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04 blood types
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04 blood types






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04 blood types 04 blood types Presentation Transcript

  • Blood Types
  • Blood Types
  • Blood TypesBlood cells havedifferent markers ontheir surface. Thesemarkers are calledantigens.Common antigens: A BDifferentcombinations ofthese antigensresult in differentblood types.
  • Blood TypesAnother antigen ofclinical significanceis D antigenThis antigen isused to identifythe Rhesus factor(Rh) of the blood.Rh+ = presence ofD antigenRh- = lack of Dantigen
  • Blood TypesAlong with antigens onthe surface of red bloodcells, the body containsspecific antibodiesdissolved in the blood.These antibodies bindto foreign blood andcause the blood toclump together.These antibodies attackforeign blood types (i.e.Type A blood has Anti-Bantibodies)
  • Blood TypesSummary of blood types and antibodies
  • Blood Types This means that people with Type B blood cannot receive a blood transfusion with Type A blood.
  • Blood Types Summary of Blood Type and AntibodiesOnly type AB blood hasno antibodies againstother blood types.The presence ofantibodies presents achallenge for bloodtransfusion/donation.Video:Blood groups and antibodies
  • Blood TypesBlood transfusion: Blood Centrifuged bloodOnly red blood cells are Containstransferred in a blood antibodiestransfusion.The antibodies in theplasma are separatedfrom the red blood cellswith a centrifuge. Does not contain antibodies
  • Blood Types Type O recipientBlood transfusion:The antibodies in therecipient (the person A Areceiving the blood) will A Aattack other types ofblood. A A A AExample: Type A transfusionIf Type A blood was givento a Type O recipient, the A Arecipient’s Anti-A andAnti-B antibodies will A Aattack the foreign bloodand cause it to clump. Antibodies bind to the blood cells and cause them to clump
  • Blood TypesBlood transfusion:Blood transfusions withthe inappropriate bloodtype causes systemicblood clumping(agglutination) andpotentially death. antibodies
  • Blood TypesBlood transfusion: Rh-complicationsA patient who is Rh-negative may have Anti-Rh antibodies, which cancause the blood toagglutinate.Example:A mother may be Rh-while her fetus is Rh+She MAY develop Anti-Rhantibodies if her bloodbecomes in contact withher baby’s blood.
  • Blood TypesBlood transfusion: Rh-complicationsIf the Rh-negativemother develops Anti-Rh antibodies, then hernext pregnancy may beterminated if her newantibodies reach her Rh-positive fetus.
  • Blood TypesBlood transfusion game:Blood Typing Game