5 Characteristics Of Developing Countries

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  • 1. 5 Characteristics of Developing Countries
    The five most common traits found in Developing Nations
  • 2. Poverty is Widespread
    What does “widespread” mean?
    Food, water, shelter…
    Education healthcare, clothing
  • 3. Def of “poverty”
    BARELY able to satisfy their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, clean water....
    They have to work long hours and do not eran enough money
  • 4. WHY???
    The Cannot produce enough
    Not enough job opportunity
    Not enough skills, tool, machines.
  • 5. % of Families in Agriculture
    What is “wrong” with Agriculture?
    Fickle Mistress
    Hand to mouth
  • 6. The key number here is...
    If 50-70% of your work force is working in Agriculture...you’re gonna have problems...BIG problems.
  • 7. Difficult conditions
    Poor soil
    Inconsistent rain
    No irrigation
    Insects and/or blight
    Good some seasons...bad in others.
    Results in food shortages...leading to famine.
  • 8. 3 types of farmers
    Own Land – but small and poor quality
    Tenant Farmers – Renting land
    Day Laborers
    Which would you rather be?
  • 9. Why is it so bad on the farm?
    Handmade tools
    Outdated tools
    Animals instead of machines
    Sick animals
    Poor seeds
    Produce only enough to feed themselves
  • 10. $$$
    Low production means low income
    Low income means low investments
    Low investments means low production
    I know!!! Let’s borrow money from someone!!! Bad idea – high interest rates and often times the gateway to a life of debt.
  • 11. Capital is Scarce
    Capital: what people use to increase their ability to produce the goods and services they need to improve their living conditions.
  • 12. Physical
    Plows, warehouses, and irrigation systems
    Tools, machines, and factories
    Office buildings, copy machines, telephones
    Ports, roads, trucks
  • 13. Human
    The knowledge and skills that people use to produce goods and services.
    How do you get it? Through training and education.
    You can’t have one without the other.
  • 14. Imports are Limited
    Imports and Exports work together.
    If the Value of Exports is up...then the Value of Imports is up...and vice versa.
  • 15. What are things you export?
    The things you produce that are LEFT OVER after to meet the local needs of your people.
    D.N.’s tend to export Natural Resources. Gifts of Mother Nature.
  • 16. What are things you import?
    Goods and services that they cannot produce themselves...or cannot produce enough of.
    Food, energy, machinery, human capital,
  • 17. If the two are imbalanced?
    You are in debt.
    You can take out a loan.
    I.N.’s are wary to lend to D.N.’s
    The end result is a poor, country with low standards of living.
  • 18. Populations are growing Rapidly
    The Perfect storm:
    The introduction of Modern Medicine and old habits of ensuring the survival of a big family.
    When you combine these two factors...the result is a rapidly growing population
  • 19. Puts a burden on the land
    Need more:
    DNs already have a limited number of these things to begin with!!!!