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Global perspectives
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Global perspectives


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Global Perspectives The World At Large
  • 2. Do Now Analyze the image to the right. What is this image telling us?
  • 3. Global Connections 1) Pass out Vocabulary Chart. 2) Discuss. 3) Go through chart together. 4) Share out. What are global connections?
  • 4. Global Connections Of, relating to, or involving the entire earth; worldwide: global war ; global monetary policies.
  • 5. Let’s Zoom Out O We have talked about many different continents and countries let’s take a look at them as a bigger picture. O We will annotate maps. O How do we annotate texts? O How might this be similar to that?
  • 6. Research Using a laptop research to come up with an answer to this question: Are the areas of the world we discussed connected? How so? Why or why not? Create a presentation on your findings.
  • 7. Do Now Analyze the image to the right.
  • 8. Defining Supranational Organizations Supranational Organization An international organization, or union, whereby member states transcend national boundaries or interests to share in the decision-making and vote on issues pertaining to the wider grouping.
  • 9. Think – Pair - Share O Using what you know about supranational organizations so far look at the images on the next slide. O Decide if either, one, or both are examples of supranational organizations. O Record answers and provide evidence. O Partner up and discuss answers (similarities, differences, etc.)
  • 10. Supranational Organizations Yes or No? Why (Evidence)?
  • 11. Team Investigations O Teams: 1) Sejuan, Austin, Daysiah 2) Nijeah, PJ 3) Kirsten, Devonte
  • 12. Team Roles O Speaker O Recorder O Time Keeper O Materials Manager
  • 13. Investigations O Each team has been given an envelope with a supranational organization within. O Each team has also been given a scenario and must come up with a solution to this scenario. O Teams should solve the problems based on the way the beliefs of/way their organization is set up.
  • 14. Glogster O Teams will describe their issues, solutions, and organization they modeled their solution after in a Glog. O O Present Glog to the class.
  • 15. Presentation O Present on the following: What countries are involved? What are the issues? How have you decided to compromise? How is this modeled after your organization?
  • 16. During Presentations O Act with P.R.I.D.E!! O Positively Participate O Give Respect O Show Integrity O Show Dedication O Exhibit Excellence
  • 17. Exit Ticket 1) What is a supranational organization and what are their purpose? 2) How was the organization you modeled your solution after an example? 3) Create a hypothesis as to what could happen in a world without supranational organizations.