Nixon (1974): Nixon was told to turn over the tapes. He did with 18 ½ minutes missing.
  • 10. A. Iranian Hostage Crisis : Under Carter, In November 1979 Iranians broke into the US embassy in Tehran, Iran and kidnapped 52 people. The hostages were beaten and tortured and kept for 444 days before being released.
  • 11. B. Camp David Accords, 1978: President Jimmy Carter had Israel and Egypt meet to try and create peace in the Middle East.
  • 12. C. Title IX: law which said any federally funded program could not discriminate based on sex. This impacted many educational institutions, particularly sports teams.