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Goal 9 Show 3
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Goal 9 Show 3


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Published in: Education, News & Politics

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  • 1. Mass Media Schooling is expanded to educated the masses. Taxes to finance schools. New coverage of events began to shape public opinion. (Newspapers editorials, magazines (Reader’s Digest) Invention of the radio by Telsa became a powerful influence—started in Pittsburgh, Pa. Talk shows and music. By 1930—40% of Americans owned a radio.
  • 2. Cultural Arts George Gershwin was a famous composer. He wrote ―Rhapsody in Blue‖ a famous piece of concert music. George O’Keefe—was a famous painter. He painted colored canvases that captured the grandeur of New York City.
  • 3. Literature Many Writers felt alienated by the 1920’s culture. Sinclair Lewis was the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. His famous book was ―Babbitt‖—he ridiculed Americans for their conformity and materialism. F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the phrase ―Jazz Age‖ His famous books were ―This Side of Paradise,‖ and ―The Great Gatsby‖ His books portrayed the wealthy and attractive people living in gilded surroundings. (Rich People)
  • 4. Literature Gertrude Stine formed a group called ―The Lost Generation.‖ They were soured by American culture; people living immoral lives. Ernest Hemingway was a famous writer. He wrote ―The Sun Also Rises‖ and ―Farewell To Arms.‖ He criticized the glorification of war. T.S. Eliot was a famous poet. He wrote ―The Waste Land‖ about American society stripped of humanity. Robert Frost was a famous writer. He talked about the changing American culture.
  • 5. Heroes Increased leisure time allowed people to pursue pastimes. Babe Ruth –New York Yankees. Jack Dempsey & Gene Tunney-heavyweight boxing championship. Red Grange—Notre Dame Football became famous. Gertrude Ederle-First woman to swim the English Channel (40 miles) Andrew Foster founded the Negro National Baseball League.
  • 6. Lucky Lindy Trans-Atlantic Flight: Charles Lindbergh flew from New York City to Paris in 33 Hours. His airplane was called ―The Spirit of St. Louis.‖ He became a true American Hero. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic. 1920—First transcontinental airmail service. 1927—Pan American Airways carried mail.
  • 7. Motion Pictures -Hollywood Emerges. Charlie Chaplin was known as ―The Little Tramp‖ in no sound movies. Clara Bow was a famous actress: known for the movie ―it Girl‖ with no sound. Rudolph Valentino developed ballroom dancing. Talking Films in 1927: The Jazz Singer was the first with sound. Mickey Mouse came out in 1930 by Walt Disney.
  • 8. Motion Pictures -Hollywood emerges -Charlie Chaplin ―Little Tramp‖ -Clara Bow ―It Girl‖ -Rudolph Valentino -talking films, 1927 -Mickey Mouse, 1930
  • 9. Motion Pictures -Hollywood emerges -Charlie Chaplin ―Little Tramp‖ -Clara Bow ―It Girl‖ -Rudolph Valentino -talking films, 1927 -Mickey Mouse, 1930
  • 10. African American Goals Literary and Artistic Movement started in New York City. First inspirational writer was Zora Neal Hurston a famous black poet. She wrote the poem entitled “Jump At The Sun”; later she wrote “Their Eyes Are Watching God.” Marcus Garvey came from Jamaica. He started the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Famous Slogan: “Black is Beautiful.” Started the Back to Africa Campaign. He wanted all African Americans to return to Africa. Legacy of Garvey: 1. Black Pride, Economic Independence & Reverence for Africa. 2. Convicted of mail fraud—sentenced & then released and deported from the U.S.
  • 11. Harlem Renaissance Literary & Artistic Movement. Celebrated African American culture. James Weldon Johnson famous writer & poet. He wrote ―Lift Every Voice and Sing‖, ―The Creation‖ and ―God’s Trombones.‖ Langston Hughes was a famous writer. He described the difficult lives of working class African Americans. His famous poem is ―Dream Variations‖. Claude McKay was a famous novelist and poet. He portrayed the pain of life in Black ghettos and the strain of being black in a world dominated by whites.
  • 12. Black Artists Paul Robeson was famous Black Actor who talked at North Carolina A. & T. State University. His famous role on Broadway was ―Othello.‖ He faced racism in playing the role. Louis Armstrong was a famous Jazz Singer. Duke Ellington was a famous Jazz Pianist and Composer. He is known for playing at the Cotton Club. His famous songs are ―Mood Indigo‖ and ―Sophisticated Lady.‖ Bessie Smith was a famous Blues Singer. Billie Holiday was a famous Blues Singer. Josephine Baker was a famous Blues Singer.