Go #5 political process 2011 2012
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Go #5 political process 2011 2012






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Go #5 political process 2011 2012 Go #5 political process 2011 2012 Document Transcript

  • GO #5 Political Process Voters evaluate information presented in political campaigns to make ____________________ among candidates. The media play an important role in the _________________________. Strategies for evaluating campaign speeches, literature, and advertisements for accuracy     Mass media roles in elections     Campaign Costs  Running for political office is _______________________ Rising Campaign costs  Require candidates to conduce extensive ________________ activities  limit ___________________ to run for public office  give an _____________________ to _______________individuals who run for office  encourage the development of ________________________________________ (PACs)  give issue-oriented special ________________________ increased influence Campaign finance reform  Rising campaign costs have led to efforts to _____________ campaign finance _____________  Limits have been placed on the _____________ individuals may ______________ to political ______________ and _________________.
  • Voting  _____________ is a basic responsibility of citizenship.  Voter __________________ is required before a citizen may vote. Only citizens who ______________ may participate in ______________ and ________________ electionsThe ______________ of citizens who register and vote is related to how importantelection ______________ are to citizens. Qualifications to How to Register to vote in Factors Reasons why register to vote in Virginia predicting citizens fail to Virginia which citizens vote will vote1. __________ of 1. In person at the 1. 1. the United States ______________2. ___________ of office, at the Divison of 2. 2. Virginia and Motor Vehicles precinct (______), or at other designated sites3. At least ____ years 2. By ______________ 3. of age by day of application general electionThe _________________ of voters who participate in __________________ elections isusually greater than the percentage of voters who participate in state and localelections. Every Vote is _____________________Electoral College Process: The Electoral College process is used to select the __________________ and_______________________ of the United States. A slate of electors for each state is chosen by __________________________. Most states have a ________________________ system. The electors meet to __________ for _________________ and __________________________.The ________________________ system lead to the targeting of_________________________ states for campaigning, although candidates must payattention to ______________________________ states whose __________________ votesmay make the difference in tight elections.The number of electors of each state is based on the size of the state’s__________________________ representation, which is based on the state’s population.The requirement for a majority vote win in the Electoral College favors a__________________________.